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Pitt Football Live Stream 2018: Watch Pitt Football Online

Watch Pittsburgh live streams without cable? How? Click here to learn all the ways you can watch online today!

Pittsburgh Panthers football is an institution for people in the Steel city. They take college football as seriously as they take their pro team! So, if you’re not able to go to the games, how can you watch the Pitt football live stream legally without cable? Here’s how!


Watch the Pitt Football Live Stream on Sling TV

Best Choice
$25 - $40
26 - 58

For your complete cord cutting needs, we suggest Sling TV. It is perfect for watching your favorite pay TV networks and, more importantly, one of the best solutions for sports. The Pitt Football live stream, along with many ACC games, will be aired across the ESPN family of networks, including ESPN and ESPN3. In fact, the games will be aired on ABC will also be available streaming online with EPSN3 on the WatchESPN app.

Sling TV is also affordable and accessible. It costs only $25 per month for the basic package and you don’t sign a contract. You can watch it across a wide range of platforms including your computer, smart device, and many popular streaming players. Sling TV frequently runs deals for free or discounted players from Roku or Apple TV, so click to learn more.

Watch the Pitt football stream live on Sling TV today with a free 7-day trial.

Get the Pitt Football Game Stream with College Sports Live

College Sports Live is a service from CBS that offers quite of bit of live college football coverage. There will be some streaming television content, but every game will be available on audio. You can listen to the Pitt football game stream live throughout the season.

Along with the streaming video and audio service, College Sports Live also has a feature called IMG College Football Blitz. All day long on Saturdays, over the course of 10 hours, you can watch live and on-demand highlights from all of the conferences. They will air interviews and live cut-ins as well. If you want to see as much college football action as possible all in one day, this is a great option.

College Sports Live is only $9.95 per month with no contract. You can elect to sign up for a full year and pay only $99.95, which can save you almost $20 per year.

Try College Sports Live and watch the Pitt football live stream by clicking here.


Watch Pitt Football Online with PlayStation Vue

Great Choice
$44.99 - $79.99
47 - 72

Another option for someone who wants to be sure to watch the Pitt football game stream online is PlayStation Vue. This streaming service, a product of Sony, is the primary competition to Sling TV. It offers tons of pay TV networks in several packages. With PlayStation Vue, you can watch Pitt Football live streaming on ESPN. For more information, here’s our review.

If you’re considering Vue, you may want to know about a few key differences. It is more expensive overall at $45 per month. There are also more restrictions on content. The service is tied to your home network, so even with the mobile app, you will be unable to stream most content while you’re on the go.

An Antenna Can Unlock the Pitt Football Stream Live

For games that are on ABC or other broadcast channels, you can watch them free if you invest in a new digital antenna. These new devices are nothing like the obtrusive antennas of our collective memory. They are also far more reliable than they’ve ever been. If you’re in the broadcast area, you can use it to watch the Pitt football game stream in your own home. Here’s our buying guide for more information.

That’s not all. With an antenna, you can also hook up an over-the-air DVR that will allow you to record the Panthers game, or any other show, and watch back when you have time. The DVR also has the ability to stream live TV to a connected device, so even if you’re not home, you can use it to watch Pitt football online!

We hope this information helps you make a decision for the best way to watch Pitt football online this season. To learn more about college football and cutting the cord, look here.

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