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Roku 4 Review: Everything You Need to Know

Heard about the new Roku 4? Wondering if it's worth your dollars? Learn everything about the new streaming device in this Roku 4 review.

For those of you that aren’t aware, there are definitely online and legal options for you to view live streaming video on your TV without paying a single cent to a cable company. One company that helps make the transition from those overpriced cable companies to the vastly cheaper online streaming world is Roku. Recently, they’ve released an entirely new streaming player to get you on your way to a happier online media experience. It’s called the Roku 4. You can learn everything about it below in our Roku 4 review.


What is the Roku 4?

The Roku 4 box is a nifty little media device used to stream a variety of different video services straight to your television. From services like Netflix and Hulu to live TV services such as Sling TV, it gives you instant access to tons of free and paid streaming services that don’t require cable contracts. This device is an upgraded version of the Roku 3 device that you can find information on here.



Generally, the Roku devices have stuck with a small “puck” design — kind of thick but relatively small. They decided it was a bit too thick for this latest model, and decided to flatten it out a bit, widening the dimensions and making it more thin than ever before. That being said, it’s still only slightly larger than the size of your open hand, making it easy to hide should you want to.



What truly sets the Roku 4 apart from its predecessor is its ability to play videos at 4K, the latest and highest definition picture quality that’s currently on the market. They’ve also kept the awesome remote features from the Roku 3, and even added another that’s been a long time coming in general — a remote finder function.

If you’re ever unsure of where you’d left the remote last, all you need to do is press a single button atop the Roku 4 box itself and the remote will emit a pre-selected sound of your choice, to include “Ride of the Valkyries,” or even the sound of a sonar.

Another great feature comes from the design itself – the USB input. This allows for media playback from almost any USB storage device; from any of the movies and shows you already own for yourself (.MKV, .MOV, .MP4 files, etc.), or even many audio files to listen to while you do other things around the house.

There’s also an easy-connect college and hotel feature, making connecting to WiFi outside your home a breeze. The new Roku also comes with an updated operating system, as well as a follow feature that allows you to follow particular shows, actors, and directors to be notified when new content is available. This very useful function works across multiple streaming programs.

Aside from these main differences, there’s not much else separating the 4 from the 3, outside of a processor update to quad-core. You get the same great streaming experience you got with the highly-acclaimed Roku 3.



If you’ve just upgraded to a nice 4K television then having a device capable of bringing those super high definition streams right to it is pretty desirable. Compared to the price of one of those television sets, the $129.99 price tag is fairly negligible. It’s a bit more expensive than older streaming players, but it’s cheaper than the Apple TV.

Of course, no Roku 4 review would be complete without pointing out both the pros and cons of the device. So let’s take a look.



  • Plenty of 4K streaming content to keep you entertained in the highest picture definition yet.
  • Easy to use no matter what level you’re at technologically.
  • Multi-app support for all of your favorite media apps.
  • New remote control functions on top of the pre-existing voice search.
  • College and hotel easy wifi connect.



  • It’s not the cheapest. If you’re on a tight budget, you might just go with the Roku 3.
  • 4K uses a lot of data, so if you have data caps, this could cause issues.


Roku 4 Review: Roku Continues to Offer Top Level Streaming Players

Now that you’ve gone through our Roku review, if you’re looking for the latest and greatest streaming media player, you’ll be hard-pressed to find a better alternative than the Roku 4. Review after review puts Roku at the top of streaming media players. Think you might like to get your hands on one? You can get your very own Roku 4 here.


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