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Colorado Avalanche Live Stream Guide 2018: Watch the Avalanche Online

The Colorado Avalanche live stream is available across a wide variety of online platforms. Click to read more about watching without cable today!

The Colorado Avalanche is sure to have an exciting season this year. Fans of the team, and of hockey in general, are waiting at the edge of their seats to watch this dynamic sports season start. But if you’ve cut the cord, can you even watch the Colorado Avalanche Live Stream?

You sure can! Here are some reliable ways to watch Avalanche online without cable.


Watch the Colorado Avalanche Live Stream on Sing TV

Best Choice
$25 - $40
26 - 58

Sling TV has the best complete set of options available for sports fans and TV fans alike. Not only can you get tons of difficult to find pay TV networks, but you’ll also be able to watch the Colorado Avalanche streaming live on NBCSN. Some games will also air on NBC, but live local channels are only available in a handful of markets right now.

Sling TV’s package that includes NBCSN is only $25 per month. On top of being affordable, it is also accessible. You can stream the service on a variety of devices including your computer or smart phone. It also works with most of the popular streaming players, including Roku and Apple TV. In fact, click the links to see what deals Sling TV is running on these two devices right now.

You can try Sling out free for 7 days and watch the Colorado Avalanche live stream to see for yourself.


Watch the Colorado Avalanche Streaming Live on PlayStation Vue

$44.99 - $79.99
47 - 72

PlayStation Vue is your other option for live streaming hockey games. It offers many of the same benefits as Sling TV, but with a few differences. To learn more about the service as a whole, read our review.

PlayStation Vue costs between $45 per month. It is compatible with PS3/PS4, Chromecast, Roku, Amazon Fire TV, and Apple or Android devices. There is no Apple TV support right now.

It is important to note that PlayStation Vue does limit streaming content while away from home. Your account is tied to your home network, so even with the apps there are mobile restrictions.


Watch Avalanche Online with NHL Gamecenter

Many sports leagues are getting on board with streaming content, and the NHL is no different. NHL Gamecenter offers live streaming broadcasts of all games in all markets. So, this is especially useful to stream Colorado Avalanche games if you’re a fan who’s moved out of state. However, keep in mind that the service does have blackouts for live in-market games when there is a local affiliate network alternative. But it does offer on-demand content to watch the games later in your own timeline.

You can watch NHL Gamecenter on a variety of devices including your computer, smartphone, some of the most popular players like Roku and Chromecast, as well as some gaming consoles like PS3.

There are also several price points for Avalanche fans. The best value is a year subscription to the complete package that includes all teams and all games. This is $131.49 a year. Or, if you prefer to pay monthly, you can subscribe that way at $24.99 a month. This year, the NHL is also including single team subscriptions for only $105.09 per year, but if you’re local to the Colorado Avalanche, streaming will be blacked out for games. This may be best for fans who have moved away.

Learn more in our NHL Gamecenter review.


Stream Colorado Avalanche Games Free with an Antenna

Of course, for those local fans, there is one more fantastic option you may not have thought about. You can watch the Colorado Avalanche live stream with the use of a new digital antenna. New technology has vastly improved the quality and reliability of these devices. Check out our buying guide here.

You can also pair it with a neat little device called an over-the-air DVR. Not only can you record the games and watch them later, but you can also use it to stream the games to a connected device and watch Avalanche online live when you’re away from home.

There is all we know for now about how to watch the Colorado Avalanche live stream without cable. For more teams and information about hockey this season, here’s our complete NHL guide.

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