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Watch Taboo Online: Live Stream, Full Episodes, Streaming Guide

Tom Hardy's newest show is sure to take FX by storm. If you don't have cable, there are still ways that you can watch Taboo online.

His name is Delaney. Tom Hardy plays a man returning from India to his home in Britain to see what legacy has been left for him by his father. Set amongst the backdrop of Britain in 1814, the island is at war with the Americans. There is a bit of mystery and plenty of drama in this new British series, Taboo.

You can watch Taboo streaming or on FX on January 10 at 10 p.m. ET. If you don’t have cable, don’t worry. There are several ways you can watch Taboo online. In fact, here are all of the ways that you can watch Taboo online without cable.


Watch the Taboo Live Stream on DIRECTV NOW

Best Choice
$40 - $75
64 - 99

DIRECTV NOW is a new streaming service. The nice thing about DIRECTV NOW is that it looks a bit like cable. The guide is very channel-surfing friendly and it has plenty of channels which will be reminiscent of cable. Of course, unlike cable you won’t need a satellite dish, any special equipment, or a contract. You can pay as you go, and the only equipment you’ll need is a mobile or streaming device. With DIRECTV NOW you can watch AMC, Boomerang, Bravo, Comedy Central, History, FX, MTV, Syfy, and TNT. If you want to add on channels, like HBO, you can do that, too. In fact, HBO is available for just $5 a month. You can watch DIRECTV NOW on Apple TV, Amazon Fire TV, and other streaming devices.

You can watch Taboo online free by signing up for the DIRECTV NOW 7-day free trial. If you like it, you can remain a member and get a free streaming device by prepaying for your DIRECTV NOW service. Here’s all you need to know about DIRECTV NOW. Don’t forget to sign up for your free trial!


Watch Taboo Full Episodes on Sling TV

$25 - $40
26 - 58

Sling TV is the oldest and cheapest live streaming service on the market. For just $25 you can get the Sling TV Blue package, which includes FX. You also get AMC, BBC America, DIY, TNT, and USA. In select markets, this package includes FOX and NBC along with the cable channels. You can also add premium channels like HBO or package bundles to round out your overall package. Sling TV works on Chromecast, Roku, Apple TV, mobile devices, and other devices.

Your best bet to watch Taboo online free is to sign up for Sling TV’s free trial. You’ll get a free week! From there you can enjoy member specials that give you the opportunity to gain a free Roku or to get a discount on an Apple TV. If you want to learn more, just check out our full Sling TV review. Otherwise, make sure to sign up for that free trial and enjoy your favorite shows!


Watch the Taboo Live Stream on PlayStation Vue

Also Great
$44.99 - $79.99
47 - 72

PlayStation Vue is a streaming option that includes a huge variety of channels for just $30 a month, depending on the package that you choose. This base package includes channels like AMC, FX, History, ESPN, and Syfy. Local channels are included, too. If you live in San Francisco, Dallas, or five other major cities you get live stream channels. Otherwise, the local content will be in your on-demand library. You can watch Vue on PS3/PS4, Roku, Amazon Fire TV, and Chromecast.

Want to watch Taboo online free? Just sign up for Vue’s 7-day trial. This also gives you a chance to check out the mobile restrictions that will not allow you watch content outside of your home. You can learn more in our full PlayStation Vue review.


Is Taboo on Hulu?

Also Great
$39.99 - $43.99

It’s highly likely that you’ll be able to watch Taboo online with Hulu in the near future. However, there was no announcement that Taboo streaming would be made available in January, when the show is released. So, if you’re hoping to watch Taboo full episodes from the moment they air, you’ll need another streaming service. Here’s our Hulu review with more information.


Is Taboo on Amazon Prime?

Also Great

You won’t be able to watch Taboo full episodes at least until the full season has ended. Unfortunately, Prime (review) only adds full seasons, so you shouldn’t hold your breath waiting to watch Taboo online with Prime because you have a bit of a wait.


Is Taboo on Netflix?

Also Great

Netflix only adds shows by the season. As Taboo is a new show, you wouldn’t be able to watch it on Netflix (review) until the entire first season has finished airing. If you want to watch Taboo full episodes as they air, your best bet will be a live streaming service.

Now you know everything you need to know so you can watch Taboo online. Make sure to check out our other guides if you prefer to watch TV online. Streaming troubles? Maybe it’s your Internet service. Verizon offers top speeds, so if you’re shopping for another service, here’s some Verizon Fios deals to get you started.

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