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Watch Vinyl Online: Live Stream & On Demand Guide

Want to watch Vinyl online? Enjoy HBO's hit new show from home, without cable. Watch Vinyl full episodes online - we'll show you how!

Fans of Boardwalk Empire and The Sopranos can finally let go of their frustration and angst – Vinyl is on its way to breathe life into our television entertainment. Set in New York in the 1970s era, popular directors and producers Martin Scorsese and Terence Winter have teamed up with legend Mick Jagger to deliver a radical and intimate portrait of the rock’n’roll music business through the hazy eyes of American Century Records label president named Richie Finestra (portrayed by actor Bobby Cannavale). Riddled with drama and destruction, Finestra is on the brink of losing his company and the people around him. Don’t let the downplayed title of the soon to be released series fool you – there will be sex, drugs and of course, rock’n’roll. Want to watch Vinyl online? Learn how below.

With Jagger’s personal experience guiding the music drama and Winter’s as Vinyl’s showrunner and writer, an all-star cast emerges to keep us on the edge of our couches and highly entertained; Olivia Wilde is cast as Finestra’s wife, along with Ray Romano as his closest friend. The show will also feature Mick Jagger’s son James Jagger and other creative talent. Intrigued enough to want to know how to watch the hyped up HBO series online once it premieres February 14th at 9 p.m. EST? Vinyl may be a throwback to the 70s, but its audience has access to the latest technology for cutting the cord and viewing the show online.


Watch Vinyl Online with Sling TV

Best Choice
$25 - $40
26 - 58

Without a doubt, Sling TV is the easiest and best way to watch Vinyl online. Those familiar with the cord cutting world have probably heard whispers about the streaming service Sling TV. But, what exactly is it and how does it stand out from the streaming crowd? Created by Dish Network last year, the service opens the doors to over 20 cable channels as part of its basic package for $20 per month. The package includes channels such as Disney, TBS, CNN, Food Network, HGTV, ESPN, and more.

Although HBO is not included in the $20 monthly deal, it can be added on for only $15 more each month. The extra cost comes with live stream options and another door opened to the entire HBO collection of on-demand movie and series content, like Vinyl. Sling TV is a great way to watch HBO online because it allows you to watch programming live as it comes out, or later on-demand. You can watch Vinyl full episodes both on-demand and live, using Sling.

In addition to a reasonably low price tag, Sling TV continues to be a winner with no contract and no fees. Plus, like other streaming services, subscribers can watch Sling TV at home or on the go on a variety of compatible devices (Xbox One, PC, tablet, smartphone, Roku, etc). Unlike other streaming services, however, T-Mobile customers can save 30% on Sling’s basic TV package — for $14/month for 12 full months, you can watch unlimited Sling TV on your qualifying T-Mobile device. And with Binge On, T-Mobile’s feature that allows unlimited video streaming without counting towards data usage, this deal is just too good to pass up. Try it out free for 7 days.

If you’re also a fan of saving money, you’ll want to take note that they currently have a terrific deal for Roku streaming players for newcomers. If you subscribe to 3 months of the service, Sling TV will give you your choice of a free Roku 2 (retail value $69.99) or half off of a Roku 3. CNET describes the Roku 2 as being just as fast as the upgraded version, so you can breathe easy with choosing both 3 months of Sling TV and a Roku 2 for $10 cheaper than the cost of the streaming player in retail stores. Who doesn’t like saving money and having great entertainment at their fingertips?

For a trial run to see if Sling TV works for your streaming needs, check out their free 7-day trial to watch Vinyl online free for a week, while seeing what else Sling TV has to offer!


HBO NOW Lets You Watch Vinyl Online Anytime


HBO NOW is in the streaming game too, granting access to more than just captivating drama and rock’n’roll thrills. For $14.99 monthly, subscribers can view the entire HBO library on their favorite devices – every series, every season, every episode. Vinyl full episodes will be available for viewing the same day they air live. Vinyl will join other HBO hits like Ballers, Girls and Game of Thrones that are readily available using HBO NOW. While the service does not offer live stream options, content is added for on-demand streaming as soon as it airs live. You can read about the full details of this service in our HBO NOW review. Or, sign up for the service at their official website and start watching Vinyl online today!


Ready to see if Vinyl will bring us addictive stories and characters that keep our attention? Grab your streaming service and hold onto your loveseat, we think it’ll be a good ride. There’s plenty of good TV to be watched online – Check out our guide to learn how you can watch TV shows online.

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