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San Jose Sharks Live Stream 2018: How to Watch the Sharks Online

Do you want to watch the San Jose Sharks live stream without access to cable? Turns out, there are a few options, so check them out here!

The San Jose Sharks are ready to tear it up on the ice this season. But fans are rightfully concerned about the ability to watch the San Jose Sharks live stream if they’ve already given up cable. Luckily, it’s now possible to access San Jose Sharks streaming, easily and legally.

But there is good news for cord cutters? You can watch Sharks online in a variety of ways, so read on to learn more.


Use fuboTV to Get the Sharks Game Live Stream

Best Choice
$44.99 - $49.99
60 - 64

fuboTV is a popular new online streaming platform that is designed to help you watch live sports without a cable subscription. It offers subscribers over 45 popular TV networks, most of which are sporting networks. Plans are just $45 per month, with NO contract required.

For local fans, the most important channel is CSN California, which hosts the vast majority of Sharks games. That means, if you live in the San Jose area, you can get the San Jose Sharks live stream for nearly every game with fuboTV!

And, even if you don’t live in the area, you’ll still be able to watch Sharks games online via networks like NBCSN, NBC (select markets), USA, CNBC and more. Read through our fuboTV review for the full list. Or, try it out for yourself with a free 7-day trial, and watch the Sharks game online free!


Stream the Sharks Online with DIRECTV NOW

$40 - $75
64 - 99

DIRECTV NOW is a top option for folks who have cancelled cable and are looking for a replacement. The service offers over 60 channels, covering everything from live sports to news to the newest TV shows. No contract is required, and you can get a great plan for only $40 per month.

Local fans will get the CSN California stream, which means the San Jose Sharks stream for nearly every game. Additionally, nationally aired games can be viewed on NBCSN, and even NBC in some areas. NHL Network is also available, but only in the larger packages. See our DIRECTV NOW review for further information.

Ready to try it out? Click here to start a free trial of DIRECTV NOW and watch San Jose Sharks live stream free!


Watch the San Jose Sharks Live Stream with Sling TV

Also Great
$25 - $40
26 - 58

Sling TV is another great choice for cord-cutters. It has a robust selection of otherwise hard to find pay TV networks, including AMC and BBC America. But the sports coverage is really the superstar here. For many of the San Jose Sharks streaming games, fans will be able to watch on NBCSN or NBC. Plus, local fans will get CSN California, for even more Sharks coverage!

Sling TV (review here) is affordable at only $25 per month. It is also accessible across a huge number of platforms including some of the most popular streaming players on the market, like Chromecast. You can also watch right on your computer or smart device at home or on the go. Sometimes Sling TV has offers for cheap or even free streaming devices, so if you’re in the market this could be a great deal.

To watch Sharks online free, try Sling for 7-days to see what you think.


Stream San Jose Sharks Online Live with PlayStation Vue

Also Great
$44.99 - $79.99
47 - 72

PlayStation Vue is Sony’s offering for streaming online television. It has many of the same benefits as Sling TV, including sports networks where you can stream San Jose Sharks games at home. Here’s our review so you can learn more.

PlayStation Vue is a little more expensive. It is $45 per month. It also works with a variety of devices including PS3/PS4, iOS or Android, Chromecast, Amazon Fire TV, Apple TV and Roku.

Vue now offers a free 5-day trial for new subscribers.


Watch San Jose Sharks Streaming Free with an Antenna

Of course, if you do live in the San Jose area and get local network reception, the very best option for you would be a digital antenna. After the initial investment in the equipment, which are generally very reasonably priced, you can stream San Jose Sharks games at home for free. That makes it the best option for local fans worried about being able to watch the games without cable. Learn more here.

And, to make it even more exciting, you can get an over-the-air DVR which will allow you to record the games and watch them later at your own convenience. Or, if you’re traveling, you can use the DVR to stream games live to any connected device while you’re away from home.


What Channel is the San Jose Sharks Game On?

Local fans can catch the San Jose Sharks game live stream for most games on CSN California, a regional network in the area. Some games will also air on NBC, NBCSN or NHL Network. Additionally, during the Playoffs, some games may air on USA or CNBC.

So, are you happy with your options to watch Sharks online this season? Take a look at our guide to watching the NHL online and streaming NHL Playoffs games online.

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