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Watch The Good Wife Online: Live Stream, On-Demand Guide

Looking for a legal way to watch The Good Wife online? Click now to read our full guide on all of the best streaming options for The Good Wife episodes.

Update 2/15/17: Want to watch the new Good Wife spinoff series The Good Fight on CBS All Access? Click here for our The Good Fight streaming guide.


With season 7 of The Good Wife premiering on October 4 at 9:00 p.m ET, many fans are left wondering what’s going to come of the firm. Will Canning be able to convince Alicia to join him in destroying the firm? Will she start her own? With Finn returning to his estranged wife, will Alicia find a new love interest? Needless to say, the new season is sure to be intriguing.

As a fan, there’s no way you want to miss a single episode. The good news is there Tare plenty of legal options available to watch The Good Wife online, whenever you need.


CBS All Access Offers Best Way to Watch The Good Wife Online

Best Choice
$5.99 - $9.99

CBS offers their own standalone streaming service called All Access. With this streaming service, you’ll gain access to just about every episode of The Good Wife, including the new ones on demand after they air. Right now, there are 134 past The Good Wife full episodes available on All Access, so that’s a lot of catching up to do! Not just that however, you’ll also get access to any other new show to come out to CBS, all for $5.99 a month. One last thing about CBS All Access — if you’re in any one of the 86 select cities listed on the site, you’ll gain access to live streams of every new episode as it airs on CBS. You can check out my full CBS All Access review here.

The best part of it is that you’ll get a free week’s trial when you join, so there’s no need to worry you’ll be wasting your money.


Watch a Limited Selection of The Good Wife Full Episodes Free at CBS.com

What better way to watch your favorite shows than entirely for free? If you’re looking to watch a few episodes of The Good Wife online, CBS.com offers a limited selection of episodes entirely for free. Unfortunately, the selection of free episodes is thin. They rarely, if ever, have a full season up at a time. Not only that, there’s a delay before new episodes are posted, and the episodes don’t always stay available for every long. But it is a free way to rewatch some old favorites.


Watch The Good Wife Full Episodes Using a Digital Antenna and DVR

Don’t forget that CBS is a free over-the-air network. If you use a digital antenna you’ll be able to pick up all your local channels, including CBS which allows you to watch The Good Wife live. If you need an antenna, we suggest the Mohu Leaf 50. It’s got an effective range of up to 50 miles, which means any local signal within that area will be right at your fingertips.

So now you can watch live television, but what about recording and fast-forwarding? If you want to skip over the commercials and have the episodes available to you at any time, you’ll need an over-the-air DVR. For that, we have to suggest the Tablo. In addition to letting you record shows, the Tablo also allows you to stream recordings and live TV to your devices anywhere you go. It’s another easy way you can watch The Good Wife online.


Watch Any Episode of The Good Wife The Next-Day Services

Video on-demand services like iTunes, Google Play, and Amazon Instant each sell every episode of The Good Wife individually, and at the same time generally offer deals on the entire season as well. So if you want to pre-purchase every episode of season 7, each episode will cost around $2.99 apiece, but if you go with the season pass you’ll be able to get the entire season for $44.99. The good thing about this route is that you own each episode, forever. The drawback is this can become an expensive way to watch TV, especially when compared to the low price of All Access.

Have a question about how to watch The Good Wife online? Comment below and we’ll help.

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