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Watch Thingstarter Online: Streaming Guide

Exclusive to Seeso, you can watch Thingstarter online using your Amazon Prime membership. This guide tells you exactly how to do it.

Internet streaming is the next big thing. We all know it. It is why you are visiting this site, after all. Recently, more and more TV shows are coming out as web-only, which is great news for the cable cutter! One genre that seemed resistant to this change has been reality TV… Until now, that is. The Seeso streaming service from NBC-Universal is about to give us the first taste of what internet reality shows will be like when they start to offer Thingstarter streaming later this month.

Thingstarter is a workplace reality comedy centering around a startup company that develops ridiculous yet plausible contraptions. It then takes these products out into the real world to get feedback from real people and experts. These products include the “iNotRacist” app that awards users for doing “not racist” actions and the “Terra Firma,” a sleepy-time product for Paleo enthusiasts, among other funny ideas. Because it’s on Seeso, you’ll be able to watch Thingstarter online and bring fun and enjoyment for the whole family without needing a cable subscription.


The Many Ways to Watch Thingstarter Online

Seeso will begin streaming Thingstarter full episodes starting on May 19. All six episodes of the series will drop on that date as well. Because Seeso is an online streaming service, you already can watch Thingstarter online free of cable, but you do not have to use the Seeso service to do so. You can easily use your Amazon Prime account to watch Thingstarter full episodes on every device you have.Thingstarter full episodes on every device you have.


Stream Thingstarter with Amazon Prime

Best Choice

While there is no Thingstarter live stream, you can always watch Thingstarter online through your Amazon Prime membership. Amazon Prime Video offers a complete streaming selection of award-winning shows and original content. You can even add Seeso to your Prime account to watch all your exclusive Seeso favorites such as Thingstarter streaming and many others. Seeso only costs $3.99 a month on top of the normal Amazon Prime account, and you can use their monthlong free trial to watch Thingstarter online free and see if Seeso will fill your entertainment needs. Either way, this will simplify your Seeso experience.

In addition to the Seeso Thingstarter live stream, Amazon Prime (review) gives you many other benefits that make it worth the price even if you do not get the Seeso deal. The services offer everything from original shows and movies to HBO classics streamed free to your Prime account. The service is just $99 per year, but you can opt to use either the $8.99 monthly video streaming service or the $10.99 monthly fee for the entire service. Either way, you can get more than just Thingstarter streaming. You also get free 2-day shipping, access to a huge music streaming library, and more. Plus, you get instant access to the vast Amazon Prime Instant Video service. All you have to do to get them is simply sign up for your 30-day free trial.


Stream Thingstarter Straight from Seeso

If you do not have an Amazon Prime account, all is not lost. You can still stream Thingstarter directly through Seeso. Seeso lets you watch Thingstarter online via your Roku player, Amazon Fire TV, and through Amazon Prime as mentioned before. Either way, the service is just $3.99 a month to watch all six Thingstarter episode whenever you’d like.

You can watch the new era of Internet reality series unfold through Seeso and other similar streaming sites. If you need help figuring out how to watch Thingstarter online, our comment section is the best place to ask questions. You can also find other ways to watch more new comedy shows without cable using our search tool. You can then use or ISP search tool to the find the best Internet plans to watch them all.

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