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Watch Zoo Online: Live Streaming Services & More

The animals are causing an uproar in this thriller based on James Patterson's novel. Our guide has all the best ways for you to watch Zoo online.

Fans of James Patterson’s novels may already know about Zoo. The first season premiered on CBS in the summer of 2015 and it has been renewed for two more since. This season starts on June 29 at 9 p.m. ET and is sure to excite fans. If you’re already on board from last season, or you want to check out a new summer series, you probably want to know how to watch Zoo online without cable. Here are some ideas for you.

The show, starring James Wolk and Billy Burke, is a thriller about what would happen if the animals we keep in captivity revolt. Violent animal attacks begin happening all over the world and Wolk, as zoologist Jackson Oz, needs to determine why. He and his friend Abraham, a safari guide from Kenya, run into other researchers along the way, all trying to figure out the reason behind these coordinated and vicious attacks. And that’s just where this story begins.


Watch Zoo Streaming on CBS All Access

Best Choice
$5.99 - $9.99

CBS All Access is the network’s standalone streaming service, similar to HBO NOW. It costs only $5.99 per month and will give you access to a huge library of CBS hit shows on demand. You may not be able watch the Zoo live stream, but you can watch the show at your own convenience along with your other CBS favorites. New episodes generally appear the day after they air.

However, in 132 markets, which covers about 80% of the country, U.S. subscribers can get live streaming of their local CBS affiliate, which will allow you to watch Zoo streaming live. If you’re in one of these markets, this is huge for fans of CBS programming.

CBS All Access is available on a variety of mobile and streaming devices, so it is convenient to watch at home or on the go. And you can even sign up for a 7-day free trial of CBS All Access and watch Zoo online.


Watch Zoo Live or On Demand with PlayStation Vue Streaming

$44.99 - $79.99
47 - 72

You may have heard of PlayStation Vue, which is Sony’s entry into the streaming services game. While this is a great service for many reasons, there is one drawback to it if you want to watch Zoo on CBS.

Some networks like CBS and ABC are not available as live streams nationwide at this time. It is likely that you will have a live stream of Zoo if you live in a large metro area like Washington DC, Miami, or San Francisco. You can check your ZIP code on the Vue website or grab a free trial to find out if your area qualifies.

On the bright side, if you like the rest of what PlayStation Vue has to offer, you will be able to ‘record’ every episode of Zoo into a DVR library and watch them anytime you want. You just won’t be able to watch them live in your area.

PlayStation Vue offers a wide range of channels for a low starting price of $29.99. Of course you have the option to upgrade to a package with more channels, or even add extras like HBO and Starz for a small additional fee.

The final thing we should mention is that Vue does not currently offer a mobile option. They do have an app, but you will be restricted to watching it within the range of your home network. If you’d like to learn more about PlayStation Vue, check out our review here.


Can You Watch Zoo Online With FuboTV?

Also Great
$44.99 - $49.99
60 - 64

FuboTV is a streaming service that has recently upped its game in order to stay relevant, and that is good news for cord cutters. While it was once known as a sports-only service, Fubo has added a bunch of additional networks to their channel lineup.

The service begins at $35 per month for around 40 channels, which still includes many sports networks. They are proud to feature streaming in HD and a cloud DVR if you happen to miss an episode.

One thing to keep in mind is that Fubo does not offer all local channels live (including CBS) at this time. This may change in the future, so we will keep you updated.

How do you know if you should choose FuboTV? Well, we mostly recommend it if you think you will be watching a good deal of sports in addition to other programs, since that is where the bulk of the price tag comes from.

You can read our review here for the full scoop. Or, if you’d like a free trial now, you can grab that here.


Stream Zoo in Your Home for Free

There is one more solution for cord cutters to be able to watch the Zoo live stream and other content on CBS. Because it is a broadcast channel, it will be available over the air if you’re in the viewing area.

You can use a digital antenna, which are nothing like their rabbit ears counterparts of the past. These small antennas are unobtrusive and reliable. Find out more about the right antenna for your household.

As an added benefit, you can pair it with a digital DVR. This allows you to record over-the-air programming to watch later at your own convenience. It also gives you a chance to stream live content to a connected device even if you’re away from home. This way, you can watch Zoo online free from anywhere. Check out options for DVRs.


Is Zoo on Netflix?

Good news for fans who are behind in the story. You can watch the first season of Zoo streaming on Netflix. We expect that the second season will appear on the site in approximately a year, since that seems to be typical for Netflix programming.


Is Zoo on Hulu?

Hulu does not currently partner with CBS, probably because CBS is maintaining control over their own streaming content with All Access. We do not expect that fans can watch Zoo online with Hulu at any time in the future.


That is everything we know about how to watch Zoo online. What other shows are you worried about missing without cable? Click here to search for your favorites. If you’re on the hunt for a new ISP, you can discover the best deals from Verizon Fios on this page.

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