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Watch Voltron: Legendary Defender Online: Streaming Guide

An '80s favorite is making a comeback. Read this guide to see how you can watch Voltron: Legendary Defender online, cable-free!

Eighties nostalgia is hot right now, and the popular animated series Voltron is the latest program to get an update. On June 10, a brand new season of the new series Voltron: Legendary Defender will be released exclusively on Netflix. The original Voltron was actually made by putting together cuts from two other anime shows, so critics are saying that the reboot looks to be better than the 80s version. If you missed it the first time around, Voltron: Legendary Defender follows five teenagers who are the last line of defense for Earth in an intergalactic battle against an evil alien force. If you want to watch Voltron: Legendary Defender online, here’s a detailed guide of what you can do.

Voltron: Legendary Defender Streaming on Netflix

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Can I Watch Voltron: Legendary Defender Online Free?

You can stream the show for free online, but Netflix is the only legal way to watch Voltron: Legendary Defender online free since it is a Netflix exclusive.


When Does Voltron: Legendary Defender Come Out?

Voltron: Legendary Defender full episodes can be found on Netflix starting June 10, with all new episodes being released at once, so you can binge-watch as you deem necessary!


How Many Episodes of Voltron: Legendary Defender Will There Be?

The first season will have 11 episodes, all available at one time, so you can watch Voltron: Legendary Defender online at your convenience without having to wait around for new episodes.

Like a lot of other shows that have been Netflix exclusives, Voltron: Legendary Defender looks like it’s going to be a great show. Critics say it’s got plenty of throwbacks to the ’80s show but still takes the time to properly tell the story for today’s generation. So even people who weren’t fans of the original will enjoy this one.

With today’s technology, it’s possible to watch just about any show online without cable. We hope our guide was helpful for you to watch Voltron: Legendary Defender online, but if not, leave question in the comments. Check our online TV show search tool to get details on how you can watch all of your favorites. And if you are trying to watch TV online, you’re going to need good Internet service to do it. Find the best deals on Internet service in your area here.

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