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Watch The New Yorker Presents Online: Streaming Guide

Want to watch The New Yorker Presents online? This hit new variety/news show is available without cable. Watch The New Yorker Presents full episodes now!

Imagine a news magazine TV show comprised of cartoons and illustration, fictional shorts, human interest documentaries, poetry, art and opinion pieces – with a digital table of contents armed with time codes thrown in for good measure. A television series like that has never been created before, which is maybe why The New Yorker Presents is such a highly anticipated and innovative concept. Want to watch The New Yorker Presents online?

Not that The New Yorker is new to delivering thought-provoking entertainment right to our homes. The news magazine has been a pioneer in print media since its conception in 1925. The publication is known for its storytelling mindset, gifted cartoonists, and witty commentary. Now, though, the magazine has partnered with Amazon Studios to produce a unique extension of the history; the first season consists of 30-minute episodes that come directly from the magazine’s archives. While the stories have been written and read before, The New Yorker Presents a brand new translation of the archived segments.

Now in a completely different medium, The New Yorker Presents can be watched online. The 10-episode season is a breath of fresh air, adding to the success Amazon original series have been experiencing. Along with a live table of contents and time markers for each segment, full episodes of The New Yorker Presents includes two cartoons; viewers also get a glimpse into the artists’ creative process with videos of them drawing the scenes into existence. Watching The New Yorker Presents online is like seeing the magazine with new eyes – no host needed or wanted, the show is intended for you to feed your curiosity and connect with the stories on your own terms.


Watch The New Yorker Presents Online with Amazon Prime

Best Choice

As an Amazon original series, The New Yorker Presents full episodes can only be streamed with Amazon Prime’s streaming service. The eclectic series is the first news magazine show that Amazon has brought on board and is in great company with its other popular creations. For the reasonable $99 per year cost, subscribers can watch The New Yorker Presents online and every episode of other Amazon originals: from Golden Globe winners Transparent and Mozart in the Jungle to kid favorites Just Add Magic and Tumble Leaf. Read more about Prime Video and the vast on-demand video collection that it boasts. Enjoy thousands of TV shows and movies all available to stream to your best-liked devices.

There’s currently a FREE 30 day trial of Prime that you can use to watch The New Yorker Presents online free!


Prime Has The New Yorker Presents Full Episodes and MUCH More

An average of a little over $8 per month for Amazon Prime comes with more than limitless access to the highly recommendable original shows. Amazon pairs unlimited with most of their options: Prime Music, free 2-day shipping, Kindle lending program, Prime Photos, coupons and more.

You can literally listen to endless hours of music with Prime Music, making your own playlists and customized channels to fit your listening desires. Most of us would rather our songs not be interrupted, so Amazon gets bonus points for providing an ad-free experience. The free 2-day shipping comes in handy for buying what you need and want with the coupons and exclusive deals that Prime members bask in. If that wasn’t enough, Amazon ups the entertainment ante with a book lending program that allows you to borrow bestsellers and read at your leisure and photo storage for every picture you take. And with exclusive access to Amazon’s Original TV series and movies (which are award-winning), you’ll be able to watch shows that you can’t find anywhere else.


Watch The New Yorker Presents Online Free with Prime Trial

Best Choice

Unlike other content featured on Prime Instant Video, The New Yorker Presents full episodes won’t be a binge experience. In keeping with the tradition of the magazine being published weekly, new episodes of the series will be released on Tuesdays. You may not be able to pig out on the captivating show, but a Prime membership will keep you occupied with plenty of other options. You can take advantage of Amazon Prime’s free 30-day trial to watch The New Yorker Presents online for free. Get comfortable, perhaps you’ll stick around to see what The New Yorker Presents next.

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