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Watch Parks and Recreation Online: Full Episodes and More

This NBC comedy follows small town employees as they aim to make their town better. Learn how to watch Parks and Recreation online here.

Parks and Recreation is a classic comedy that ran for seven seasons on NBC. A widely beloved cult favorite, it stars a host of funny and familiar faces, from Amy Poehler as iron-willed, idealistic Leslie Knope to Chris Pratt as the bumbling Andy Dwyer, Aubrey Plaza as dryly acerbic April Ludgate, Nick Offerman as the iconic Ron Swanson, and Adam Scott as Leslie’s love interest Ben Wyatt. A group of very different, well-intentioned employees of the parks department of small town Pawnee fight to save their department, protect the town and environment, and handle their own love lives and careers.

We’ve put together a guide to help you watch Parks and Recreation online! This is one of the most enjoyable shows out there to re-watch, or to watch with friends and get them hooked too – play it while you’re cooking, working out, any time, to laugh and be charmed all over again.


Watch Parks and Recreation Online on Hulu – All Seasons

Best Choice
$39.99 - $43.99

Hulu has the entire Parks and Recreation series, so it’s the best way to watch Parks and Recreation online. Hulu has content from FOX, ABC, NBC, Comedy Central, MTV, History, A&E, AMC, Bravo, and more – almost any network you can name. Because of this extensive access to current and past TV shows, Hulu is one of the most popular subscription streaming services out there right now.

With Hulu, you can stream Parks and Recreation full episodes to almost any device (TV, phones, tablets, gaming consoles, and more). For the low monthly fee of $7.99 you can watch with limited commercials, or for $11.99 a month with zero ads. Check out our complete review of Hulu if you’re deciding whether to use it to watch Parks and Recreation streaming, but also note that Hulu has a 7-day free trial which is a fantastic way to test the service out and a great way to watch Parks and Recreation online free for the duration of your trial.


Watch Parks and Recreation on Netflix


You can watch all seven seasons of Parks and Recreation on Netflix. Netflix is the most popular streaming service in the U.S., so if you’ve never joined or considered it, what are you waiting for? Netflix has a gigantic library of movies and TV shows, which you can access through any of three different subscription levels, your choice. The lowest is only $7.99 a month – about what you’d pay to buy two episodes of Parks and Recreation from iTunes. The standard level is $9.99 and premium is $11.99.

Because of the low cost and access to all seasons at once, Netflix is the perfect way to watch Parks and Recreation online – just queue it up and let it run as long as you want. You can also stream Netflix to almost all devices, so you can watch Parks and Recreation on your TV, phone, or other devices, and share the Pawnee joy with friends and family.


Other Legal Ways to Watch Parks and Recreation Online

Subscription streaming services like Hulu and Netflix are any consumer’s best bet as far as value, because you get access to hundreds of full seasons of shows for about the same price as you pay elsewhere to buy or stream just one show. Sometimes, the monthly services don’t fit your needs however, so below are some other legal ways to watch Parks and Recreation online.

  • Amazon Instant Video: You can watch Parks and Recreation full episodes with Amazon Instant, either full seasons or single episodes. You pay about $2-$3 per episode, but we recommend the discounted Season Pass, which is less than you’d pay per episode if buying them one by one.
  • Vudu: While also not a way to watch Parks and Recreation online free, Vudu does provide Parks and Recreation streaming for a low per-episode fee. It’s about the same as Amazon, $2-$3 per episode, and a discounted season pass is available as well.
  • iTunes: Don’t forget iTunes, which has episodes of most TV shows, including Parks and Recreation full episodes. You can rent episodes here for similar prices to Amazon and Vudu.

If you need any more information about how to watch Parks and Recreation online, we’re happy to help. Just drop a comment below and we’ll answer any questions you have. You can also use our new search tool to pull up a complete list of destinations to watch Parks and Recreation online free or any other TV show you want to watch.

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