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Watch What Would You Do Online: Live Stream Guide

Watch What Would You Do online without cable using this comprehensive streaming guide and never miss an ABC series again.

The long-running ABC series What Would You Do? is a challenging look at real-life situations. In the show, host John Quinones takes viewers through a variety of scenarios that could quite possibly happen anywhere, anytime. The production company films how average people, unaware that they’re on TV, react to the situation as presented by an actor or team of actors. Sometimes the results are heartbreaking and other times, heartwarming. So, if you want to watch What Would You Do without cable, legally, how can you make that happen? Here are our suggestions how to watch What Would You Do online.


Watch What Would You Do Online with Sling TV

Best Choice
$25 - $40
26 - 58

It is certainly no secret that we’ll recommend Sling TV whenever we can. This cable replacement tool gives you all of the benefits of pay television at a low price with high convenience. Sling TV now offers ABC streaming in select markets. This means that fans can watch the What Would You Do live stream as it airs throughout the country. This is part of the Broadcast Extra package which is only $5 per month on top of the already inexpensive $20 per month subscription for the service. And the best part? You have no contract and can cancel at any time without penalty. The current markets for ABC and the other broadcast networks include Raleigh-Durham in North Carolina, New York, and Chicago. There are more, so learn more about Sling TV using our review to find out if you’re in the area for this service.

And ABC isn’t all you’ll get. There is a huge selection of live programming from popular cable networks including AMC, CNN, and HGTV. It is also extremely convenient. You can stream it on a variety of devices including your computer, your smartphone, and streaming players like Roku. Here are the ways you can try Sling TV today:

For the T-Mobile deal, the pricing is good for up to one year but there is still no contract, so you can cancel anytime. It also works with T-Mobile’s Binge On feature, so you can watch What Would You Do online and other Sling TV programming without affecting your data plan. Or, start with the free trial to watch What Would You Do online free to learn if Sling TV is the best cord-cutting option for you.


Watch What Would You Do Streaming with PlayStation Vue

$44.99 - $79.99
47 - 72

PlayStation Vue, a product of Sony, is a similar service that turns your gaming console into a complete entertainment package. The service was originally launched in seven US markets, but it has recently expanded nationwide. Only viewers in the original markets can watch What Would You Do? streaming live on ABC, but everyone will have access to ABC, NBC, and FOX on-demand the next day. This will allow you to watch What Would You Do? online at your own convenience.

PlayStation Vue has packages starting at only $29.99 per month, and our review does a good job outlining many of the other features for you. It is only available on PS3/PS4, Amazon Fire TV, Chromecast, and iPad. Users do need to be aware of some limitations. PlayStation Vue is tied to your home network, so there are serious mobile restrictions on content. Even with the iOS app, you will be limited on what you can watch away from home.


Watch What Would You Do Full Episodes with a Digital Antenna

Because What Would You Do is aired on an over-the-air broadcast network, there is another option. You can get a digital antenna to work with your television and pick up any networks that are broadcast in your area. These digital antennas are small and reliable if you need to compare some. With a digital antenna, you can watch any of your favorite programs including What Would You Do live streaming right to your TV.

To make this an even sweeter deal, you can pair it with an over-the-air DVR — read our DVR comparisons here. This device allows you to record shows that you receive through the antenna so you can watch them later. They also have a fantastic feature allowing you to live stream these shows on any connected device when you’re away from home. This gives fans an opportunity to watch What Would You Do online free.


Is What Would You Do on Netflix?

Also Great

At this time, What Would You Do is not on Netflix. It is difficult to say whether or not this show, because of its news-related classification, would ever make it to the popular on-demand video service. If it does, it might be in a documentary-style collection rather than the complete series. We’ll continue to watch Netflix (review), and if this changes, we can keep you updated.


Is What Would You Do on Hulu?

Also Great
$39.99 - $43.99

Hulu (review) has a lot of ABC programming, but as of right now, there is no listing to watch What Would You Do online with the service. However, it is possible that as new episodes air, they will be available on this popular subscription streaming product. In the meantime, you can watch other ABC news shows on Hulu.

That is a lot of information about how to watch What Would You Do online without cable. What others shows are can’t-miss television for you? Search here to find your favorites. And, if you’re considering cutting the cord, some ISPs offer deals so find out more here.


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