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Royal Rumble 2016: Free Live Stream, Predictions, and More

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For the first time ever, the WWE champion will have to defend his belt against 20 other men in this year’s Royal Rumble. It’s a bold move by WWE to be sure, as traditionally the winner of the Rumble faces off against the champ at Wrestlemania. But with so many unexpected injuries to major stars, the top brass has been forced to flip the script.

Will it pay off? Could this turn out to be the pay-per-view that puts WWE back on the right track? Read on for commentary, predictions, and more in our WWE Royal Rumble 2016: Free Live Stream Guide.


Roman Reigns vs. Everyone Else

It’s no secret that Roman Reigns has had a hard time of it in recent years in the WWE. And it’s not because the higher-ups don’t like him. If anything, they’ve tried to make everyone else like him to the point that he’s been despised (sounds a lot like what happened to John Cena, right?). Well, now he’s champion in a time when ratings are struggling and a lot of major talent is on the shelf (Cena, Orton, Bryan…the list goes on).

So what does WWE do? They put Roman in the Royal Rumble to defend his title. It’s unprecedented. And hell, it might just work…if he loses.

That’s right, for Roman Reigns to get over, he’s going to have to lose. Think about it. Last year, he was practically booed out of the arena because the fans felt like it was the most predictable ending ever. It just felt too forced. Too obvious. This year, WWE needs to throw us a curve ball.

What could that curve ball be? A lot of people think Triple H will return and win, setting up a match for Wrestlemania between himself and Reigns. While that would be better than Reigns winning, I don’t like it. It still seems too obvious, and do we really want Triple H to have the title again?


Howie’s Pick for the WWE 2016 Royal Rumble Winner

So who should WWE give then winning spot too? My pick is…wait for it… AJ STYLES!

That’s right, the former-TNA star, in my opinion, is probably the best active wrestler alive today. No, he hasn’t debuted in the WWE yet, but the diehard fans know who he is. They know how important it is that WWE has scooped him up, and he’s a talent that deserves to be in the top slot immediately. And best of all, no one would see it coming. It would be totally against the patterns of the past to have an outsider come in and take the title.

And it would have me and everyone else tuning into RAW the next night to see what next. I’ll be watching the WWE Royal Rumble 2016 Live Stream waiting for his arrival, that’s for certain.


Don’t Forget the Intercontinental Championship Match!

The Intercontinental Championship used to mean something. It used to be the belt that the true workers would carry with pride. Guys like Randy Savage, Ricky Steamboat, Shawn Michaels, The Model Rick Martel…okay, just kidding about the last one. But somewhere in recent years, the title lost its value and was flipped back and forth to the point of becoming meaningless.

Those days are over. Kevin Owens and Dean Ambrose are maybe the two best wrestlers in WWE right now (not counting AJ Styles). They have great gimmicks. Kevin Owens is the most believable heel around, generating legitimate heat. They know how to work a crowd. They know how to work a match.

And best of all, they know how to tell a story.

Look for them to have the standout match of Royal Rumble 2016. Their chemistry is great and they have a very personal feud that’s been building for months. And now it’s set to blow up in a Last Man Standing match at Royal Rumble.

My prediction? Ambrose goes over and Owens uses it as a chance to get even more heat.


Royal Rumble 2016 Free Live Stream Information

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