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Watch Scorpion Online: Legal Live Stream & On-Demand Guide

Ready to watch Scorpion online? Click now to find out how you can watch Scorpion full episodes online legally on all your connected devices.

The CBS hit series Scorpion is about a team of young, brilliant people who serve as a think tank for the Department of Homeland Security. Tasked with keeping the nation safe from cyber threats and cyber warfare, these brilliant yet socially awkward individuals contribute their quarky attributes to a wonderfully entertaining show. If you’re wondering how to watch Scorpion online, we’ll show you how below!

Good news. There are some simple, affordable, and legal ways you can watch Scorpion live stream and not miss a single episode. This is ideal for those who can’t get good antenna reception in their area to watch Scorpion over the air or who are unable to catch the episodes live when they air.


Watch Scorpion Online with CBS All Access

Best Choice
$5.99 - $9.99

In order to keep up with the latest episodes of Scorpion, especially after the premiere, there’s no better place than right at the source. CBS offers their own streaming service CBS All Access, which will allow you to watch full Scorpion episodes online immediately after they air. For 86 selected locations, they’ve taken it a step farther and made it available to live stream, so you could actually watch Scorpion live stream as it airs if you live in one of those areas.

CBS All Access has a free week trial, which is a great way to test out the service, catch up on past Scorpion episodes, and browse through CBS’ huge on-demand library. Other than that, All Access (review) is offered at $5.99 a month, a pretty fair price when compared to other streaming services. There’s also a completely commercial-free plan for just a few bucks more, at $9.99 a month.

Click here to get your free 7-day trial.


Digital Antenna and DVR Make Watching Scorpion Easy

With an antenna you should be able to get CBS for free on your TV, provided you live in an area with decent reception. Check our guide to purchasing an antenna for more info. This will let you watch Scorpion full episodes live as they air on TV. Then with an over-the-air DVR added into the mix, you can record every episode and watch them whenever you’d like. For a lot of folks, an antenna is the best way to watch Scorpion live stream.


Is Scorpion on Hulu?

Unfortunately, Scorpio is not currently offered on the Hulu online streaming library. A ton of great shows are, though – check out some of the selection in our Hulu review.


Is Scorpion on Netflix?

Netflix does not currently offer Scorpion full episodes. There’s always a possibility that they may add the show in the future, although it’s unlikely as they don’t carry many CBS shows.


Is Scorpion on Amazon Prime?

Unfortunately, Amazon Prime Instant Video does not currently offer Scorpion streaming to subscribers. Even so, Amazon Prime presents tremendous value, so it’s worth considering regardless.


Other Options to Watch Scorpion Online

There’s a few other legal services worth mentioning for those who want to watch Scorpion streaming, such as iTunes, Amazon Instant, and Google Play.

Each of these next-day, on-demand video services will allow you to digitally download single episodes for anywhere from $1.99-$3.99 each, and each will usually offer season pass deals, such as Amazon’s $34.99 deal, that will end up cheaper than buying each episode singularly. For any Scorpion fan, buying these season passes will allow you to watch each episode usually the day after they air, anywhere you have a computer, mobile device, or streaming player. The drawback is that this becomes an expensive way to watch TV if you follow different TV shows.



Still have questions about how to watch Scorpion streaming? Let me know and I’ll help.

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