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Watch Xtreme Waterparks Online: Full Episodes and More

Magnificent waterparks from around the world are featured in this Travel Channel series. Learn how to watch Xtreme Waterparks online.

Travel Channel’s Xtreme Waterparks series takes viewers on a thrill-inducing tour of some of the world’s craziest waterslides. Go for a wild ride with Xtreme Waterparks, premiering Sunday, June 26 at 9 p.m. ET!

Below is a list of places where you can watch the Xtreme Waterparks live stream and watch Xtreme Waterparks online free! These are all ways to watch online without cable.


Watch Xtreme Waterparks Online with Sling TV

Best Choice
$25 - $40
26 - 58

Subscription streaming service Sling TV offers the Travel Channel in its basic package, so you can watch Xtreme Waterparks live stream. The basic package is only $20 a month with no contract, and includes over 20 cable channels, so it’s a cheap way to watch Xtreme Waterparks online while getting access to a ton of other content. Some of the channels included in Sling packages are ESPN, ESPN2, TBS, TNT, AMC, and more. These are all live streamed, and Sling also offers a selection of on-demand episodes. Sign up here to try Sling’s 7-day free trial.

Sling is also offering a special deal if you sign up for 3 months of the service: a free Roku player. These retail on average for $60 and up, so you get 3 months of streaming cable and a Roku player for one low price.

Sling also has an extraordinary deal for T-Mobile customers: you can get 30% off the Best of Live TV base package, so $14 a month instead of $20, all for live cable channels streaming to a device of your choice. The special pricing lasts for a year and comes with no contract. And remember, with T-Mobile, you have access to an awesome feature known as Binge-On. This allows T-Mobile customers to stream Sling TV and similar services without an added data cost. T-Mobile users can sign up here and/or test out the 7-day free trial.


Watch the Xtreme Waterparks Live Stream with PlayStation Vue

$44.99 - $79.99
47 - 72

PlayStation Vue is another subscription streaming service that features incredible options both for watching cable online and to watch Xtreme Waterparks live stream. PlayStation Vue offers the Travel Channel live streaming in its packages, so you can stream Xtreme Waterparks online right as it airs and gaze in amazement at the water-themed masterpieces from around the world. Vue is only available on the PS3 and PS4 gaming consoles, iPad, Amazon Fire TV device, and the Chromecast streaming device.

Vue is available nationwide, but local network channels, such as NBC, ABC, FOX, and CBS, are only available for live streaming in 7 cities right now: Chicago, New York, Dallas, Miami, LA, San Francisco, and Philadelphia. In all other cities, you get those channels on demand the following day. All other cable channels are live streaming nationwide. Vue starts at $29.99 a month, making it an excellent way to gain access to cable channels and to watch Xtreme Waterparks online. Mobile options for Vue are very limited, with most content not available, so this is for at-home streaming. Check out our full Vue review.


Watch Xtreme Waterparks Other Legal Ways

While not as great of a deal as the streaming services mentioned above, here are some other ways to get Xtreme Waterparks streaming and watch Xtreme Waterparks full episodes.

  • Amazon Instant Video: You can watch Xtreme Waterparks online with Amazon Instant the day after new episodes air. They cost $2-$3 per episode, and you get a discounted price if you buy the whole season using a Season Pass. This will automatically load new episodes into your account, so it’s an easy way to watch Xtreme Waterparks full episodes.
  • Vudu: Or, you can watch Xtreme Waterparks streaming on Vudu; episodes cost about the same as Amazon Instant. Vudu offers a discounted Season Pass as well.
  • iTunes: iTunes is the third option and costs about the same per episode. The advantage of any of these three services is that you own the content for life. The disadvantage is that overall it costs more than a subscription streaming service, since you pay about the same price for only one show instead of hundreds of shows.


Is Xtreme Waterparks on Netflix?

Also Great

Netflix hasn’t yet picked up Xtreme Waterparks streaming, but we’ll be sure to update you if that changes!


Is Xtreme Waterparks on Hulu?

Also Great
$39.99 - $43.99

It’s not yet apparent whether Xtreme Waterparks will be available to stream on Hulu, but be sure to continue checking back for further updates.

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