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Republican Debate Live Stream Schedule: Watch Every Debate Online

Looking for a legal way to watch all of the Republican debates online? Check out our Republican debate live stream guide.

UPDATE 9/22/2016: Want to watch the Presidential debates online? Click here for info on a Presidential debate live stream.

The current group of GOP candidates has generated more interest in their debates than has ever been seen in previous elections. Every debate is setting record ratings, and as the field narrows and the competition heats up, each debate becomes more important than the last. Of course, many of the debates are hosted on cable channels, like CNN and FOX News, leaving many to wonder how they can watch a Republican debate live stream. Thankfully, there are good options to watch the Republican debates online.

For all the legal streaming options and a full Republican debate live stream schedule, read on.


Sling TV Lets You Watch Republican Debate Live Stream on CNN Free with a 7-Day Trial

Best Choice
$25 - $40
26 - 58

We all know that cable is a dying form of entertainment, and that most of everything you can watch will be online anyway. Sling TV, a streaming service from Dish Network, makes it all even easier, giving users access to a multitude of channels that you can stream live right to your device, all without cable TV. Channels like CNN (where the March 10, 2016 debate will be aired), ESPN, ESPN2, AMC, and many more are available at your disposal without the contracts a normal cable provider would demand.

This means you can watch the March 10 Republican debate online, and the best part is, it’s essentially free! The service itself is $20 a month, but you can sign up for a free 7-day trial to test out the service. That means you can watch the GOP debate online free with no obligation to keep the service after the trial ends. Click here to read my full Sling TV review. For T-Mobile users, Sling TV’s basic package is available for just $14 per month — that’s 30% savings each month, and you can enjoy that price for one entire year. Keep up to date on the presidential election, and never worry about data overage fees thanks to T-Mobile’s Binge On feature. To learn more about this awesome deal, go here.

You can watch Sling TV on your TV (using a compatible streaming player), phone, tablet, or computer so you don’t miss a second of the debate. Click here to learn more.


Will CNN.com Offers a Republican Debate Live Stream?

CNN will again be streaming the upcoming March 10 Republican debate online. It can be accessed either on their website ore their mobile apps. There is no cable login required to access the live stream, meaning anyone can watch the Republican debate live.

It is worth noting the streams for the previous debates on CNN apps have been reported to have a number of technical issues for users. When I watched it, there were periods where it became very choppy and was certainly minutes behind for most of the event. Overall, it was free, but not a very good experience. Hopefully, CNN can fix its bugs when it live streams the GOP debate online this time around.



PlayStation Vue Offers Another Option to Watch the GOP Debate Online

$44.99 - $79.99
47 - 72

Another streaming service you could use for the debates would be from PlayStation, with their Vue service available to PS3 and PS4, iPad, and Amazon Fire TV users. Vue has CNN and also FOX News, which hosts some Republican debates. While this service is nowhere near as cheap as Sling TV, with a hefty minimum payment of $39.99 a month, it’s an option readily available for anyone located in Chicago, Los Angeles, NYC, Philadelphia, Miami, Dallas, and San Francisco. That’s right, it’s only in select cities at the moment. If you have no other options available, it’s an option you may want to consider.


Upcoming Republican Debate Schedule

Thursday, March 10, 2016

CNN Republican Debate from Miami, Florida (Sling TV, CNN app)

Monday, March 21

Republican Debate from Salt Lake City, Utah (Channel TBA)

Official schedule from GOP.com.


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