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Watch the Boston Celtics Online: 2018-2019 Celtics Live Stream Guide

Looking for ways to watch the Boston Celtics online without cable? There are plenty of options detailed here in my Boston Celtics live stream guide.

Best ways to watch the Boston Celtics



Youtube TV

Cheapest option, best DVR, and no contracts
Free Trial


America's Top 200

Largest amount of channels with plenty of additional goodies
See Plans


NBA Team Pass

Best option for out-of-market games
See Plans
Data effective 10/5/2018. Offers and availability may vary by location and are subject to change.
**For 24 months with a 2-year contract and eAutoPay

Gordon Hayward is back and ready to meet Kyrie Irving on the court to take back the crown of best in basketball. This powerhouse duo, along with the rest of the squad, may be the biggest challenge this season, even for some of the NBA’s finest.

If you don’t want to miss watching the Celtics do their thing this season, just kick back and continue reading. We’ll help you find a way faster than you can say “Leprechaun.”

Channels for watching the Boston Celtics

For those outside of Boston, TNT and NBA TV are the main channels where you’ll catch the Celtics throwing down. ESPN will host the occasional game once or twice a month, but otherwise you’ll need NBC Sports Boston to catch the action.

YouTube TV logo
Free Trial See PlansSee Plans
NBC Sports
Data effective 10/5/2018.

Now that you know where to find the Celtics every week, let’s talk about how you’ll watch them. We’ve crafted some pretty wicked awesome recommendations for the best options out there, so hopefully you can pick the best option for you.

#1 YouTube TV: The best way to stream away the day

Youtube TV

73+ Channels

This service is available on these devices

Free Trial

What we like: Best DVR in the game

Drawbacks: Local channel options

Who it’s perfect for: Local Boston fans

YouTube TV is made for fans who are done with cable and contracts but don’t want to sacrifice game day. You shouldn’t have to—and fortunately, streaming is all about making being a Celtics fan easier.

Seriously, grab some friends and split an account, but first make sure to try out the free trial ‘cause you know, it’s free.

The best screen in basketball

YouTube TV offers some benefits that other services on this list don’t have. First of all, its unlimited cloud DVR storage.

DISH may have a decent DVR option and NBA Team Pass may give you limited NBA exclusive recording options, but YouTube TV is the only option that lets you save an entire season’s worth of basketball.

We’re being for real—YouTube TV’s DVR offers unlimited storage making it the most valuable pick on this list.. But you should know that even limitless storage has its own kind of limitations. You can save everything on your account for nine months. After that you can kiss those games goodbye, which probably won’t be a big deal for most hardcore Celts fans.

A streaming service that’s still pretty green

If we were to give YouTube TV an award other than first place, it would probably be Rookie of the Year. Don’t get us wrong—YouTube TV is putting up some serious numbers. But it’s not an option for everyone nationwide, and it’s local channel affiliates are almost a third of DISH’s nationwide.

Because of that, you’ll want to check if YouTube TV services your local area and channels, like NBC Sports Boston. We’d hate for you to pay for something that may not even get you what you need.

#2 DISH: You don’t need luck when you have satellite

America's Top 200

240+ channels
**For 24 months with a 2-year contract and eAutoPay
See Plans

What we like: The biggest channel library

Drawbacks: Contracts and cost

Who it’s perfect for: Local fans with deep pockets

DISH is for the Celtics fan who focuses on the fundamentals. You don’t have to rely on your internet to get it up and running and you’ll also have more than just basketball to keep you entertained 365 days of the year.

What’s the price for quality?

DISH’s America’s Top 200 package offers top-tier quality for those who can afford it. It comes in at nearly double the price of other services on this list at $79.99. But that hefty monthly ticket brings with it a lot of good benefits like over 240 channels (including NBA TV and TNT), along with some premium movie channels and on-demand movies.

So much like the Celtics, DISH is strong in its fundamentals. It has great coverage on and off the court, but you’ll have to budget accordingly or risk some pretty hefty fines.

Long-term reliability during the late game

Before you watch a second of Celtics basketball you’ll have to sign a contract with DISH. Don’t throw in the towel just yet—two years with DISH may be worth the commitment for some Celtic fans.

Unlike other services on this list, you won’t have to worry about internet speed to watch the game. DISH also gets you triple the amount of content to hold you over during the off-season.

So all in all, you’ll have to see where DISH fits in your own roster, but it’s not a bad second draft pick.

#3 NBA League Pass: You asked for basketball, who needs more?

NBA Team Pass

See Plans

What we like: Out-of-market coverage

Drawbacks: Less entertainment options

Who it’s perfect for: Celtic fans outside of Boston

NBA League Pass pretty much breaks down as follows. If you’re in Boston, you’re probably better off using one of the services above because you’ll get access to local channels like NBC Sports Boston. But if you’re surrounded by nothing but Cavs or Sixers channels, NBA League Pass may be your only means of survival.

Can’t take the Celtic out of the fan

NBA League Pass clocks in at $119 a season, which you can pay all at once or in installments of $17.99 a month. This plan will let you follow one team’s games and will let you watch all their games and give you all the sports coverage after the game, as long as you’re not in a blackout spot (a.k.a. Boston and surrounding areas).

Some is always better than none

We know local blackouts can be incredibly frustrating, so you should head on over to the NBA League Pass website and check out which games and teams are available in your area.

Pro tip: if you live in the same area as your team plays, you can’t watch games broadcast on regional sports networks like NBC Sports Boston or nationally televised games on channels like TNT. But that’s what the other options on this list are for.

Once all is said and done, it’ll be up to you to decide how many games is enough to pull the trigger on this service.

The legendary team is back to take what’s theirs

Hayward is back, but the pressure is on if he wants to stick with the Celtics. Don’t miss out on his potential breakout year because game time starts soon.

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