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How to Watch CBS All Access’s Strange Angel

Strange Angel is CBS All Access’s newest exclusive show, and it’s set to be a doozy. We give you all the details on how to watch it on CBS All Access.

Strange Angel premieres June 14 on CBS All Access



All-Access Plan

CBS All Access is the only way to watch Strange Angel.
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A blue-collar janitor turned brilliant rocket scientist turned notorious occultist—such is the story of John Whiteside Parsons, the subject of CBS All Access’s new original series, Strange Angel.

The show promises plenty of intrigue, historical references, and juicy drama, so there’s a good chance it’ll become the can’t-miss hit of the summer. If you want to brag you were in on Strange Angel before it was cool, it may be time to sign up for CBS All Access.

Strange Angel is a CBS All Access exclusive, but the service offers a lot more than that. It’s also a great way to catch your favorite CBS shows on demand. That way, you don’t have to stress if you miss the latest episode of The Big Bang Theory. Plus, you can watch your local CBS station live—without a cable package.

Here’s everything you need to know about getting CBS All Access.

CBS All Access Packages

Limited CommercialsLive* and on demand$5.99/mo.NoFree Trial
Commercial FreeLive* and on demand$9.99/mo.NoFree Trial
Limited Commercials
Commercial Free
Availability Price Contract
Live* and on demand $5.99/mo. No Free Trial
Live* and on demand $9.99/mo. No Free Trial
*Livestreaming availability varies by area

Watching Strange Angel on CBS All Access

Starting At $5.99/mo
$5.99 - $9.99
Free Trial

Strange Angel is slated for ten episodes. CBS All Access will release the first episode on June 14, with an additional episode every week.

Since CBS All Access is a streaming service, new episodes will be available immediately after they go live. That’s great, since other on-demand shows don’t typically appear on CBS All Access until the day after they air on broadcast TV. We’re big fans of not waiting.


You should also be able to watch Strange Angel without any major glitches since CBS All Access is fairly reliable in terms of streaming quality. And the interface is pretty easy to figure out, which makes for a decent user experience.

Basically, you’re in good hands with CBS All Access.

CBS All Access pricing options

With CBS All Access, your price will differ depending on the plan you pick and how you opt to pay.

You can choose between either the Limited Commercials plan ($5.99 per month) or the Commercial Free option ($9.99 per month).

As their names imply, the only real difference between the packages is whether or not you have to watch commercials during on-demand shows (you don’t get a choice at all with live content).

You can also choose to pay for an entire year of CBS All Access up front instead of monthly, which entitles you to a discount. The Limited Commercials plan costs $59.99 per year, while the Commercial Free plan costs $99.99 per year.

Paying annually does mean a bigger investment up front, which isn’t great for CBS fans on a tight budget or cord-cutters who aren’t sure whether they’ll want CBS All Access for the full year. But if you’re able to swing the $60–$100 fee, it is cheaper in the long run—especially compared to cable.

What else does CBS All Access include?

To start with, CBS All Access is a prime way for cord-cutters to get online access to their local CBS station. That means you can watch current CBS shows like NCIS live without a cable package.

CBS All Access also offers on-demand access to current seasons from the CBS lineup, certain past CBS shows, and even a limited selection of movies from the Paramount library. The on-demand movie offerings change on a regular basis, so you know you’ll never be bored.

Finally, there are CBS All Access’s original shows like Strange Angel. You can also catch Funny or Die’s American-ized version of No Activity and the wildly successful Star Trek: Discovery. And let’s not forget Jordan Peele’s updated version of The Twilight Zone is due to air exclusively on CBS All Access. We don’t know about you, but we’d subscribe just for that.

CBS All Access device compatibility

CBS All Access is available to stream on pretty much all the major streaming devices, including computers, mobile phones, and tablets. It’s also compatible with the Xbox One and Xbox 360, so if you’re a gamer, you’ve got an in there.

Here’s the complete list of compatible devices:

Devices for Streaming CBS All Access

The bottom line: Is it worth it?

Definitely. CBS All Access doesn’t deliver a ton of channels, but if you want access to Strange Angel, are a diehard fan of CBS shows, prefer your local CBS news broadcasts, or want to watch other exclusive shows, CBS All Access is definitely worth its $5.99-per-month price tag

If you want to know more about CBS All Access, be sure to check out our detailed CBS All Access review. We go into detail about streaming quality, interface, on-demand options, and more.

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