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Can you watch Sling TV on the PlayStation 4?

Sling TV doesn’t work on the PlayStation 4, but it does work on a variety of other streaming and mobile devices, as well as on other gaming consoles.

First take: Can you watch Sling TV on the PlayStation 4?

Well, no. Sling TV isn’t available for the PlayStation 4 because it’s in direct competition with Sony’s livestreaming service, PlayStation Vue. But that’s okay. Like an eligible single on Tinder, you have all kinds of options. Go get ‘em!

How you can watch Sling TV

Fortunately, Sling TV supports an array of devices, including personal computers, set-top boxes, smart TVs, smartphones, streaming sticks, tablets, a VR doohickey, and all Xbox One consoles.

If you already rock one of these sweet machines, you can subscribe now or start a free seven-day trial.

But check this out: if you don’t have one, Sling TV will give you a streaming device when you subscribe. These offers require prepaying for two to three months of service, depending on the freebie you choose. But you can still cancel at any time and keep the gift.

How’s it Slingin’?

Wanna know more about Sling TV? Like package details, included channels, available premium channels, how many multiple streams you can have, and if it has cloud DVR? Check out our full review of the service.

Sling TV–compatible streaming devices

Sling TV at home

Streaming devicesDetails
AirTV Mini, AirTV PlayerMade for Sling TV
Amazon Fire TV devicesAll devices including Amazon Fire TV Edition by Element
Android TVSharp AQUOS, Sony Bravia, and LeEco smart TVs, plus AirTV Player and AirTV Mini
Apple TV4th Generation or newer; tvOS 10.0 and up
Google ChromecastAll Chromecast-enabled devices, plus VIZIO smart TVs
LG TVWeb OS 3.0 or higher
Roku devicesAll devices from Roku LT up, plus Roku TVs from HiSense and TCL
Samsung Smart TVsSelect models
XboxXbox One, Xbox One S, Xbox One X
Xfinity X1 DVR (international and select Latino services)Arris XG1v1, Arris XG1v3, Pace XG1v1, Pace XG1v3, XG1v4, Xi5

Sling TV makes it easy to use its service, so its lack of PlayStation support isn’t an issue. Especially since new Sling TV subscribers can get one of these five devices for free: an AirTV Mini, an indoor over-the-air antenna, a Roku Express, or a Roku Ultra.

(Note: Only the Roku Express and AirTV Mini deals are on the main page at SlingTV.com. You’ll find the other deals stashed here. We’ve even checked with Sling TV support to ensure they’re still valid. That said, they change every couple of months, so be sure to double-check for yourself.)

That said, choosing one of these deals makes you ineligible for another deal Sling TV advertises: 40% off the first month.

Don’t sweat that, though. With the device offers, you’ll save anywhere from $29.99 to $109.99. That’s worth far more than the $10–$16 discount on that first month of service.

Best streaming devices

Do you like Sling TV’s freebie offers but want to research more streaming machines before you sign up? Check out our guide to streaming devices to see if another gadget suits you better.

Sling TV–compatible mobile devices

Sling TV on the go

Mobile devicesDetails
Amazon Fire tabletsAndroid OS 4.4.2 or higher
Android tablets or phonesOS Kit Kat 4.4 or newer
iPadiOS 11 or newer
iPhoneiOS 11 and up, iPhone XS, XS Max devices
iPod TouchiOS 11 or newer
Windows 10 phonesMicrosoft account required

As you can see, Sling TV offers just as much variety in its mobile device menu. You’ll have no problem finding a way to watch TV when you’re not home—or when somebody in your household is hogging the main TV.

Sling TV–compatible personal computers

Sling TV on PC

Mobile devicesDetails
Google ChromebookSelect devices
Mac laptopsWith updated Google Chrome browser
Windows 7, 8, and 8.1 laptopsWith updated Google Chrome browser
Windows 10 laptops or phonesRequires Sling TV app

But Sling TV’s compatibility isn’t all sunshine and roses. One drawback is that using the service on a Mac—or on a PC running Windows 7, 8, or 8.1—forces customers to use the Google Chrome browser.

That’s not a huge complaint, but it will be a turnoff for some people. Note, however, that this doesn’t apply to Windows 10 systems—there’s an app for those.

Other Sling TV–compatible devices

Sling TV in the ether

Other devicesDetails
Oculus GoVersion 3.54 and up

Have you ever wanted to jump into your screen to high-five a sportsball hero or save a dimwitted horror movie character from themselves? (OMG don’t go into the rickety cabin! That’s not Grandma’s gumbo in those Mason jars!)

Well, we still can’t do that.

But we can gather family and friends who have the Oculus Go virtual reality headset—and identical Sling TV subscriptions—in a virtual living room to watch a show or movie together. And none of them will know you’re watching in your underwear.

Final take

We get it: the PlayStation 4 console is a powerful, versatile system. It’s only right and natural that you would want to use it to its full potential. But how many times does lousy news (like the fact that you can’t watch Sling TV on your PS4) come with a freebie deal that’s worth as much as $110?

We say join Sling TV and let its lack of PS4 support slide.

Sling TV FAQ

Can you get local channels on Sling TV?

It depends on where you live. To find out for sure, first go here and enter your address and ZIP code. You’ll see a table listing the local channels in your area. If any or all of your locals don’t have the Sling TV icon next to them, you’ll need to purchase an antenna to view them.

What internet speed do I need for Sling TV?

Between 3 and 25 Mbps. That’s 3 Mbps for a single mobile stream, 5 Mbps for TV or computer stream, or 25 Mbps to cover a household streaming to multiple devices.

How much does Sling TV cost per month?

Sling TV has three plans: Orange ($25 per month for 30+ channels), Blue ($25 per month for 45+ channels), and Orange & Blue ($40 per month for 50+ channels).

Can you watch live TV on Sling TV?

Yes, totally! Streaming live TV is the centerpiece of Sling TV’s service.

Can two people watch Sling TV at the same time?

Yes and no. With the Orange plan, you get only one stream. But the Blue plan offers up to three simultaneous streams, and choosing the Orange & Blue plan gets you up to four streams (three of Blue and one of Orange).

Can I stream Sling TV on multiple devices?

Again, yes and no. With the Orange plan, you get only one stream. You’ll have no problems, though, with the Blue plan (up to three at a time) or the Orange & Blue plan (up to four total).

Does Sling TV have 4K?

No, but Sling TV supports resolutions up to 1080p, which is full HD.

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