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Watch the Houston Rockets Online: 2018 Rockets Live Stream Guide

Looking for how to watch the Houston Rockets online legally this season? Here's everything you need to know to get Rockets live stream action without cable.

For Houston Rockets fans, the last few seasons have had some ups and downs in the western conference. But the team is stacked with talent and still in a position to do quite well this year. Are you ready to watch this throwdown, and follow the Rockets through another successful season? If you’re wondering how to watch the Houston Rockets online, you’ve found the right website!

While basketball remains the same, the way fans are watching the NBA is slowly evolving. Today, more and more people are watching NBA online, instead of paying for cable. If you’re one of the many people who have recently cancelled cable and are looking for alternative routes, you should study the ways to watch the Houston Rockets online.

In this Rockets live stream guide, we’ll show you several safe, easy, and legal ways to watch the Rockets online – without cable. Read on for all the details!

Live in another country? Click here to view international options to watch the Houston Rockets online whether they’re playing an away game or at home in the Toyota Center.


Use DIRECTV NOW for the Houston Rockets Stream

Starting At $40/mo
$40 - $75
64 - 99
Channel variety for everyone to enjoy
Free Trial

DIRECTV NOW is a live streaming service offering upwards of 60 channels in the base package for $40 per month. It’s non-contract, works over the internet, and can be viewed on most devices from computers to smartphones to streaming players.

For Houston Rockets streaming, key channels included in the DIRECTV NOW channel list are ESPN, ESPN2, TNT, ESPNEWs, ABC (via WatchESPN) and NBA TV, all of which offer Houston Rockets game live stream during the NBA Playoffs. In fact, every Houston Rockets Playoff Game stream will be available via DIRECTV NOW! For the 2018 NBA Season, this is a complete Rockets streaming solution – and it also provides a great way to watch TV in general without cable.

DIRECTV NOW currently offers all new subscribers a free 7-day trial.

Devices for Streaming DIRECTV NOW

Watch Houston Rockets Live Stream with Sling TV

Starting At $25/mo
$25 - $40
26 - 58
Tons of add-on options
Free Trial

If you’re looking for a TV-alternative service, Sling TV is a great place to start. This relatively new streaming service comes from Dish Network, but it’s much more affordable and flexible than cable or satellite TV.

Here’s how Sling TV works:

  • You pay just $25 per month, with no contract and no long-term commitments
  • You get access to live streaming of channels like ESPN, TBS, TNT, Food Network, Disney Channel, and more (30+ channels total)
  • You can watch these channels using Sling TV on a variety of devices – computers, mobile devices, and streaming players like the Roku
  • If you sign up soon, and purchase 3-months of Sling TV, you can get a free streaming device!
  • You can enjoy LIVE basketball on ESPN (every Wednesday and Friday, plus the NBA Draft live stream) and TNT (every Thursday, some Tuesdays, and the NBA All Star Game stream), plus catch featured games on ABC via the WatchESPN App.
  • You can watch live post-game shows on ESPN, ESPN2 and TNT (like Inside the NBA)

You can check the schedules for more information, and to see which games you can watch online using Sling TV: NBA on ESPN, NBA on TNT and NBA on ABC. So, whenever a game falls on one of these channels, you’ll be able to use Sling to stream the Rockets game online.

Overall, Sling TV (full review here) is a great way to watch the Houston Rockets online, giving you access to many games throughout the season – plus hundreds of other viewing options. And of course, don’t forget all the other great channels you get access to – there’s something for the whole family!

Also, for a limited time, T-Mobile subscribers can score a 30% discount on Sling TV! That means you’ll pay just $14 a month if you’re a T-Mobile customer.

Try a free 7-day trial today to get a feel for the service. No commitment, no risk – cancel at any time.

Devices for Streaming Sling TV

Watch Houston Rockets Live Stream with Playstation Vue

Starting At $44.99/mo
$44.99 - $79.99
47 - 72
Provides fantastic streaming quality
Free Trial

In an effort to join the streaming sensation that’s changing the way people watch TV, Sony has developed a new standalone streaming service known as Playstation Vue. This service is actually quite similar to Sling TV and DIRECTV NOW. Basically, subscribers to PS Vue will be given access to several popular cable channels, without the need for an actual cable subscription.

Included in the basic PS Vue package is TNT, which is important because TNT hosts NBA games every week. ESPN is also included as well as ESPN2, which will be useful for being able to catch a Houston Rockets game live stream a handful of times throughout the season. NBA TV is also available in some packages.

Vue has plans starting from $45 a month. You can check out our PS Vue review to learn more about the service. For right now, Sling TV is a far better option, because it gives you access to more content, for a lower price.

Devices for Streaming Playstation Vue

Use NBA League Pass to Watch Houston Rockets Live Streams and On-Demand Replays

$17.99 - $49.99

Are you looking for the most NBA content possible? If so, NBA League Pass might be the service for you. This online streaming service is offered by the NBA itself, and it offers the most basketball coverage of any streaming service out there. However, that’s all it offers – just basketball, unlike a service like Sling TV that offers both NBA games and regular TV shows and movies.

If you’re looking for strictly basketball coverage, League Pass is a viable option (with one big downside: local blackouts). Here’s how the service works:

  • You can choose from NBA League Pass (all teams) for $199.99 per season, NBA Team Pass (one single team) for $119.99 per season, or NBA Single Game Pass (one single game) for $6.99 per game.
  • You can watch on your computer and mobile devices, or on your TV using a streaming device (Roku, Apple TV, etc.) or gaming console
  • You can watch live streaming of every regular season game (for all teams or one team, depending on your package)
  • You can watch on-demand replays of regular season games on your own schedule (all teams or one team, depending on your package)
  • You can watch on-demand replays of classic NBA games from past seasons (available on both League Pass and Team Pass)
  • If you just want to catch a specific game, you can purchase an NBA Single Game Pass for $6.99 and watch that game live

Here’s something very important to note: local teams are BLACKED OUT on NBA League Pass. This means that, if you live in the Houston area, you won’t be able to watch the Houston Rockets online live using NBA League Pass. You can still watch replays, but live viewing is blacked out for teams in your local area. This applies to all 3 versions of this service.

Overall, NBA League Pass is a pretty good option for watching online. There’s no denying it offers the most content of any competing service. The only downsides are the local blackouts and the price. If you don’t live within the local area of your favorite team(s), and you don’t mind the price, League Pass is a good option.


Watch NBA Games for Free Using Your Antenna

Did you know that you can watch over-the-air channels for free, using an HD antenna? You don’t need cable or any type of subscription – only a quality antenna. If you’re in the market for one, check out our guide to OTA antennas.

Using your OTA antenna, you can watch OTA channels like Fox and ABC (plus local channels) for free. As you likely know, ABC hosts several NBA games throughout the regular season. See the NBA on ABC schedule for details.

For more convenience, you can always record these games to watch them later, using a DVR. See our DVR comparison guide to learn about the best options available.


Watch the Rockets Online Blackout-Free with NBA League Pass International

If you’re a fan of basketball, and you live outside of the United States, NBA League Pass International is an excellent option for watching the Houston Rockets online. In fact, it’s a great way to watch any and all NBA teams online, because the international version of this service does not blackout any teams! Other than that, it’s identical to the domestic version that we’ve already talked about. Here are some popular League Pass country-specific links — Australia, Ireland and UK.


Use a VPN to Watch a Houston Rockets Live Stream from Outside the USA

If you’re a diehard Rockets fan living outside of the United States, your options are somewhat limited. However, one way to go about things is to use a VPN.


What Channel is the Rockets Game On?

Houston Rockets games air on Root Sports Southwest, a regional sports channel. Unfortunately, this network is not available via online streaming services, which makes it difficult to access Houston Rockets streaming online. Some games will air on ESPN, TNT or NBA TV, which can be watched with DIRECTV NOW or Sling TV. During the NBA Playoffs, DIRECTV NOW will provide the most coverage. See the Houston Rockets schedule for details.

Now you know how to watch the Houston Rockets online, but maybe you need more assistance. You may be interested in checking out my NBA live stream guide here and my NBA Playoffs streaming page – or my overall sports streaming guide here.

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