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Watch The Last Panthers Online: Live Streams and More

This European crime drama is coming to Sundance Channel on April 13 at 10 PM ET. Want to watch The Last Panthers online? Learn how here.

European television dramas are beloved by people from around the world and The Last Panthers is no different. While the series will have its U. S. premiere on April 13 on the Sundance Channel, the European crime drama has drawn in millions of viewers since its debut on the French Canal+ channel in October 2015. Are you interested in learning how to watch The Last Panthers online? The guide below will show you how!

The six-part mini-series tells the tale of the last living member of the notorious Balkan jewel thieves known as the Pink Panthers. It starts off straightforward with the thieves storming an upmarket Marseille jeweler, threatening the staff and customers to get what they want. Their getaway does not go as planned since their loot is so worthless that their buyer does not want it on top of the police looking for them. But, this simple setup quickly gives way to a thrilling action series that takes its audience to unexpected places. In the end, the show reveals the turbulence of European politics through the character interactions as noted by Michael Noble of Den of Geek.


How To Watch The Last Panthers Online

Thomas Smith of NME called The Last Panthers a nail-biting crime thriller that was pulled before its time, mostly because they could not watch The Last Panthers streaming episodes anywhere online. It still managed to gather a loyal following — so much so that the show will feel at home among its American counterparts.

If you are ready to see what these European fans love so much, you can watch The Last Panthers live stream on the Sundance Channel on April 13 at 10 p.m. ET or on one of the fine streaming services below. Both services will let you watch The Last Panthers online free of any cable or satellite subscription.


Sling TV Offers The Last Panthers Live Stream

Best Choice
$25 - $40
26 - 58

The only way to watch The Last Panthers full episodes is to see them live on the Sundance Channel. Fortunately, you can watch Sundance Channel and The Last Panthers streaming live on Sling TV. Sling TV provides live streams of several popular cable networks and several series on demand without needing a cable subscription. While the basic service costs $20 per month, you will have to pay an extra $5 for the Hollywood Extra package to get the Sundance Channel and to watch The Last Panthers online free of contracts and hidden fees. The service is available on every device you have and then some, and you can use their 7-day free trial to see if the service will serve your television watching needs. Want to learn more about Sling TV? Read our full review here.

On top of the free trial, Sling TV is also offering a free Roku 2 streaming device (or a 50% discount on a Roku 3) to new customers who stay with the service for three months. That is a $69.99 value and you just have to pay for three months of service. You even get to keep the Roku even if you later decide to cancel your service. That is like getting the Roku on a $10 discount with free three months of Sling TV!

Sling TV has an even better deal if you use T-Mobile and their Binge On feature. All T-Mobile customers get a 30% discount on the Best of Live TV package for a year with no penalty if you cancel your service early — that’s just $14/month! To get started, why not sign up for the free 7-day trial using your T-Mobile account so you can watch The Last Panthers online free for the entirety of your trial?


Watch The Last Panthers Online with Playstation Vue

$44.99 - $79.99
47 - 72

If you already have a PlayStation Network account, then you need to look into using PlayStation Vue if you want to watch The Last Panthers online on the Sundance Channel. PlayStation Vue also offers live cable network live streams for all of your favorite networks. The service will also let you watch the Sundance Channel and The Last Panthers full episodes live as they air. You will find The Last Panthers streaming on both the Core and Elite packages that you can stream to your PlayStation 3 or 4, iPad, Amazon Fire TV, or Chromecast device. PlayStation Vue starts as low as $29.99 and you get both the live streaming and selected on demand episodes of your favorite shows.

Besides The Last Panthers full episodes, PlayStation Vue also lets you watch all your favorite local broadcast shows. However, you can only watch them live if you live in the Chicago, Philadelphia, New York, Miami, San Francisco, Dallas, and Los Angeles areas. The rest of us have to settle for next-day on-demand versions of the shows.

PlayStation Vue is a good option if you’re looking to watch The Last Panthers streaming live on the Sundance Channel, but it does come with some severe restrictions. Your Vue account is tied to your home, and you can only access all the features while in your home. Even the iOS app comes with strict limitations when you are not using your home WiFi. Still, if you already have a PlayStation, you do not need anything else to watch The Last Panthers online. To learn more about Playstation Vue, head on over to the full Playstation Vue review now.

European thrillers always impressed and with Sling TV or PlayStation Vue, you can watch The Last Panthers online free of cable. You can then use our search tool to find other excellent TV shows you can watch online without cable.

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