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Watch the Tampa Bay Rays Online: 2018 Rays Live Stream Guide

Would you like to watch the Tampa Bay Rays online during the 2018 season? We'll show you how to access a Rays live stream, without cable TV!

The Tampa Bay Rays have been the scrappy underdogs of the American League East division since the team was created nearly 20 years ago. They do not have a payroll anywhere close to the New York Yankees or Boston Red Sox, but they always seem to find a way to put a solid team on the field. This resourcefulness and underdog mentality of the Rays is exactly what makes them such a fun team to watch on a nightly basis. They will once again have one of the lowest payrolls in baseball during the 2018 season, but the Tampa Bay Rays are still considered to be contenders in the American League. Want to stream the Rays game online?

Baseball fans without a cable subscription never have to worry about missing the Rays battle it out on a nightly basis against the powerhouse teams in the MLB. Just follow this guide designed specifically for cord cutters and you will get to watch the Tampa Bay Rays online with ease.


Watch the Tampa Bay Rays Online with fuboTV

Best Choice
$44.99 - $49.99
60 - 64

fuboTV is a live streaming service that mostly focuses on sports, which is obviously great news for Rays fans. Bringing over 40 channels together in their main package for just $35 per month, fuboTV offers great value for sports fans. For Rays fans, it’s best for folks who actually live in the Tampa Bay area, because FOX Sports Sun is included. That means you’ll be able to tune into most all of the Rays games during the season. Beyond that network, there’s not a whole lot of ways to watch the Tampa Bay Rays online with fuboTV, short of an occasional game on FS1. So, for Rays fans living outside the Tampa area, Sling TV might be a better bet.

The base price for fuboTV also includes a cloud DVR, and all the streams are high-definition. So you’ll never miss a game, and when you do tune in, you’ll be able to practically see each blade of glass! If you’re interested in learning more about the service, check out our fuboTV review.

fuboTV offers a free 7-day trial if you’re wanting to test the service out and watch the Tampa Bay Rays online free.


Sling TV Lets You Watch a Rays Live Stream

$25 - $40
26 - 58

Sling TV gives you the option to watch hundreds of great cable television shows in addition to Tampa Bay Rays baseball games. It is a streaming service that is changing the way many watch their favorite shows and sports. To learn more, check out our Sling TV review.

If you’re a Tampa-area resident, we recommend signing up for Sling Blue (free 7-day trial). This package includes over 40 channels, and for local residents, that includes FOX Sports Sun streaming. FS Sun is home the vast majority of Tampa Bay Rays game live streams.

If you’re not a Tampa-area resident, we recommend signing up for Sling Orange (free 7-day trial). This package offers over 30 channels, including valuable baseball networks like ESPN, ESPN 2 and TBS. These three channels are set to broadcast over 100 regular season baseball games during the 2017 season. In addition to the great regular season action, TBS will also broadcast games during every playoff round leading up to the World Series.

You can get a free trial for seven days or a free Roku streaming player if you prepay for three months of Sling TV service right now. You can watch the service on all your favorite devices, and no contract is ever required.


DIRECTV NOW Lets You Stream the Rays Game Online

Also Great
$40 - $75
64 - 99

DIRECTV NOW is one of the better streaming services out there, and it’s a solid method to use for Tampa Bay Rays streaming this season. There are various packages available, but for best results, you should go with the $50/month “Just Right” package. This package includes MLB Network, Fox Sports 1, ESPN, TBS, and even FOX Sports Sun for local fans. That means a whole lot of MLB coverage, and particularly for locals, the ability to watch Rays games online.

You can use the service from home or on-the-go, using nearly any streaming device, mobile device, computer, etc. You can see all the details of the service in our detailed DIRECTV NOW review.

DIRECTV NOW’s free 7-day trial offers an easy way to watch the Rays online free while testing out the service for yourself!


Enjoy a High-Quality Tampa Bay Rays Live Stream with PlayStation Vue

Also Great
$44.99 - $79.99
47 - 72

PlayStation Vue is another online streaming service that offers a good way to watch the Rays online. For best results, choose the Core package for $39.99 per month. This package gives you over 60 channels, including MLB Network, ESPN, TBS, FS1 and more. Local fans will also get FOX Sports Sun!

You can read our review for more information about this new streaming service. Overall, it is a high-quality service that is only getting better, and it is from a name you can trust. If you sign up, you are sure to love the service. Plus, you can try it free for 5 days with this link.


Watch the Tampa Bay Rays Online By Subscribing to MLB.TV (local blackouts apply)

MLB.TV is the only way cord cutters can watch the Tampa Bay Rays online and never miss a single pitch during the 2017 season. A one-time fee of $87.49 gets you access to every Rays game this season, or you can pay $25 more to get access to every MLB game from every team each night.

There is one catch, however: fans living in the Tampa Bay area will not be able to watch the Rays online live with MLB.TV because of the strict blackout rules. All local games are restricted until the game is completed. You can still watch games on-demand after the fact, but you won’t be able to watch live unless you live outside the local market of the Rays.

Our MLB live stream guide and all-encompassing sports streaming guide are also available if you want more information about sports viewing without cable. For great deals on internet, check our ISP search engine.

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