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fuboTV Review 2020

This sports-first service upped its entertainment game—but expect to pay cable-like prices.

Good for International Sports
Our Rating
Live channels
Cloud DVR hours
Multiple streams
Monthly cost
Starting at $19.99

Our Rating

Package name PriceChannelsDVR Space Website
Latino Quarterly$19.99/mo.3130 hoursView Package
fubo Standard$54.99/mo71500 hoursView Package
Family$59.99/mo.71500 hoursView Package
Ultra$79.99/mo.140500 hoursView Package
PriceChannelsDVR Space Website
$19.99/mo.3130 hoursView Package
$54.99/mo71500 hoursView Package
$59.99/mo.71500 hoursView Package
$79.99/mo.140500 hoursView Package


Late 2019 marked an important milestone in fuboTV’s quest to become the best live TV streaming service for sports: the launch of their livestreaming channel, fubo Sports Network. While we still rank Sling TV as Best for Sports, we’re all about fuboTV for our soccer hooligans.

First take: Is fuboTV good?

For sports fans, fuboTV is the real MVP. Its Standard package and optional add-ons are geared toward those who are seriously into the scoreboard, and it goes for cheaper than what a cable company would charge.

That said, while it recently expanded its live TV entertainment lineup, its full package misses some notable popular networks. A couple sports powerhouses are also absent, and it offers only one premium channel.

So unless you follow sports religiously, you’ll likely want to look at other streaming providers to get your entertainment fix. You’ll find more variety in terms of packages, channel lineups, and premium options for a lower price point.

H2: fuboTV deals and promotions

To get a taste of fuboTV’s livestreaming service, new customers can sign up for a free seven-day trial. Make sure you keep track of your trial’s start date because you’ll automatically be charged for monthly service once it’s over.

Luckily for the commitment-phobic among us (no judgment here), there are no contracts or cancellation fees for fuboTV’s service. So if you try it and decide it’s not your cup of tea, cancel anytime before your next month begins.

fuboTV prices and packages

How much is fuboTV?

PackageChannel countPrice
fubo Standard100+$54.99/mo.
Add-onsChannel countPrice
fubo Extra36Additional $5.99/mo.
Sports Plus24$10.99/mo.
International Sports Plus5$5.99/mo.
fubo Cycling6$11.99/mo.
Adventure Plus5$4.99/mo.
NBA League Pass30$28.99/mo.
Latino Plus15$7.99/mo.
Portuguese Plus3$14.99/mo.

fuboTV offers three packages, fubo Standard, Family, and Ultra, starting at $54.99 a month.

With it, you get your available local channels with some of the most popular live TV news, entertainment, and sports networks—plus some more sports channels to boot.

You’ll find national and international sports, including boxing, soccer (or for our international friends, fútbol), and motorsports, plus live coverage of every local sports team in your area. Pretty much all of fuboTV’s eggs are sitting squarely in its sports basket, making it a seriously appealing option for athletes and fans alike.

To enjoy more variety, you’ll need to pop on one of fuboTV’s add-on plans. They’re primarily (you guessed it) sports packages offering activity-specific channels. Niche options like fubo Cycling allow you to join the peloton from your Peloton® and live out your Tour de France dreams year-round.

International sports fans can also enjoy language-specific add-ons like the Latino Plus package (15 channels/$7.99 per month), the Portuguese Plus package (3 channels/$14.99 per month), and the single RAI Italia channel ($7.99 a month).

Eye IconThe catch

Your devotion to sports comes at the expense of fewer popular channels that other competitors offer for the same price or less. You’ll miss out on fan favorites like Freeform and ESPN (yes, it’s true . . . more on this later), both of which you could get with a much cheaper Sling TV subscription, starting at only $25 per month.

fubo Extra is the lone entertainment add-on package on the docket. You get more lifestyle channels like Cooking Channel, Destination America, and Discovery Family for another $5.99 per month.

That’s a respectable price for 35 more channels, bringing your grand total to $60.98 if you combine fubo Standard with fubo Extra, but still falls short of the number of entertainment channels you’d get from the lower-priced YouTube TV.

One more thing you should know about fuboTV’s packages: there are bundle options that combine pre-chosen add-on packages with the fubo Standard plan.

These include the Family bundle, with the upgraded Cloud DVR Plus and Family Share multi-device streaming; the Family Deluxe bundle, offering the Family features plus fuboTV Extra; and the Premium bundle, with everything in Deluxe plus SHOWTIME®.

The Family Deluxe bundle is the best bet to satisfy everyone in your household—but you could get the same general lineup for cheaper with a different service like YouTube TV. Overall, the bundles’ channel lineups don’t justify the extra cash you’ll dole out.

Cord-cutting savings

At less than $60 per month, fuboTV’s Standard package is well under the price of most cable offerings and includes many sports channels that are typically reserved for higher-tier packages. If sports are your passion, cutting the cord could be an excellent deal for you.

fuboTV channels

What’s on fuboTV?

Missing channelsPopular channels
  • ABC

  • ESPN

  • Freeform

  • Disney Channel
  • AMC

  • FX

  • Comedy Central

  • Bravo
    Missing channels
  • ABC

  • ESPN

  • Freeform

  • Disney Channel
    Popular channels
  • AMC

  • FX

  • Comedy Central

  • Bravo

    Because its expansion into lifestyle and entertainment networks is relatively recent, fuboTV’s channel lineup isn’t quite as robust as many of its competitors (especially since it offers only one full package).

    Apart from its sports offerings, fuboTV has most major live TV networks like CBS, NBC, and FOX—but conspicuously missing are some channels within Disney’s network, including ABC, Disney Channel, Freeform, and (gasp!) ESPN.

    For being the premiere sports-focused livestreaming service, the absence of ESPN and its sister channels (ESPN2, ESPNU, etc.) is disappointing to say the least.

    Can’t live without SportsCenter?

    If ESPN is a dealbreaker, do some quick research on fuboTV versus Sling TV and other competitors to understand the pros and cons of each sports channel lineup.

    Sports channels

    Sports out your eyeballs—but baseball and hockey fans are out of luck.

    Sports channelfubo Standardfubo ExtraSports PlusInternational Sports Plusfubo CyclingAdventure Plus
    beIN SPORTS ñ
    beIN SPORTS La Liga
    beIN SPORTS 4
    beIN SPORTS 5
    beIN SPORTS 6
    beIN SPORTS 7
    beIN SPORTS 8
    CBS Sports Network
    ESPN 2
    Fight Network
    FOX Deportes
    FOX Soccer Plus
    FOX Sports 1
    FOX Sports 2
    Ginx ESports TV
    Fox College Sports Atlantic
    Fox College Sports Central
    Fox College Sports Pacific
    fubo Cycling
    Golf Channel
    GolTV English
    GolTV Spanish
    Longhorn Network
    Motor Trend
    MLB Network
    NBA TV
    NFL Network
    NFL RedZone
    NHL Network
    Olympic Channel
    Outdoor Channel
    Outside TV
    Pac-12 Network
    Pac-12 Arizona
    P-12 Bay Area
    Pac-12 Los Angeles
    Pac-12 Mountain
    Pac-12 Oregon
    Pac-12 Washington
    SEC Network
    Sports Illustrated TV
    Sportsman Channel
    Stadium 1
    Stadium 2
    Stadium 3
    Tennis Channel
    TyC Sports
    World Fishing Network

    fuboTV boasts of being “the world’s only sports-focused live TV streaming service,” and its channel lineup surely seems to support that claim.

    From its inclusion of major sports networks like NBCSN to its specialized offerings like the cycling-specific add-on package, fuboTV ranks among the best streaming services in this area.

    It also shows some major regional love, with options for all of the Pac-12 channels in the Sports Plus package and localized channels in the FOX Sports lineup.

    While you get specialty sports channels like NBA TV, NFL Network, and even more obscure options (hello, World Fishing Network!), fuboTV leaves baseball and hockey fans in a lurch. Neither NHL Network and MLB Network are anywhere to be found.

    But the biggest sportsball-shaped hole in the lineup is also the most baffling. As mentioned above, it’s seriously surprising that a sports-focused livestreaming service does not provide ESPN, one of the premiere sports networks on TV. Considering the number of national live TV events it covers over a wide variety of sports, it’s a large oversight (and annoyance) for many viewers.

    That said, fuboTV is probably one of the best options for specialty sports among all livestreaming providers. If you love college and local sports, you’ll be pleased with the sheer number of regional and national channels showing your favorite teams. Coupled with the availability of 4K quality for select devices and programs, you get a smooth view all the way to the finish line.

    If niche activities like e-sports and boxing aren’t your thing (or you simply can’t miss Monday Night Football), consider a different (and cheaper) provider to get your basic sports fix. Sling TV or Playstation Vue should do the trick.

    Local channels

    Most local channels are available through fuboTV, but because it doesn’t have a contract with ABC/Disney, your local ABC station is likely left out. Most markets also lose out on The CW in favor of NBC, CBS, and FOX affiliates.

    Your local and regional sports channels will be alive and well in your channel guide, and the fubo Extra add on gives you even more localized FOX Sports stations.

    Check your ZIP code to find out which local broadcasts are available in your viewing area.

    Want more local channels?

    Fans of The Bachelor beware: fuboTV’s lack of local ABC programming means you’ll never know who receives the final rose. Don’t panic: get yourself an antenna like this one for free access to broadcast stations in your programming area.

    Premium channels

    Movie buffs, look elsewhere. Anywhere.

    AMC Premiere$4.99/mo.

    Where fuboTV shines in its sports options, it severely lacks in its premium channels.

    SHOWTIME is the lone premium movie network you can purchase, though its price is on par with its competitors. That’s where the similarities end: every other provider offers more than one premium add-on channel (for comparison, Hulu + Live TV offers SHOWTIME, STARZ®, CINEMAX®, and HBO®).

    Where fuboTV slightly redeems itself is in offering AMC Premiere. For an extra $4.99 per month, you can get early access to your favorite AMC shows (The Walking Dead, anyone?), enjoy bonus material, and watch current shows without commercials.

    fuboTV original shows and movies

    Brand spankin’ new to fuboTV is its home-grown sports network, fubo Sports Network, currently offered as a free app.

    The network is currently in its initial phase, and fuboTV plans to release its programming in stages. Though still in development, fubo Sports Network will eventually feature live games plus original and exclusive programming, like sports-themed movies and shows.

    To begin with, expect replays, sports highlights, and live coverage of fuboTV’s more niche sports offerings.

    fuboTV specs and features

    There’s nothing particularly flashy or unique about fuboTV’s features, which isn’t necessarily a bad thing. You get a nice amount of DVR storage with the option to upgrade, priced on par with most of its competitors.

    Where fuboTV wins is in video quality. The 4K HDR streaming capability sets it apart from most other competitors, which stick to the standard 720/1080p. For sports fans, this could make a big difference in catching the details of the game.

    Cloud DVR

    Decent storage, but patience will be a virtue.

    All packages30 hrs.Included
    Cloud DVR Plus add-on500 hrs.$9.99/mo.

    Your fubo Standard package includes 30 hours of cloud DVR storage, which you can access from any of your connected devices. Your shows and games are stored forever (or at least until you’re emotionally ready to part with them), unlike some other services (*cough* PlayStation Vue *cough*).

    If you need more storage, you can upgrade to Cloud DVR Plus for 500 hours of binge-watching glory. That’s a major whopper of an upgrade—Hulu Live only gives you 200 hours for the same price.

    fuboTV will always record your entire show—so even if you don’t tune in until the third quarter, your DVR will fill in the gap. Forgot to record the game entirely? fuboTV’s “3-day Replay” feature lets you catch up on any live sports that aired within the last three days.

    So it has a pretty great DVR—but the catch: fuboTV’s cloud DVR records only “most channels”—leaving you to figure out which ones are left out in the cold. And for many devices, you have to wait at least one hour before you can access recorded content, so you’ll need to be on serious spoiler alert.

    Exceptions include when recording from Apple, Android, and Amazon devices. Say that three times fast.

    fuboTV’s DVR offering is a decent deal when compared to DIRECTV’s satellite TV streaming service, DIRECTV NOW (which AT&T is re-dubbing AT&T TV Now for some reason). Its DVR only includes 20 hours of storage for a maximum of 30 days, at a starting price of $50 per month.

    Then again, Hulu Live gives you 50 hours included in its $44.99 base package from all channels, and YouTube TV’s DVR storage is unlimited for no extra fee. But since sports are fuboTV’s main focus, the 3-Day Replay feature likely makes up the difference in storage and availability for most people interested in it.

    Multiple streams

    Teamwork makes the dream work, so get your friends in on the viewing action.

    PackageSimultaneous streamsOffline viewing
    All packages2 devices: Included
    3rd device: $5.99/mo.
    No See Plans

    fuboTV lets you stream on two separate devices at the same time. To let a third buddy get in on the game, you’ll pay another $5.99 per month.

    Like many of its fellow streaming services, though, you’ll need an internet connection to watch both live and recorded content—offline viewing isn’t enabled.

    For comparison, YouTube TV includes three devices right off the bat, and Hulu Live has an unlimited device add-on plus on-demand options for offline viewing. So fuboTV may not be your best choice for sharing, if that’s what you care about most.

    Compatible devices

    Easy-access streaming, especially for Apple, Android, and Amazon users.

    Streaming device
    Amazon Fire TV
    Amazon Fire tablet
    Android mobile devices
    Android TV
    Apple TV
    iOS mobile devices
    iPod Touch
    LG TV Smart TVs (select models)
    Mac computers (Safari)
    Nintendo Switch
    PlayStation 3
    PlayStation 4
    Roku devices
    Samsung Smart TVs (select models)
    VIZIO SmartCast TV (select models)
    Wii U
    Windows computers (Internet Explorer)
    Windows 10 phones
    Xbox 360
    Xbox One

    fuboTV is pretty accessible, with streaming capability for most major devices. iOS, Android, and Amazon platforms are clearly prioritized, and Roku also earns a spot on the roster.

    fuboTV is currently in beta on Samsung smart TVs, but unfortunately, LG and VIZIO smart TVs are excluded completely.

    And if you use a gaming console for your livestreaming needs, you’re out of luck.

    Best streaming devices

    How you watch your streaming content is just as important as what you end up watching. Check out our guide to streaming devices to find one that best fits your needs.

    Video quality

    That fastball looks even faster in 4K.

    Streaming typeVideo resolution
    All packages720/1080p
    Select devices4K HDR

    Most live channels stream at 1080p or 720p. As of 2018, fuboTV began streaming limited content in 4K quality (cue the party streamers).

    Of course, that depends on whether your streaming device supports 4K HDR (like an Apple TV 4K or Roku Ultra) and your internet connection is fast enough to support it. Luckily, the channel guide tells you whether you can watch a specific event or show in 4K.

    If you’re watching on the go, though, take note: because your phone or tablet is a smaller size, it streams at a lower video quality. If you want to avoid Fuzzy Screen Syndrome, you’re better off watching on your TV.

    Having issues with your stream?

    Buffering can seriously kill your watch party. If you live for the big game, make sure your internet speed is up to snuff—check out our guide to the best internet plans for streaming.

    Channel guide

    fuboTV’s channel guide looks like what you’d expect to see from any cable package, giving you an hour-by-hour rundown of live shows by channel. But its other screens offer some visual challenges.

    fuboTV’s main navigation gives you quick access, but its intro screen could use some reorganization.

    Upon initial sign-in, fuboTV’s interface leaves a bit to be desired.

    The home screen organizes your content based on category, and it’s not a very intuitive experience. The titles are quite small, for one. And since fuboTV is a sports-first livestreaming service, it’s confusing that the sports channels aren’t featured at the top of the screen. Top leagues and tournaments are located all the way at the very bottom.

    That said, the main menu in the top navigation bar gives you quick access to the most relevant content for you and has a search box to save you from scrolling for days. You can also access your recordings directly from here, too.

    One bummer to note: the font is small and gray, so it doesn’t immediately stand out. The black background does help the channel and show tiles pop from the screen, so that’s a plus.

    Live shows are cleverly highlighted with a built-in “watch now” feature for quick and easy viewing.

    The live channel guide displays a very cool way of highlighting the programs currently airing—by turning the entire column white and including photos associated with the live show or movie, which you can click on to immediately start watching.

    Hovering over a given channel increases the size of the whole row, making it easy to see descriptions of all upcoming programming. What isn’t easy to see, however, are the separate channel rows within the rest of the guide.

    Each row alternates between black and gray, but the interface is so dark, they simply bleed into one another to create one mass of channels. Not exactly easy on the eyes, huh?

    No surprise: fuboTV’s sports section of its channel guide is the easiest and most pleasant to use.

    As expected, the sports guide is where most of fuboTV’s effort seems to have been placed.

    It’s beautifully and simply designed, with dynamically rotating images of current and upcoming games. You can set your DVR to record a given event right from the screen, and fuboTV offers helpful nudges so that you don’t miss an important match (like the “must see” tile in the featured games menu).

    A vertical layout, team logos, and single-day view all add to the sports guide’s elevated user experience.

    You can scroll through to see the day-by-day airtime schedule in a vertical layout with team logos, which reduces clutter and makes it easy to spot the team you’re looking for.

    Get ready to do A LOT of scrolling to find the TV show or movie you’re interested in.

    The “Shows” and “Movies” menus somewhat follow the design of the sports menu with its dynamic carousel of featured content. Below, though, it mimics the introductory screen with an overwhelming number of tiles, all of which you’ll need to scroll through to find what you’re looking for.

    One plus: fuboTV has separate sections for live content versus on-demand content, which are further organized into familiar categories like “action,” “documentaries,” and “kids/family.” So at least you can rest from the treasure hunt for a little while.


    Commercial-free packages

    While you may live for the commercials on Super Bowl Sunday, you’ll also have to sit through them during the rest of the year—there’s currently no commercial-free package offered through fuboTV.

    That applies to both live and on-demand content. The exception is on recorded content, which you can fast-forward through to your heart’s desire . . . or at least to the next inning.

    Final take

    Even with its expansion into lifestyle channels, fuboTV is still firmly rooted in the world of sports.

    If you’re looking to break away from expensive cable sports packages to get your sports fix, fuboTV benefits you the most. Your housemates likely won’t be disappointed with the popular entertainment channels, but the lack of ABC and other Disney-owned networks puts a damper on your binge-watching options.

    That said, it’s an expensive option if your primary focus isn’t on the games. Most people will probably enjoy the extra entertainment channels offered by other livestreaming service providers, all of which price their packages cheaper than fuboTV.

    fuboTV FAQ

    How can I watch fuboTV?

    You can use any compatible device (see our section above for full list) to stream live and on-demand content from fuboTV.

    All computer browsers are supported, as are most popular digital media players and mobile devices. Simply download the fuboTV app or sign in via the website to start streaming.

    Unfortunately, you currently can’t view fuboTV on any other gaming consoles.

    How much is fuboTV?

    You can try out fuboTV for free for seven days. After that, you’ll be billed $54.99 a month for the Standard package, plus any add-on packages you may choose.

    Am I stuck in a contract with fuboTV?

    No way, José! fuboTV is a month-to-month service without annual contracts, so you can kick it to the curb anytime without incurring penalty fees.

    How many TVs and other devices can fuboTV support?

    The Standard package lets you stream on two devices simultaneously. Add the Family Share bundle to get streaming on a third device.

    Can I watch fuboTV on the go?

    Yes, fuboTV is compatible with nearly all smartphones and tablets, so you can stream from anywhere with an internet connection.

    Can I access all regional sports networks that fuboTV carries?

    Not exactly. You’ll see only the networks specific to your area, except for those provided in the add-on upgrade packages. Your service is based on your ZIP code.

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