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Watch Rush Hour Online: Live Stream, Full Episodes, More

Looking for a legal way to watch Rush Hour online, the new CBS hit show? Check out our guide to enjoying Rush Hour full episodes without cable TV!

CBS is bringing Rush Hour to the small screen in an adaptation of the hit film series starring Jackie Chan and Eddie Murphy. The highly-anticipated series premieres Thursday, March 31 at 10 p.m. ET on CBS, and pairs a maverick LAPD detective with a straight-laced detective from Hong Kong. Detective Lee (Jon Foo) is a martial arts master who goes to L.A. to find the truth behind his sister’s death and avenge her. Detective Carter (Justin Hires) is a smart-mouthed loose cannon who happens to also be a brilliant detective. When they’re paired as partners, comedy and drama ensues!

If you want to watch Rush Hour full episodes for free, there are many legal ways to watch Rush Hour online. With this guide, we’ll outline a few of the best legal sources to watch Rush Hour live stream or on demand.


Watch Rush Hour Online on CBS All Access

Best Choice
$5.99 - $9.99

CBS All Access, a standalone streaming service from the CBS network, gives you both live and on demand options to watch Rush Hour online. In 126 markets across the U.S., subscribers can watch live streaming of their local CBS channel. This allows you to watch Rush Hour live, as well as other favorite CBS shows as they air. Past episodes are available on the site after the air date, and you also get access to a huge on-demand library of CBS hits and classic shows. All Access costs $5.99 a month and is available on a variety of mobile and streaming devices. Read our full CBS All Access review for more information.

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Watch Some Rush Hour Full Episodes for Free on CBS.com

A few episodes of Rush Hour are free to watch online. CBS.com features a small selection of rotating episodes of its shows on the official website. Look for Rush Hour episodes to show up there as you look at the options to watch Rush Hour online for free. This isn’t the best option, because the site will feature only a few episodes at a time, and the episodes may not be released on a reliable schedule. Episodes often aren’t added until at least a week after they’ve aired.


Record Rush Hour On Your Devices — No Need for Cable, Just a Digital Antenna and DVR!

21st-century digital TV options are amazing. Not everyone needs to pay for cable — if you get good antenna reception, you can stream over-the-air networks like CBS directly to your television for free. Then, you can watch all the major network shows, including Rush Hour full episodes, at no cost. We like the Mohu Leaf 50 that picks up any local television signal in a 50-mile radius.

An even better option, that gives you incredible access and control over your viewing experience, is pairing an antenna with an over-the-air DVR. The ability to use DVRs to record TV shows as they air and then fast-forward through the commercials as you watch them later gives a huge boost of viewing enjoyment. Now, over-the-air DVRs allow you to record TV shows as they air and stream them later — no need for cable.

There are quite a few over-the-air DVRs available on the market, each with its own strengths. We suggest the Tablo, which eliminates the need for for both cable and a TV, as long as you have other devices available for streaming. The Tablo offers all the conventional DVR features (recording live TV, pause/fast forward/rewind, etc.), but also lets you stream recordings and live TV straight to your devices wherever you go. It’s another great way to watch Rush Hour online free.


Watch Rush Hour Online Anytime with These Other Legal Services

There are other options for those who want to watch Rush Hour full episodes online. The following next-day on-demand services can help:

  • Amazon Instant Video: You can purchase Rush Hour episodes the day after they air on Amazon Instant Video. Or, wait until the entire season has aired to purchase a season pass. It typically costs $2-$3 per episode. The season pass costs less than buying all the individual episodes one by one, but you’ll still be spending more than you would with All Access.
  • Vudu. Vudu, like Amazon Video, is a streaming service that offers rental and purchase options. Episodes are released on the site a day after they air, and cost $2-$3 per episode. Season passes are also available.
  • iTunes. iTunes has the option to rent or buy episodes, but like Amazon and Vudu, you’ll need to wait until the day after to get access to an episode. The cost is usually $2.99 per episode.

Have any questions about the best ways to watch Rush Hour online without cable? Just let us know by commenting and we’ll help you out. You can also check out our new TV shows Search Tool that provides information about all of the best ways to watch your favorite shows without cable!

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