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Watch The Catch Online: Full Episodes, Live Stream

Alice is a forensics accountant whose job is to expose fraud. Too bad she didn't realize her fiance was conning her... You can watch The Catch online.

The Catch is a new crime thriller that follows Alice, a private investigator/forensic accountant, who catches people committing fraud. Unfortunately, she’s not able to notice that her own fiance is conning her. She is determined to find him, but in-between searching she also has to maintain her career, so she doesn’t lose everything else in the process. The Catch stars Mireille Enos, Peter Krause, Rose Rollins, Jacky Ido, and a host of other talented actors. Want to watch The Catch online? Keep reading for more information.

The Catch is the newest series coming to ABC from Shonda Rhimes’ production company Shondaland. Given the success of other Shondaland shows you can assume that The Catch will have a good home on ABC. The Catch premieres on March 9 at 10 p.m. ET.


Get The Catch Online with DIRECTV NOW

Best Choice
$40 - $75
64 - 99

Did you think you needed a dish or a cable subscription for DIRECTV? Well, think again. AT&T’s latest product, DIRECTV NOW is a streaming service that will allow you to get an ABC live stream with just an internet connection. That means you’ll be able to watch The Catch online, with just your internet connection!

One of the biggest perks of this is the portability. You can take your shows with you wherever you go, without mobile restrictions. If you are customer of AT&T cell service, streaming from DIRECTV NOW’s app is free! That’s right, it does not count as data, no matter what device you watch from or where you are.

DIRECTV NOW is still getting started, but here is a breakdown of the service as it stands now. Channel bundles of 60 channels + on-demand start at $35/month. Certain channels may not be available for live streaming at this time, but you will be able to catch up a day later.

DIRECTV NOW should be an easy switch for those who are used to a cable box. The controls are very similar to the grid-guide you are familiar with.

If you are a first time customer, there are frequent promotions that can get you more value for your money.

For instance you could receive a brand new Apple TV or Amazon Fire TV stick in exchange for paying a few months in advance (between one and three months depending on the device). Check their website for the most recent offers.

If you’re ready to watch The Catch right now, you can snag a free trial right now. Or, jump over here to learn more about the DIRECTV NOW packages.


Watch The Catch Live Stream with Sling TV Add-On

$25 - $40
26 - 58

Sling TV is a live stream service that provides more than 20 popular channels, starting at $20 a month. You will get many favorite channels like AMC, TNT, and TBS. In order to watch The Catch live stream on Sling TV, you will need to sign up for the Broadcast Extra package for an additional $5 a month. This will give you access to ABC and other local channels. Currently, anyone in the U.S. can enjoy Sling TV, but to access ABC you need to be in one of the following areas: Houston, Chicago, Fresno, Los Angeles, New York, San Francisco, Philadelphia, or Raleigh.

You can watch Sling TV on nearly any device, so you can watch from virtually anywhere you go. If you sign up today, you can enjoy a 7-day free trial.

After the trial, if you sign up for three months of Sling TV service, you will could get your choice of a free Roku Stick or a deep discount off a premium Roku player.

To learn more about Sling TV, read our full review.


Watch The Catch Live Stream using PlayStation Vue

Also Great
$44.99 - $79.99
47 - 72

PlayStation Vue is a live stream service that also offers limited on-demand programming. Viewers have access to as many as 60 cable channels, including over-the-air networks. Playstation Vue offers channels like A&E, AMC, and TNT as well as ABC, which will allow you to watch The Catch online every week. With no contracts to sign, you just pay $39.99 a month, and can cancel whenever you want.

You can watch PlayStation Vue on a number of devices including PS3 and PS4 gaming consoles, Apple devices, Chromecast, and Amazon Fire TV. Vue is currently available nationwide, however local broadcasts like ABC are not available everywhere yet. You may want to check your ZIP code on their website to find out whether you will be viewing live or on-demand.

If you live in one of the PlayStation Vue areas and want to watch The Catch online free, you should sign up for the Vue 7-day trial. This will allow you to watch The Catch live stream, and try out the Vue service at the same time!

Click here to read our full review of PlayStation Vue.


Watch The Catch Streaming on Hulu

Also Great
$39.99 - $43.99

Hulu is a streaming service that gives you access to thousands of episodes from new television shows, several full seasons of older shows, and a rotating catalog of new and classic films. New episodes generally become available on Hulu within a few weeks of airing on television. The Catch and other ABC shows should be available within 8 days of airtime. You can watch Hulu anywhere on pretty much any device.

One of the most popular parts of Hulu is the competitive price points. If you don’t mind limited commercials, you can enjoy Hulu for just $7.99 a month. If you’re anti-commercials and want nothing to do with them, order the no commercial option and pay just $11.99 a month.

If you’re looking for a good way to watch The Catch online free, you should consider signing up for Hulu’s free 7-day trial once new episodes have been released. This is a great way to not only test out Hulu but to watch The Catch online without having to pay for it.

To learn more about Hulu you can read our full review here.


Still have questions about how to watch The Catch online? If so, just leave them in our comments. If you’re interested in other ways to watch TV online make sure to check out our other guides for the shows you’re interested in. They have all the details you need to know to watch your favorite shows.


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