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Watch NCIS Online: Legal Live Stream and On-Demand Guide

If you're looking for legal ways to watch NCIS online, you've come to the right place. Check out our complete guide to legal NCIS streaming options!

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It’s time for another season premiere of CBS hit show NCIS, which will air on September 25 at 8/7c. You won’t want to miss a second, and you don’t have to thanks to all of the new ways you can watch NCIS online.

For anyone looking to find the latest episodes digitally on demand and live streaming, here’s a guide that will get you exactly the right information you need to watch NCIS online.


CBS All Access Allows You to Watch NCIS Online

Best Choice
$5.99 - $9.99

For those of you that don’t know, CBS All Access is the best place to find any of your favorite CBS shows right after they air. All Access (complete review) is the standalone streaming service created by the network. It includes a huge library of episodes of all CBS hit shows, and it’s a good way to watch NCIS online after it airs.

New episodes are typically available very shortly after they air. And for those living in roughly 80% of US cities, you can watch NCIS online live as it airs on TV. That means that if you’re in any one of those locations, you be able to watch the September 22 premiere when the East Coasters do!

The All Access pass currently costs only $5.99 a month, but it comes with a free one-week trial, so you can try it out before you buy.


CBS.com Offers Some NCIS Full Episodes Free

If you’re looking for a great, free place to enjoy your favorite NCIS full episodes, CBS.com should definitely be on your list. Because they host a plethora of television shows, they usually have a somewhat limited selection of popular episodes. Typically, a new episode won’t be available for at least days on CBS.com for free streaming, and often times, the videos won’t remain up for a long period of time. But it’s a 100% free service, so it’s an okay way to watch NCIS online to catch an episode or two.


Antenna and DVR Users Can Watch and Record NCIS on CBS

Because NCIS airs on CBS, most people can watch it for free over-the-air with an antenna, like the Mohu Leaf 50. Just find your local CBS affiliate and tune in when the show airs to enjoy it live.

And just because you got rid of cable doesn’t mean you have to do without a DVR. There are many great DVRs available for over-the-air recording. The Tablo DVR is my personal favorite because it lets you record shows, pause and rewind live TV, and most notably, watch your recorded shows and live TV from your antenna on any connected device, anytime, anywhere you want! It’s another convenient way to watch NCIS online.


Watch NCIS Full Episodes with These Other Great Options

If you’re a diehard fan of NCIS and you just know you’ll be buying the box set, there are a few other options to consider, such as iTunes, Google Play, and Amazon Instant. These next-day, on-demand digital video services let you buy episodes individually. Each episode will cost anywhere from $1.99-$3.99, though your best bet would be with the season passes. On both iTunes and Amazon, pre-ordering the season will cost $39.99, a fraction of what you would pay if you did each episode singularly. However, this is still a far more expensive option than CBS All Access, and it can get pretty expensive if you’re a fan of other shows.
If you have any questions about where you can find the legal, online ways to watch NCIS online this season, leave us a comment down below and we’ll find an answer.

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