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Watch VH1 Family Therapy Online: Live Stream & More

This spin-off of VH1's hit Couple's Therapy, this series is all about families coping with celebrity fame. Watch VH1 Family Therapy online.

VH1 Family Therapy is a new series about celebrity fame and family. A spinoff of VH1’s hit Couples Therapy, VH1 Family Therapy premieres March 16 at 9 p.m. ET. Below we’ve created a guide for all the ways to watch VH1 Family Therapy online or find a VH1 Family Therapy live stream. We hope you enjoy!

Featuring Dr. Jenn Mann, the show will track five celebrity families and their relationships as they undergo three weeks of intensive therapy. The sizzling show will give them real-world assignments as well as group and individual therapy, to help them decide how best to reconcile, or if they should permanently end relationships.

The families entering therapy include the Lohan exes Dina and Michael, and former Teen Mom Briana Dejesus and her sister, Brittany.

Look out for new episodes of this guaranteed addicting ride!


VH1 Family Therapy Streaming On Hulu

Best Choice
$39.99 - $43.99

The Hulu that you probably already know of and love (it’s one of the most popular streaming services available) carries all hit VH1 shows, including VH1 Family Therapy. New episodes are released on Hulu within a few days of airdate, so this is an easy way to watch VH1 Family Therapy online.

It’s also cheap – Hulu is only $7.99 a month for streaming with limited commercials. Along with VH1 Family Therapy streaming, you get access to an extensive library of hit shows (both old and new) and hit movies, so because Family Therapy is just a tiny part of the package, this is essentially a way to watch VH1 Family Therapy online free!

You can stream Hulu to just about any device you own, so you can watch VH1 Family Therapy online on the go and on whatever screen you prefer. Don’t forget that there’s also an $11.99/month option to watch completely without ads. We have even more details in our full Hulu review.

Want to test Hulu out before committing? We recommend Hulu’s 7-day free trial.


VH1 Family Therapy Live Stream on PlayStation Vue (in Select Cities)

PlayStation Vue is an amazing TV option that replaces your cable package. The service has contracts with almost all the major cable channels, so it is able to offer live streaming of them at a relatively low price. This includes VH1, so unlike Hulu and other options listed in this guide, you can get a VH1 Family Therapy live stream through Vue. Other channels that are live streamed on Vue include Disney, the ESPN family of channels, CNN, TBS, TNT, NBC, CBS, and FOX, and that’s not even all! More than 60 of these channels come with Vue’s basic package, which is $39.99 a month – much cheaper than the average cable package.

You can stream Vue to PS3/PS4, iPad, Amazon Fire TV devices and Chromecast. Keep in mind there is one major downside: for now, PlayStation Vue is only available in seven cities – Chicago, Philadelphia, New York, Miami, San Francisco, and Los Angeles. If you live in one of those areas, Vue is the perfect way to watch VH1 Family Therapy online. There’s no contract – you pay month to month as with Netflix – so you can cancel anytime. With this guide, it’s just one of several different ways to watch VH1 Family Therapy online without needing a TV or cable!

Here’s our complete Vue review where you can find everything else you may need to know.


Other Legal Ways to Watch VH1 Family Therapy Online

There’s also some other destinations that provide VH1 Family Therapy streaming. Unfortunately, these don’t provide a VH1 Family Therapy live stream, and you get access only to this particular show, and not an entire library as you do with a subscription streaming services like Hulu or PlayStation Vue. But they are options to consider.

  • Amazon Instant Video: On Amazon Instant, you can download and stream full episodes of VH1 Family Therapy a day after they air. The episodes don’t expire (you own them), and each episode usually costs $2, or $3 for HD. This lets you watch VH1 Family Therapy online, and if you’re getting episodes from Amazon, the best overall deal is to buy the season pass. The season pass costs less than paying episode-per-episode, and will automatically add new episodes to your account as they’re released.
  • Vudu: Vudu is similar to Amazon in that you can buy episodes one at a time, or a pass for the entire season if you want to get VH1 Family Therapy streaming. Episodes are available a day after airdate, and cost $2-$3 each. Vudu is one option to watch VH1 Family Therapy online. As with Amazon, the season pass is a better value.
  • iTunes: iTunes is another option and one you’re probably already familiar with. To watch VH1 Family Therapy online, purchase episodes as they air; they’re released a day after airing on TV, and also cost about $2-$3 per episode. Keep in mind none of these services offer a VH1 Family Therapy live stream, but they are a way to at least access episodes later.

If you need more details on any of this information about VH1 Family Therapy streaming, just drop us a comment below and we’re more than happy to help! Or, use our new Search Tool which gives you links to all of your options to watch VH1 Family Therapy online (or any other show you’re looking for!).

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