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Watch Stitchers Online: Live Stream, Full Episodes, and More

Season Three of Stitchers returns to Freeform on June 5. No cable? No worries—learn how to watch Stitchers online without a cable connection. 

Stitchers is a drama series revolving around Kirsten Clark. Kirsten has special abilities and it got her a job in a special government agency. With the ability to stitch into the minds of recently deceased people, Kirsten is able to investigate murders based on the memories of these people. Kirsten works with a dedicated team with the hopes that her stitching into the minds of the dead will help them solve as many murders as possible. Want more information on how to watch Stitchers online? Keep reading for more information.

Stitchers will return to Freeform, formerly ABC Family, for a new season on June 5 at 9 p.m. ET. If you don’t have cable and want to watch Stitchers online, this guide will offer all you need to know in order to do that. You can take your pick between live streaming, on-demand, or a la carte options to determine the best way to watch Stitchers online.


Watch Stitchers Online with DIRECTV NOW

Best Choice
$40 - $75
64 - 99

DIRECTV NOW is a fairly new streaming service that–despite what you might think because of the name–does not require a satellite whatsoever. With this service, you can get Stitchers streaming and more starting at $35 per month. For that price, you’ll get more than 60 channels, which makes the price worth it even though it’s a tad more expensive than Sling or Vue. As of the time we are writing this, DIRECTV NOW offers over 120 channels across all of its packages, and we’re sure they’ll continue adding more packages and features as they become more settled in the streaming market. We list all the DIRECTV NOW packages and channels in our review if you’re interested in learning more!

We definitely recommend using the free 7-day trial to see if you like this service. Plus, you’ll be able to use it to watch Stitchers online free if you time it right! DIRECTV NOW is a great choice if you are dipping your toes in the cord-cutting world because its streaming guide looks a lot like the cable grids you might be used to. It’s a very comfortable transition, and with all the channels available, you won’t be missing cable at all.

The last perk about this service is the fact that it is mobile-friendly. PS Vue comes with mobile restrictions, but DIRECTV NOW is primed for on-the-go streaming. Try it for free for a week!


Watch the Stitchers Live Stream on Sling TV

$25 - $40
26 - 58

Sling TV is a live stream service that gives subscribers access to 20 popular cable channels plus a limited on-demand library of new shows. In addition to Freeform, which will allow you to watch Stitchers online, Sling TV also gives you access to TBS, Comedy Central, and AMC. The basic Sling TV pack only costs $20 a month, and you can cancel anytime. You can even add-on shows like HBO for an additional monthly fee. You can even watch Sling TV with any device, so you can watch it from home or from anywhere.

If you’re new to Sling TV, you can sign up for their free 7-day trial, which we recommend using to watch Stitchers online free if you can. Then, if you decide to buy a subscription, check this link first for any special promotions Sling might be running. They’ve known to offer things like free streaming players when you buy a certain period of service, so it definitely can’t hurt to check for an amazing deal when you sign up!

If you need more convincing, check out our full review of Sling TV here. If you want to enjoy Stitchers online free, your best bet would be to sign up for Sling TV’s free 7-day trial right before the new season begins. This gives you a chance to check out the service and watch at least one Stitchers episode for free before your paid subscription begins.


Watch the Stitchers Live Stream on Playstation Vue

Also Great
$44.99 - $79.99
47 - 72

Playstation Vue is a live stream service that is Sony’s answer to live streaming. Subscribers receive 60 cable and local channels starting at just $29.99 a month. If you’re strictly comparing prices, you’ll notice that Sling is cheaper than Vue, but Vue is worth the price if you want a bigger channel variety. We generally recommend Vue for those who have to please the whole family and need more channels to choose from.

Playstation Vue recently launched their nationwide service, referred to as slim. Slim offers access to the channels mentioned above, except it currently doesn’t offer live access to ABC, Fox, or NBC, though you can watch the on-demand version which adds shows 24 hours after they air. In order to view those three local networks live, you need to reside in one of the following areas: Dallas, Chicago, New York, Philadelphia, Los Angeles, San Francisco, or Miami.

Fortunately, Freeform is a channel available for live stream to users nationwide, so you can watch the Stitchers live stream right as it airs.If you are worried about missing a live event, the good news is you can record it on Vue’s cloud DVR. You can save your recorded shows for up to 28 days, and the feature comes free, no matter what device you’re using. You don’t need to have a PlayStation to use Vue; you can watch programming on Apple iPhone/iPad, Amazon Fire TV, Chromecast, or the PS3 or PS4 gaming consoles.

To learn more about Playstation Vue, make sure to read our full review. And don’t forget to watch Stitchers online free with the free 5-day trial!


Watch Stitchers Online with Hulu


Also Great
$39.99 - $43.99

Hulu is one of the best streaming services around today thanks to the large amount of streaming content and competitive prices. Hulu gives you access to new TV episodes anywhere from one to eight days after they air on television, full seasons of older shows, and a selection of movies that changes monthly. If you don’t mind a few commercials you can enjoy all that Hulu has to offer for just $7.99. If you don’t want commercials, you can pay $11.99 per month. There are no contracts to sign, and you can cancel any time. You also have the ability to watch Hulu on most devices. Learn more about Hulu and see if it’s the right streaming service for you by checking out our review.

If you’re not a member of Hulu, you can sign up for a free 7-day trial. This will allow you to watch Stitchers online free for at least a few episodes while also giving you the chance to test out Hulu as a whole.


Is Stitchers on Amazon Prime?

Amazon Prime has added the past two seasons to their offerings, so we suspect that the third season of Stitchers will be available at some point after it airs on Freeform. Click here to use the free 30-day Amazon Prime trial if you’re interested in streaming Stitchers when it’s available on Prime! You can also check out our Amazon Prime review if you have questions about the service.


Is Stitchers on Netflix?

No, despite many fans hoping for it to hit Netflix, at this time, Stitchers is not available on Netflix.


Other Ways to Watch Stitchers Streaming Online

If you don’t belong to a streaming service and don’t want to, there is the option of a la carte purchasing. This can cost more than a standard subscription service, but you can save some money if you decide to purchase the season pass.

  • Amazon Instant Video: Amazon Instant Video offers competitive prices, and you get new episodes usually within 24 hours of them airing on television. New episodes cost close to $2 and season passes make the individual episode price even cheaper.
  • Vudu: Vudu is pretty similar to Amazon. The prices are the same for individual episodes and vary only slightly for season pass costs. Episodes arrive in your video library on the same schedule as other services.
  • iTunes: The difference between iTunes and these other services is that new episodes can cost as much as $1 more. Season passes are also available, but because the single episode costs more, the season passes are still often higher than they would be on other services. New episodes arrive on the same schedule.

Still have questions about how to watch Stitchers online? Let us know in the comments. Otherwise, make sure to visit our other guides for information that will help you watch TV online.

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