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Watch Separation Anxiety Online: Full Episodes, Live Stream

Couples test their relationships in this Q&A game-show with a twist. Want to know how to watch Separation Anxiety online?

Separation Anxiety is a reality based game show that is played by people in relationships. The game is tricky, as a twist is involved that won’t be revealed until the couples have actually started played the game. Comedian Iliza Shlesinger takes the part of the host. Want to watch Separation Anxiety online? Keep reading to find out how.

Separation Anxiety is a brand new game show that is coming to TBS. You can catch Separation Anxiety full episodes on Tuesdays at 10 p.m. ET. Despite the fact that TBS is a cable network, there are still plenty of ways to watch Separation Anxiety online without a cable connection.


Watch the Separation Anxiety Live Stream on Sling TV

Best Choice
$25 - $40
26 - 58

Sling TV is a live stream service that gives you access to over 20 popular channels and an on-demand library of revolving content for just $20 a month. There are no contracts with Sling TV and you can cancel at any time. Sling TV offers a lot of great channels including A&E, AMC, and TBS, which will allow you to watch Separation Anxiety online. You can watch Sling TV on most devices so you shouldn’t have a problem watching any of the programming from wherever you want.

If you’re new to Sling TV (review) you can sign up for a free 7-day trial. After your trial had ended, if you sign up for three months of Sling TV you have your choice of a free Roku 2 or half-off a Roku 3 streaming media player. That means for just $60 you can get a free Roku 2 and three months of Sling TV. It doesn’t get much better than that!

Don’t forget to sign up for the free Sling TV trial for your chance to watch Separation Anxiety online free. There won’t be many ways to do that, but you’ll get a chance to watch it at least once for free during the trial while determining if Sling TV is a service that’s right for you.


Watch the Separation Anxiety Live Stream on PlayStation Vue

PlayStation Vue is a live streaming service. For $29.99 a month you receive up to 60 popular channels and an on-demand library of revolving content. You have access to TBS, TNT, Syfy, and a host of other great channels. If you live in San Francisco, Los Angeles, New York, Philadelphia, Dallas, Miami, or Chicago you have access to local channels in a live stream. If you aren’t in one of those areas, you still have access to all of the content the next day in the on demand library. You can access PlayStation Vue (review) on the iPad, Chromecast, PS3 or PS4 gaming systems, or Amazon Fire TV. However, you should also note that Vue requires you to be on your home network to watch, with limited on-the-go options for their mobile apps. This may be changing in the future, so stick around for more info.

If you want to watch Separation Anxiety online free, the week-long Playstation Vue trial will be a great way to do that. You’ll get to watch an episode and plenty others on different networks before becoming a paying member. It’s not a bad deal.


Other Great Ways to Watch Separation Anxiety Online

If you’re worried that subscription services might not be your thing, you can still watch Separation Anxiety full episodes online without signing up to a monthly service. Though those services tend to be a better deal, as you receive loads of content at a discounted price, you can also opt to buy episodes outright and just own the ones you want. This method can become costly though. It is recommend that, to keep costs down, you consider buying the season pass, which gives you each episode in a season at a discounted rate.

  • Amazon Instant Video: Amazon offers new episodes for $2 individually, and the option of a season pass, which lowers the overall cost of the episodes. With the season pass, new episodes are delivered into the video library as soon as a day after the episode airs on TV.
  • Vudu: Vudu also offers new episodes for $2 with the option of a season pass. Episodes also arrive as soon as a day after they’ve been on television.
  • iTunes: iTunes delivers new episodes on the same schedule as the services above, but new episodes cost more. Single episodes are nearly $3 apiece unless you choose a season pass, which makes the overall price slightly less expensive.

Now you know how to watch live streaming and full episodes of this fun new game show. Still have questions about how to watch Separation Anxiety online? Just leave us a comment! Otherwise, make sure to visit our other guides for the best tips and tricks to help you watch TV online.

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