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Watch The Sopranos Online: Full Episode Streaming Guide

Learn how to watch The Sopranos online. Our detailed guide shows how you can watch The Sopranos full episodes without having cable TV! 

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The Sopranos captivated HBO subscribers for an incredible six seasons. Following Tony Soprano in his daily life as the head of a New Jersey-based mafia is an exciting look into the often mystified life of a gangster. Soprano’s story is told through his constant interactions with his therapist, fellow Mafia members, his family, and, of course, the rivals from fellow gangs. The Sopranos won a ton of awards including Emmys and Golden Globes for several categories.

Whether you have seen some, all, or none of The Sopranos you will be happy to hear it is incredibly easy to watch the series online. Now there are several options to watch The Sopranos online and all of them have different additional benefits or features as well. Below is a guide on these options and the features included in all of them so you can decide which one is your best option for watching The Sopranos online.


Amazon Prime – The Easiest Way to Watch The Sopranos Online

Best Choice

Amazon Prime is the easiest and most cost efficient option to watch The Sopranos full episodes online. The entire series is available on Amazon Instant Video, which is accessible with a Prime subscription.

We have a detailed Amazon Prime Instant Video review, but for now, here are some additional details on Amazon Prime:

  • Amazon Instant Video includes tons of hit TV shows from HBO, FOX, and Amazon Studies
  • Popular movies available as well with a rotating lineup of featured hits
  • Access to free two-day shipping on orders through Amazon Prime
  • Ability to stream music free from Amazon’s library
  • Access to the Kindle Lenders’ Library for 1000s of free Kindle books
  • Unlimited photo storage on Amazon cloud Drive
  • Costs only $99 for an annual subscription, averaging out to about $8 per month

Before you launch right into Amazon Prime I highly recommend doing the 30-day free trial. First of all, it is an awesome way to watch The Sopranos online free for an entire month. Also, you’ll be able to get all of the free two-day shipping you would like. You’ll be surprised by how convenient it really is to have the bulk of Amazon’s products just two days away. Plus, you’ll get full access to all of the other great content on Amazon Instant Video free for the month. I did the trial and did not even hesitate to sign up for the annual subscription. Amazon Prime really is one of the best options out there to watch The Sopranos online.


Sling TV Subscription lets you Watch The Sopranos Online

$25 - $40
26 - 58

Sling TV is another great option to watch The Sopranos full episodes online. The streaming service, launched in 2015 by Dish Network, has over 20 cable channels in its starting package for $20 per month. You can live stream channels like TNT, TBS, ESPN, AMC, and A&E just as if you had a cable subscription. Check out our detail review of Sling TV here and below for some highlights.

Beyond the initial channels, you can include HBO in your subscriptions as well. It costs $15 extra per month and gives you full access to HBO’s huge on-demand content. Plus, you can watch HBO’s channels live streaming as they broadcast movies or air new episodes of its hit shows. This means you can watch brand new shows live or older shows like The Sopranos online.

You can actually test Sling TV out right now with a free 7-day trial. You’ll be able to see all of the benefits of Sling TV and watch The Sopranos free online. Sling TV can be watched either on your tablet, computer, phone, or even directly on the big screen with a device like Roku or Chromecast.

Speaking of Roku, Sling TV has a highly recommended limited-time offer. You actually receive a free Roku 2 or 50% off the new Roku 3 if you subscribe to Sling TV for three months. It is kind of a ridiculous deal for the Roku 2, since it retails at $69.99 and is said to be a better value than the Roku 3 by websites like CNET since it is just as fast. If you do the math you can see you basically get $10 off a Roku 2 and then Sling TV as an added bonus with this deal. It is kind of a no brainer and a great way to start watching The Sopranos online.


Stream The Sopranos Full Episodes with HBO NOW

Also Great

HBO NOW is another reliable way to watch The Sopranos full episodes and tons of other HBO content. You can subscribe to HBO NOW even without a cable or Sling TV subscription, since it is a standalone service. There is not access to live HBO programming, but all of the shows are posted to the huge content library right as they premiere. The cost of HBO NOW is $15 per month, with no contract required. The entire series of The Sopranos is available on HBO NOW and can be streamed on a Roku, Chromecast, or on your Apple devices. Read our HBO NOW review for more information.

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