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Watch Outlander Online: Full Live Streaming Guide

Starz' hit time-travel romance Outlander is back! If you want to watch Outlander online but don't have a cable subscription, this guide will show you how.

Outlander is a historical time travel drama that stars Caitriona Balfe as Claire Randall, a WWII nurse who is mysteriously transported to 1740s Scotland, where she is quickly forced to marry Highland warrior Jamie Fraser (played by Sam Heughan). She becomes invested in her new homeland, and finds herself in the middle of the Jacobite rising, one of history’s most famous power struggles. The show can only be seen on Starz, and with a new season starting on April 9 at 9 p.m., lots of people are trying to find out how to watch Outlander online free. If you don’t have cable, here’s how you can get see Outlander streaming online.

Watch a Starz Live Stream with the Sling TV Add-On

Best Choice
$25 - $40
26 - 58

Have you heard about Sling TV? It’s a cable replacement service that lets you choose exactly how many channels you want, all without a sky-high monthly cable bill. There was only one problem; you couldn’t get movie channels.

Problem solved! Now Sling TV will let you watch Outlander online, as well as every other Starz original show! If you want ultimate control over your television experience, then Sling TV (review) is the way to go.

All you have to do is add Starz to your existing Orange or Blue Sling TV membership for only $9 per month. See the above review for more information about those channel bundles.

If you don’t have a Sling subscription now, then you have an advantage of getting to watch Starz for a whole week, free of charge. Get over to their website and sign up for the trial right away. You won’t regret it!



Watch Outlander Online Through Amazon Prime


If you want to watch Outlander online, you’re going to need access to the Starz network, and the cheapest way to get that without cable is adding it to your Amazon Prime membership. It’s a little under $9 a month to add a Starz video package to your Amazon Instant Video subscription, and you’ll get anytime access to Starz programming, including their excellent original shows like The Girlfriend Experience, Power, Black Sails, Ash vs. Evil Dead, and Spartacus. If you want to watch episodes as soon as you can, this method even includes the option to watch the Starz broadcast, meaning you can have an Outlander live stream as it’s happening. As an added bonus, the Outlander season premiere will actually debut exclusively on Amazon Prime on April 7, a full 48 hours before it’s shown on television!

Amazon Prime Instant Video (read our full review on the service here) offers members streaming video of some of the best TV shows and movies of today, and is a part of Amazon Prime, which offers free music streaming and free two-day shipping on almost any item on Amazon. When you break down the price (just over $8 a month), Amazon Prime is one of the best deals online. Amazon Prime offers a free 30-day trial, and you can get a free 7-day trial of Starz on top of that. So if you’re totally new to Amazon Prime and Starz, you can get a completely free week to see if the service is right for you and even watch Outlander online free for an episode or two. These trials allow you to pay absolutely nothing to try things out, and you can cancel at any time, but once most people see everything that comes with Amazon Prime, they stay customers.


Buy Outlander Full Episodes on Amazon Instant Video

If you don’t want to go the monthly subscription service route, there are still other ways you can watch Outlander online. Full episodes are available for purchase from sites like Amazon Instant Video, Vudu, and iTunes. One advantage of watching this way is that you own your Outlander episodes for life, and can watch them any time. But this way is generally much more expensive than a monthly subscription service, because once you’ve purchased just a few episodes, you’re paying what you would for months of unlimited access to the rest of Outlander, plus other shows as well.

Outlander‘s second season has Claire and Jamie’s story moving to pre-revolutionary France, and promises to have even more of the costumes, the action, and the love story that fans fell in love with. If you’ve decided to cut your cable subscription, you won’t find a better resource than our online television show search tool.

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