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Watch Masters of Illusion Online: Streaming and More

A new season of Masters of Illusion is set to premiere on CW on May 20 at 8PM ET. Learn how you can watch Masters of Illusion online here.

Everyone loves a good magic show. We love trying to see how they do it and be amazed by the whole act. However, we cannot attend every magic show, but thanks to television we do not have to. Countless magic shows have aired, and they’re always entertaining. Masters of Illusion continues that trend. Essentially a reality show about magicians, Masters of Illusion takes us behind the scenes to showcase several new up-and-coming illusionists.

Originally a PAX TV show back in 2000, Masters of Illusion has been on and off the air for the past 16 years. The original run ended in 2001, only for the show to be picked up again in 2009 by MyNetworkTV. The series has since been picked up by the CW with new episodes airing since 2014, and the fans cannot get enough of it. They even announced a third season of the show which they plan on showing on Fridays starting on May 20 at 8 p.m. ET. Learn how you can watch Masters of Illusion online with the guide below.


Watch Masters of Illusion Online with Hulu

Best Choice
$39.99 - $43.99

Your best bet is to watch Masters of Illusion online via Hulu. You will have to wait 8 days after the Masters of Illusion full episodes run on CW, but you always have access to the last 5 episodes while on Hulu. This does not sound like a good deal, but rest assured that this is only for CW shows. Hulu always provides episodes of its vast library of current and past shows a day after they air on their respective networks. Regardless, Hulu is one of the ways you can watch Masters of Illusion online free of charge, though you can opt in for the $7.99 per month limited commercial plan or pay $11.99 a month to go ad free. To learn more about all that Hulu offers, check out our full review. You can also use their 7-day free trial to watch Masters of Illusion online free without ads and test the service as well!


Watch Masters of Illusion Streaming on CW App

If Hulu does not work for you, you can watch Masters of Illusion streaming episodes via the CW app. The CW app lets you watch a number of CW shows online without a fee. This is a great way to watch CW favorites such as The Flash and Arrow. On top of that, you do not need a pay-TV login to use it.


Is Masters of Illusion on Netflix?

No, Netflix does not have Masters of Illusion full episodes.


Watch Your Local Masters of Illusion Live Stream

As with any other magic show, you need to see a Masters of Illusion live stream to get the most out of it. While you cannot find one online, you can get one from your local CW affiliate, and you do not even need cable to get it. You can watch every broadcast network live via your television with a good over-the-air antenna such as the Mohu Leaf, and you will always be able to do it for free. You can then save the show to an over-the-air DVR, such as the Tablo, which will let you watch any recorded show via the internet through any mobile device.

Now that you know how to watch Masters of Illusion online and without a cable subscription, you can start looking for more of your favorite TV shows using our online search tool. And remember, we’ve got your back when it comes to getting a great deal on cable-free internet service — just check out our ISP search tool to find a provider that’s right for you.

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