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How to Watch AT&T TV NOW on Apple TV

First take: Can you watch AT&T TV NOW on Apple TV?

If you’ve got a subscription with AT&T TV NOW, you can access it on your Apple TV. Just make sure your Apple TV is 4th generation or higher, and you shouldn’t have a problem.

If you are having an issue downloading the app, check your Apple TV’s software version through the Settings/General/About menu on the home screen. AT&T TV NOW requires tvOS 10 or higher to run properly.

If you need to manually update the system, go to Settings/System/Software Updates. Once the software is up to date, simply go to the App Store, search for AT&T TV, and download the app. You should be golden after that.

Other ways to watch AT&T TV NOW

If you’re “not an Apple person” and just want to watch AT&T TV NOW, don’t worry. You can still watch on a broad variety of cellphones, tablets, and streaming devices.

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Pro tip

Whatever you watch on, make sure your internet speed can handle the data requirements for streaming. AT&T TV NOW recommends 8–24 Mbps (depending on how many devices you plan to stream on) to avoid buffering. If you’re under that threshold, check out the best internet plans for streaming.

Streaming devices

  • Roku Stick
  • Amazon Fire TV Stick
  • Chromecast (2nd gen or later)
  • Amazon Fire TV
  • Apple TV (4th generation or later)
  • Apple TV 4K

AT&T TV NOW is available on a lot of streaming devices, but not as many as you might expect for being one of the more popular services.

That’s not to say this list is exactly small. If you’re like most people, the devices above have you and at least one of your streaming devices covered. But gamers will have to put away their PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch, and Xbox consoles—AT&T TV NOW doesn’t play like that.

Mobile devices

  • iOS (version 9+ )
  • Android (version 4.4+)

If you want to take your service on the go, no worries—AT&T TV NOW works through its AT&T TV app on your tablet or phone.

While the app performs well enough with no quality issues (and easier navigation than a Roku or Fire TV), the layout clutter is particularly noticeable on phones.

The clutter leads to a bit of information overload. You’ll open the app and immediately be inundated with compressed menus and suggestions about what to watch, typically drawn from previously watched channels.

Some visual confusion aside, AT&T TV NOW’s interface is at its best on mobile devices, so your on-the-go watching should be pretty smooth sailing.

Other devices

  • Mac OS X (browser)
  • Windows (browser)
  • Samsung smart TVs

If you don’t want to load your phone down with extra apps or invest in a streaming device, you can always watch AT&T TV NOW on your Samsung Smart TV (AT&T plans to expand to other smart TV brands in the future) or your preferred web browser.

The browser layout is very manageable, with easy access to live TV, your saved channels, DVR recordings, the discover section, and the channel guide.

The biggest problem with the service is the inability to organize your library of favorite shows, movies, and channels. If you’ve got only a handful, it’s easy to sort through. But if you’re the kind of person who keeps a big library, you’ll want to hit “Control + F” a lot.

In spite of this flaw, watching through a browser is an easy, positive experience. It has the simple, open layout of a streaming device with the organizational functionality of mobile devices. Plug your laptop into your TV, fire up your browser, and enjoy your favorite shows.

The final cut

Apple TV is just one way to watch AT&T TV NOW. Out of the ways we checked out, we’d say your browser makes for the slickest experience, but any compatible streaming or mobile device should treat you right.


Does AT&T offer free streaming?

Kinda. AT&T TV NOW is a subscription-based livestreaming service, and therefore not free. But if you sign up for either the AT&T Unlimited &MoreSM or the AT&T Unlimited &MoreSM Premium cellphone plan, you can get AT&T Watch TV—a smaller livestreaming service that packs a punch—included in the price.

What channels are on AT&T TV NOW streaming?

AT&T TV NOW offers most of the top 50 cable TV channels, including FX, TNT, Cartoon Network, VHS, and SYFY among others. Check out the full lineup.

What is the best TV streaming service?

The best TV streaming service for you depends a lot on what you want to watch, but we think Hulu + Live TV offers the best bang for your buck. If it doesn’t suit you, check out our guide to the best streaming services for more top-tier options.

Is DIRECTV NOW free for AT&T customers?

First off, DIRECTV NOW has been rebranded as AT&T TV NOW. And secondly, no, you can’t get AT&T TV NOW for free—but it is possible to get AT&T Watch TV for free.

Just sign up for either the AT&T Unlimited &MoreSM or the AT&T Unlimited &MoreSM Premium cellphone plan, and AT&T Watch TV’s 35+ channels are yours included in the price. Otherwise, it costs $15 a month.

Can you bundle DIRECTV NOW with AT&T Wireless?

Yep, you can bundle DIRECTV NOW with AT&T Wireless. Although you should always double-check with a salesperson, especially since DIRECTV NOW changed to AT&T TV NOW. Some conditions may have changed.

Do I need AT&T to get DIRECTV NOW?

No, you can sign up for an AT&T TV NOW (DIRECTV NOW’s new name) subscription without using any other AT&T services.

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