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Here's How You Can Watch Public Morals Online Without Cable

Eager to watch the new hit series Public Morals online? Click now to learn how you can legally watch Public Morals online even if you don't have cable.

Public Morals, a period cop drama from TNT, has all of the signs of a hit TV show in the making. Cool 1960s wardrobe? Check. Dirty cops and even dirtier criminals? Got it. A great director and cast? Check that box, too. And if you believe the early reviews, Public Morals offers a whole lot more to make it the season’s standout new show.

If you’re as excited as I am to watch Public Morals, you’ll be glad to hear that you can catch TNT’s new show even if you don’t have cable. Thanks to some new streaming services, there are some easy, legal ways you can watch Public Morals online without the expensive cable bundle.


Sling TV Offers an Easy Way to Watch Public Morals Online Live

Best Choice
$25 - $40
26 - 58

The easiest way to watch Public Morals live streaming without cable is with Sling TV (full review here). The groundbreaking streaming service offers subscribers access to an excellent selection of top pay TV channels, including TNT, over the internet — all at a fraction of the price of cable and with no contract to sign. With Sling TV, you can watch Public Morals on TNT on your TV, phone, tablet, or computer right as it airs. (note: While most channels on Sling TV offer on-demand libraries, TNT shows aren’t currently available on demand. You’ll need to watch the episodes whenever they air live.)

At $20 a month, Sling TV’s “Best of Live TV” package offers over 20 of pay TV’s most popular channels, including ESPN, ESPN2, Food Network, HGTV, AMC, TBS, and of course, TNT. You pay month-to-month just like you do with Netflix and other streaming services.

Sling TV also offers a free 7-day trial for those who want to test out the service. This is a great way to catch an episode of Public Morals and to try everything Sling has to offer for a full week before signing up. Click here to get a free 7-day trial.

Of course, a 7-day trial isn’t enough for to to track the entire 10-episode season of Public Morals. With that in mind, Sling TV does have a limited-time deal that’s worth a look. When you sign up for 3 months of service, you can get a free Roku Streaming Stick or take 50% off a Roku 3. Either of these streaming players is great for watching Sling TV (and other streaming services) on your television. Click here to learn more about this special offer.


Do Other Streaming Services Let You Watch Public Morals Online?

Sony’s new streaming service PlayStation Vue offers TNT streaming, providing another way to watch Public Morals episodes live as they air. While Vue is a legal way to watch TNT live on your PS3 or PS4, it does come with some notable drawbacks. Like Sling TV, Vue lets subscribers stream popular pay TV channels. However, starting at $49.99 a month, Vue is much more expensive. Another issue is that Vue is currently only available in a small handful of cities — Chicago, Los Angeles, New York City, Philadelphia, Dallas, Miami, and San Francisco.

Additionally, you can purchase the show the day after it airs on all leading digital platforms, including Amazon Instant Video, iTunes, and Google Play. You can expect to pay $1.99 and up per episode, or you can buy a Season Pass and get the entire season at a slightly discounted rate. These are good options if you don’t mind waiting a day or so to watch Public Morals online, but they can also get expensive if you’re someone who plans on following more than one TV show.


Watch All the TV You Want without Cable

Whether you want to keep up with the hottest TV shows, latest movies, live sports, news, or anything else, there are so many great legal streaming options that you no longer need cable. Want to say goodbye to your cable bill once and for all? Click here for the complete guide to cutting the cord today!

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