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Watch Thunderbirds Are Go Online: Full Episodes & More

You might remember the Thunderbirds as a pop culture meme. Well, these heroes are getting a modern reboot. Get going, and watch Thunderbirds Are Go online!

It’s time to get your 1960s nostalgia on with the new, updated incarnation of the classic sci-fi, stop motion series Thunderbirds. Thunderbirds Are Go is the new version of the series, which has already aired in the U.K. Finally fans in the U.S. have the opportunity to watch the show as it comes exclusively to Amazon Prime. The reboot is set in the same time period as the original show – which at the time was supposed to be 100 years in the future. In this version, the Tracy Brothers and International Rescue are facing their adventures only 44 years from now. Why not follow along with the Thunderbirds and watch Thunderbirds Are Go online?

The new episodes of Thunderbirds Are Go will be released all at once on April 21 only on Amazon Prime. So, how can you make sure you don’t miss a single episode of this updated series and watch Thunderbirds Are Go online? Let’s get started.


Watch Thunderbirds Are Go Online with Amazon Prime

Best Choice

Because of the exclusive rights, Amazon Prime will be the only place you can watch Thunderbirds Are Go online or anywhere else. This is good news for fans who already have a Prime subscription. If you don’t yet, access to Thunderbirds Are Go full episodes is a great reason to consider the service and all of its benefits.

Amazon Prime (review) is only $99 per year, which covers a lot of ground as far as what you get for your money. Most people like Amazon Prime for the free 2-day shipping on a variety of Prime-eligible items. When ordering online is as easy as a click of a button, and then you receive your items two days later, you’ll quickly see the benefits.

$99 per year is just over $8 per month, and free shipping isn’t the only thing you’ll have access to. On top of that, you’ll have access to a massive catalog of free video, including Thunderbirds Are Go streaming, and tons of other Amazon Originals, including:

On top of that, many network shows will appear on Amazon Prime approximately a year after the airing of each season. For instance, now that Hannibal is no longer in production, you can watch the entire series free on Prime. Orphan Black and Bates Motel recently debuted new seasons on their networks, and the previous season of both are now available on Amazon Prime.

If you don’t mind waiting, this can be one of the best ways to legally watch pay TV shows online free. Prime is even the exclusive home for previous HBO series, including Deadwood and Rome. You can’t access that programming anywhere else unless you have an HBO subscription.

And video isn’t the only streaming catalog you’ll get. There is a huge streaming music library as well so you can listen to your favorite artists for free without being at the mercy of your local radio stations or paying high prices for other online streaming services.


Can you Watch Thunderbirds Are Go Live Stream?

In truth, there is no way for anyone to watch Thunderbirds Are Go live streaming. That is because the show originally aired in the United Kingdom starting in April 2015. Fans in the United States were forced to wait until a service decided to pick up the series.

So while you may not be able to watch a Thunderbirds Are Go live stream, you can binge watch the series when it is released on Amazon Prime.


Is Thunderbirds Are Go Online Free?

There is good news for fans of Thunderbirds Are Go. Technically, while Amazon Prime itself costs $99 for a membership, all of the streaming video content is free for users. This means that you can legally watch Thunderbirds Are Go online free with your subscription.

Click here to learn more about Amazon Prime, get your free 30 day trial, and watch Thunderbirds Are Go online starting April 22.

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