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Watch The Big Bang Theory Online: Complete Guide

Want to know how you can watch The Big Bang Theory online? Check out the complete guide to legal Big Bang Theory streaming options.

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CBS All Access offers unparalleled access to local CBS stations, plus select movies, nostalgia shows, and exclusive programming.
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PlayStation Vue offers top-notch streaming quality, lots of channels to choose from, and unlimited cloud DVR.
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Hulu with Live TV comes with lots of live channels and includes its entire on-demand library too.
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With a new season of The Big Bang Theory coming to CBS, fans of what’s arguably the most popular comedy series in the world right now are bursting with excitement. The new season brings back all of your favorite characters, and it’s set to answer some of last season’s huge cliffhangers. You won’t want to miss a minute!

The good news is that with so many great legal options for streaming The Big Theory, you have plenty of ways to enjoy each and every episode. With that in mind, here’s a list of places that offer the services you need to watch The Big Bang Theory online, the legal way. Be sure to catch the season premiere of this mega-hit airing on September 24th at 8/7c.

CBS All Access Offers Great Way to Watch The Big Bang Theory Online

Best Choice
$5.99 - $9.99

When you’re looking for the best way to watch the The Big Bang Theory streaming, what better way than right at the source? The CBS All Access streaming service will allow you to watch the episodes in full shortly after they air on a number of connected devices. They also have a number of Big Bang Theory episodes from past seasons available on demand. Not only that, in 80% of cities across the country, All Access offers live streaming, so you may actually be able to watch The Big Bang Theory online right when it airs.

CBS All Access is $5.99 a month, and the quality is incredible (read my review). They also have a completely free one-week trial, a great way to test out the service and catch a brand new episode of the show!


CBS.com Offers Limited Number of The Big Bang Theory Full Episodes Entirely for Free

Another place you might be able to catch Big Bang Theory full episodes online would be CBS’s website. Unfortunately, the selection of free episodes is pretty sparse, new episodes don’t arrive for at least 8 days after they’ve already aired, and episodes don’t always stay available for very long. Regardless of that, you’ll still be able to check out the episodes they do have available entirely for free, making it a viable option for anyone looking to enjoy The Big Bang Theory streaming legally without paying anything at all.


Antenna and DVR Users can Watch and Record the Latest Episodes Directly Over the Air

Don’t forget, The Big Bang Theory comes on CBS, a free over-the-air network. If you have an antenna that gets good reception, you can watch any local and network television shows absolutely free. Our guide to choosing the best TV antenna will help you find the one that’s right for you.

Want to record the episodes so you can enjoy them time and time again? With an over-the-air DVR, like the Tablo, you can pause, rewind and fast-forward through the commercials as well as record your favorite shows, including The Big Bang Theory full episodes. The Tablo also allows you to stream the recordings and live TV to your connected devices, no matter where you are! This is another easy way to watch The Big Bang Theory online.


What about Reruns of The Big Bang Theory?

$25 - $40
26 - 58

With eight seasons of pure hilarity already released, there’s no shortage of The Big Bang Theory for fans to enjoy. Now, old episodes of the show are syndicated on TBS, the popular cable TV network. But here’s the thing, you don’t need cable to watch TBS. With the new streaming service Sling TV, you can live stream TBS and over 20 other popular cable TV channels over the internet for a fraction of the price of cable. Sling TV’s basic package (review here) is just $20 month with no contract, giving you a cheap way to watch The Big Bang Theory streaming on your mobile devices, computer, or TV (using a streaming player).

Click here to get a free 7-day trial of Sling TV.


Other Ways to Watch The Big Bang Theory Online

There are a number of other ways you can enjoy The Big Bang Theory streaming. Some other options include:

  • Amazon Instant–If you’ve never purchased shows from Amazon before, it can be a little pricey at $1.99-and-up an episode, though you can get the HD season pass for $39.99. If you’re going to buy the season 9’s box-set anyways, this is a good option. Just remember that episodes aren’t available until the day after they air, and this can be an expensive way to stream the show.
  • iTunes–Just like with Amazon Instant, if you’re looking to buy the entire latest season, you can find it in iTunes for $39.99 in HD. You’ll have to wait a full day after the episode airs in order to view it, though you’ll own it forever, and they’re $2.99 an episode if you pay for each singularly.
  • Google Play–Like Amazon Instant and iTunes, Google Play also offers The Big Bang Theory full episodes the day after they air for a couple of bucks each. Again, this can get costly over time, especially if there are multiple TV shows you’re trying to follow.

Have any questions on how you can watch the newest season of The Big Bang Theory online? Feel free to comment and leave them down below, and I’ll help you out.

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