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Sunday Night Football Live Stream 2018: How to Watch SNF Online without Cable

Sep 9 - Dec 23, 2018


Youtube TV

ESPN and unlimited cloud DVR, plus the most NBC coverage.
Free Trial


Limited Commercials

ESPN, lots of NBC coverage, and tons of on-demand content to binge-watch.
Free Trial



Plenty of NBC coverage, NFL Network, and niche sports channels.
Free Trial

Nothing fights the Sunday night blues like Sunday Night Football. You know what we’re talking about—that bummed-out feeling you get on Sunday nights when you realize you’ve got a whole work week ahead of you.

Well, forget about that, because it’s time to watch Sunday Night Football.

How to watch Sunday Night Football

All the action airs on NBC at 8:20 p.m. ET on Sunday evenings. Here are your best options for livestreaming Sunday Night Football.

Each of the streaming services we recommend here offer different pros and cons for streaming Sunday Night Football. We’ll walk you through each of them, and you can choose the option that works best for you.

#1 YouTube TV: Your safest bet for streaming Sunday Night Football

Best Choice

Youtube TV

73+ Channels

This service is available on these devices

Free Trial

What we like: The most NBC coverage

Drawbacks: No NFL Network

Who it’s perfect for: Fans who record games and watch later

YouTube TV is pretty stacked as far as streaming services go, but you’ll have to live without access to the NFL Network. You can try out YouTube TV with a 7-day trial.

The most reliable source for streaming NBC

When it comes to picking up local channels, the streaming world is the Wild West, and YouTube TV currently holds the most NBC affiliates. So chances are YouTube TV carries your local NBC affiliate, which means you can watch Sunday Night Football straight from the YouTube TV app.

Along with NBC, you get ESPN, the rest of your local channels, and over 55 other channels for $40 a month. Sadly, the NFL Network is nowhere to be found on YouTube TV, which can be tricky when you want to watch Thursday Night Football.

Unlimited cloud DVR

Without a doubt, one of our favorite things about YouTube TV is the cloud DVR. It’s just nice to know you can record Sunday Night Football without ever worrying about storage space. Hit that record button, and you can catch the Minnesota Vikings game later after the kids go to bed.

Plus, let’s get real, there are way too many stoppages in football. Using cloud DVR to skip commercials and stoppages will make your life more . . . efficient.

How do I know if I can stream Sunday Night Football in my area?

According to YouTube TV’s website, there are only two regions in the country that don’t allow for live NBC streaming:

  • Des Moines, IA
  • Oklahoma City, OK

YouTube TV device compatibility

You can stream Sunday Night Football on any of those streaming devices you’ve heard about, like Apple TV, Chromecast, and Roku.

#2 Hulu with Live TV: Sunday Night Football and binge-watching galore

Great Choice

Limited Commercials

57+ Channels

This service is available on these devices

Free Trial

What we like: Access to the Hulu streaming library

Drawbacks: No NFL Network and limited cloud DVR

Who it’s perfect for: Fans who love TV shows and sports

You can stream Sunday Night Football on Hulu with Live TV and have access to Hulu’s entire streaming library. There’s so much to watch on Hulu Live, you might never need to leave your house again (though we’d recommend that you do). You can watch Sunday Night Football for free with a Hulu 7-day trial.

Sunday Night Football and tons of other viewing options

With your Hulu Live subscription, you get NBC (with strong coverage), ESPN, and more than 50 other channels for $39.99 a month. On top of everything else, you get free access to Hulu’s entire on-demand streaming library. That’s great if you’re the type of fan who wants sit down on their couch and have nearly limitless viewing options.

After all, football is only on Thursdays, Sundays, and Mondays, and let’s get real, you’re going to need stuff to watch every other night of the week. Anybody in the mood for a Rick and Morty marathon?

50 hours of cloud DVR storage

At the end of the day, unlimited cloud DVR > 50 hours of cloud DVR storage, so YouTube TV still beats out Hulu Live here.

But if you can make sure to delete every recording after you watch it, it doesn’t really matter how much storage you have. Plus, you can fit well over 10 full NFL games in your cloud DVR storage before it gets too full.

How do I know if I can stream Sunday Night football in my area?

Before you sign up for anything, here’s how you can know for sure if you can pick up your local NBC station with Hulu Live.

  1. Go to Hulu with Live TV’s website.
  2. Scroll down to the channel icons, and below the icons, you’ll see “View all channels in your area.”
  3. Click that link, enter your ZIP code, and make sure you see NBC.

Hulu with Live TV device compatibility

You can stream Sunday Night Football with any of the major devices out there, including Apple TV, Chromecast, and of course Roku.

#3 fuboTV: Tons of NBC coverage plus the NFL Network

Also Great


80+ Channels

This service is available on these devices

Free Trial

What we like: Cheap first month promotion

Drawbacks: No ESPN

Who it’s perfect for: Fans looking to get NFL Network

fuboTV is a stand-alone streaming service that offers lots of NBC coverage around the country. Where most streaming services zig, fuboTV zags with some interesting channels. You can watch Sunday Night Football for free with a 7-day trial.

Watch Sunday and Thursday Night Football, but no Monday Night Football

When it comes to watching the NFL on fuboTV, it’s got a few things going for it:

  • Lots of local channel coverage between NBC and FOX
  • Comes with NFL Network

Sadly, it also comes with one massive letdown:

  • ESPN doesn’t exist on fuboTV

Let’s review. You should be set to livestream Sunday Night Football and Thursday Night Football (on the NFL Network) with fuboTV, but you’ll be fresh out of luck come Monday. You’ll need to find another service to catch Monday Night Football on ESPN.

With your fuboTV package, you get NBC, the NFL Network, and over 60 other channels for $39.99 your first month. After that month, the price jumps to $44.99 a month. Yep, it’s more expensive than either YouTube TV or Hulu Live, so make sure you’re impressed by the channel list (and all the cool sports channels) before you decide to go with fuboTV.

30 hours of cloud DVR storage

With your fuboTV subscription, you get 30 hours of cloud DVR storage to mess around with. Hopefully you’re the type of fan who’s good about deleting games after you watch them, and if not, you’ll probably need to get in the habit if you go with fuboTV for streaming Sunday Night Football.

You can upgrade to 500 hours of cloud DVR storage for an extra $9.99 a month if you want. Feel free to record the entire season with that many hours, so the extra price could be worth it.

fuboTV device compatibility

You can stream Sunday Night Football with fuboTV using Apple TV, Chromecast, Roku, and mobile devices.

#4 DIRECTV: For fans looking for a more traditional TV option

What we like: The most reliable option for Sunday Night Football

Drawbacks: Double the price on the second year of your contract

Who it’s perfect for: Fans living in more rural areas

For fans who aren’t feeling the streaming option, DIRECTV offers pretty amazing packages for watching Sunday Night Football and the rest of the season. We recommend going with the Choice™ package. That gets all your local channels, ESPN, and our favorite part—you can get SUNDAY TICKET included with the first year of your subscription.

Just know that by signing up for DIRECTV, you have to enter into a two-year contract. During the first year of that contract, your subscription will cost you $45 a month—but once that first year ends, your monthly fee jumps to a hefty $105 a month. Make sure you prepare for that price jump like Belichick before a big game.

Wild card: NFL Game Pass

Are you a Dallas Cowboys fan living in Iowa? Or a Pittsburgh Steelers fan living in Nevada? Then you’re going to love the NFL Game Pass.

The stand-alone streaming service hooks you up with every out-of-market NFL game, but the catch is you have to wait to watch the games until after they finish airing on live TV.

Watch Sunday Night Football in under 45 minutes

Let’s say you want to watch Sunday Night Football, but you can’t watch the game until later that night. Log in to your NFL Game Pass subscription (aim for at least an hour after the game ends) and you can catch the replay. You can even skip all the commercials and stoppages and watch the game in 45 minutes. You just have to be patient first.

NFL Game Pass device compatibility

NFL Game Pass works with almost any streaming device you can think of, including Apple TV, Chromecast, and Roku.

Wild card: Antenna

Since Sunday Night Football airs on NBC, which is a local channel, you can always rely on a good old-fashioned antenna to pick up the game. People used antennas to watch football back when players used leather helmets, and amazingly, antennas still work well today (especially the ones with more modern technology). Some things never change.

What antenna should I get to watch Sunday Night Football?

Antennas are like linemen—there’s a lot of them, but you really got to make sure that have the best one. If you want to do more of a deep dive into antennas, you can check out our best antennas guide.

If you want the “too long; didn’t read” version of that guide, we recommend going with the Mohu Leaf 50 from Amazon.

2018 Sunday Night Football Schedule

Note: All games are at 8:20 p.m. ET. Flex scheduling procedures go into effect beginning in Week 5, which could impact some matchups.

Week 1
Sept. 9, Chicago Bears at Green Bay Packers (NBC)

Week 2
Sept. 16, New York Giants at Dallas Cowboys (NBC)

Week 3
Sept. 23, New England Patriots at Detroit Lions (NBC)

Week 4
Sept. 30, Baltimore Ravens at Pittsburgh Steelers (NBC)

Week 5
Oct. 7, Dallas Cowboys at Houston Texans (NBC)

Week 6
Oct. 14, Kansas City Chiefs at New England Patriots (NBC)

Week 7
Oct. 21, Los Angeles Rams at San Francisco 49ers (NBC)

Week 8
Oct. 28, New Orleans Saints at Minnesota Vikings (NBC)

Week 9
Nov. 4, Green Bay Packers at New England Patriots (NBC)

Week 10
Nov. 11, Dallas Cowboys at Philadelphia Eagles (NBC)

Week 11
Nov. 18, Pittsburgh Steelers at Jacksonville Jaguars (NBC)

Week 12
Nov. 25, Green Bay Packers at Minnesota Vikings (NBC)

Week 13
Dec. 2, San Francisco 49ers at Seattle Seahawks (NBC)

Week 14
Dec. 9, Pittsburgh Steelers at Oakland Raiders (NBC)

Week 15
Dec. 16, Philadelphia Eagles at Los Angeles Rams (NBC)

Week 16
Dec. 23, Kansas City Chiefs at Seattle Seahawks (NBC)

Start streaming Sunday Night Football now

How you stream Sunday Night Football is up to you, but just make sure you’re prepared once the season finally rolls around. It goes by in a flash, and you’ll want to watch as much as possible. Unless you’re a Cleveland Browns fan—then it might feel like the season lasts forever (sorry).

Do you have any questions for us about streaming Sunday Night Football? Let us know in the comments below.

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