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Watch The Challenge: Final Reckoning Online Live

Reality show and MTV junkies will be glad to know you can watch The Challenge: Final Reckoning online without a cable subscription. Here's how!

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Philo TV was made for the non-sports fan. You get lots of lifestyle channels for a super cheap monthly price.
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Sling TV offers small channel packages so the price you pay is much cheaper. Perfect for budget buyers.
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It’s hard to believe the MTV reality game show, The Challenge, is already in its 32nd season, but The Challenge: Final Reckoning is on the way! The reality series will offer male/female teams who were former reality television stars on The Real World, Spring Break Challenge, Are You the One?, and Battle of the Bloodlines. The show is a spin-off of the Real World/Road Rules Challenge, where participants compete with games of strength and endurance. Keep reading for more information on how to watch The Challenge: Final Reckoning online.

The Challenge: Final Reckoning will return to MTV on July 10th at 9 p.m. ET for the season premier. Cord cutters can choose a few different methods to catch The Challenge: Final Reckoning full episodes online. There are are a number of low-cost options that ensure that you can watch The Challenge: Final Reckoning streaming each week without any trouble. This guide is perfect for fans looking to watch The Challenge: Final Reckoning online if they don’t have cable.


Watch The Challenge: Final Reckoning Live Stream on Philo

Best Choice
$16 - $20
37 - 43

Philo is a live stream subscription service. For $16 a month, you receive as many as 40 channels and an on-demand library of weekly revolving content. You’ll get channels like BET, Food Network, AMC, and MTV, which means you’ll be able to watch The Challenge: Final Reckoning live stream each week. You can watch Philo on Roku, Apple and Android devices along with your laptop.

Your best chance to watch The Challenge: Final Reckoning online free is with the Philo 7-day trial. You’ll get a chance to watch The Challenge: Final Reckoning online, along with plenty of other shows, before you become a paying member.


Watch The Challenge: Final Reckoning Online with Sling TV

Also Great
$25 - $40
26 - 58

Great news, cord cutters! Sling TV recently announced that they will be adding MTV to one of their add-on packages. Since MTV is now included, you can use Sling TV to watch the show online!

So, what is Sling TV? It’s an online streaming service that provides the best way to watch TV online, without needing a cable subscription. It costs just $20 a month, without a contract.

Sling’s basic package offers more than 20 hit channels, including ESPN, CNN, TBS, TNT and many more. All these channels are available to watch live, with select content available on-demand. MTV is available as part of the Comedy Plus Extra package, which is $5 extra a month and adds MTV, MTV2, CMT, Spike, Logo and more. So, you’re looking at a total of $25 a month for 30+ channels!

Sling works on just about any streaming device, including Roku, Chromecast, computers, Apple TV, and more. The addition of Apple TV was recently announced, so you can now watch MTV on Apple TV via Sling TV.

There’s also an exclusive deal right now that will score you a free Roku 2 streaming player when you purchase 3 months of the service. So, whether you want to watch MTV on Apple TV, or on your brand new free Roku, Sling TV will let you do just that!

Try a FREE 7 day trial of Sling TV today!


Other Ways to Watch The Challenge: Final Reckoning Online

If you want to watch The Challenge: Final Reckoning streaming online, but don’t want to use a live stream service, you can buy the episodes. The basics are that you’ll pay a couple of dollars per episode, which can add up quickly if you buy lots of shows. Pick the season pass to save a few dollars if you’re going to use this option. You should also consider the benefit of subscription services over buying, if you watch a lot of shows, as this will save you plenty of money in the long run. Nevertheless, here are the options if you’d prefer to buy The Challenge: Final Reckoning full episodes and own them for life.

  • Amazon Instant Video: Amazon offers one of the better deals with $2 episodes and season passes on all shows. New episodes arrive within 24 hours of cable airtime. You can watch Amazon videos on most devices.
  • Vudu: Vudu has deals similar to those on Amazon. Episodes are in the $2 range or a little more if you want HD. You can save a little money in either case by picking up the season pass. Episodes come in as soon as the next day, and you can watch them on a variety of devices.
  • iTunes & Google Play: Both iTunes and Google Play have episodes for around $3, and they offer season pass options. New episodes arrive by the next day, and you can watch them mainly on computers, tablets, and respective cellular devices.


The Challenge is a great show, now in its 32nd season and likely to continue for many years. Be sure to follow The Challenge on Facebook to stay up to date!

Still confused about where to watch The Challenge: Final Reckoning online? Drop us a comment, and we’ll help you figure things out. TV fans won’t want to pass up our other guides that tell you exactly how to watch your favorite shows online. Need a new Internet service provider? Our ISP search tool offers the hottest deals available for cord cutters!

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