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Watch Person of Interest Online: Live Stream, Full Episodes, More

Looking for a way to watch Person of Interest online without cable? Check out our full guide to watching Person of Interest full episodes and free episodes.

Person of Interest is the fastest-growing crime drama on broadcast television that in over 10 million viewers for each award-winning episode. The show’s fifth, and possibly final, season will premiere Spring 2016. The show has captured the interests of fans and critics alike with its standalone sci-fi mystery stories that string together perfectly into a single serial narrative. Matt Roush of TV Guide remarked that the show’s “mix of brainy sci-fi conspiracy and outrageous carnage is as intoxicating and entertaining as ever.”

While Person of Interest airs on CBS, it runs on Thursday nights which may conflict with other shows of interest. You may also have other reasons that prevent your watch watching as well. Fortunately, you can legally watch Person of Interest online live stream and on demand. Many of these methods do not require a cable or satellite subscription either. Check them out below so you don’t have to miss a single moment with Season 5 hits the airways.


CBS All Access Lets You Watch Person of Interest Online Free for a Week

Best Choice
$5.99 - $9.99

CBS was one of the first major networks to jump into online streaming, and, while their service is still growing, CBS All Access is the only place where you can watch your favorite CBS shows online directly from CBS.

CBS All Access comes with a number of features for just $5.99 a month. You can watch every current episode in the CBS library on demand as well as past episodes from a huge selection of current and classic CBS shows. The service also offers a Person of Interest live stream to U.S. subscribers in 126 markets that currently have that feature. CBS is constantly expanding the live TV service to new markets all the time, but this is the only downside of the service if you do not live in a major city. Check out our CBS All Access review for more info about the service.

If you plan on watching all Person of Interest full episodes and exclusive clips of Season 5 online, CBS All access has a watch Person of Interest online free 7-day trial for new subscribers, and you can watch All Access on several mobile and streaming services such as Roku, Apple TV, and Fire TV.


Netflix is Another Great Place to Watch Person of Interest Online


Netflix is the most popular streaming service in the U. S. Available on just about every platform. Netflix offers one of the largest on-demand video libraries on the market. You just pay a monthly fee to access streaming TV shows and movies, including several Netflix originals. The service has every episode from the first four seasons of Person of Interest, making it a great choice for anyone that wants to catch up on old episodes before the new ones start. While you may have to wait until Season 5 ends before it pops up on the service, the three subscription tiers make Netflix a good solution to anyone that want to watch Person of Interest online.


Other Legal Ways to Watch Person of Interest Full Episodes

  • Amazon Instant Video: Amazon Instant Video lets you watch Person of Interest full episodes online a day after CBS airs the new episodes. For just $2 per episode, you can enjoy Person of Interest full episodes online whoever you want. You can even go with a Season Pass to get all so Season 5 the moment the episodes come available.
  • Vudu: Similar to Amazon Instant Video, Vudu is another way you can watch Person of Interest full episodes online. They even offer season passes as well.
  • iTunes and Google Play: You can even watch Person of Interest online through your mobile device. You will pay more for the privilege, but this is a great way to watch Person of Interest when you are on the go.

We are still months away from the premiere of Person of Interest Season 5. So, now it is the time to go back and watch all the previous Person of Interest full episodes online. You can also use our search tool to discover other shows and watch TV online.

You can leave any questions you have about watching Person of Interest episodes online in the comments below.

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