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Watch Marseille Online: Full Episodes, Full Seasons

Marseille is a French-language political drama exclusive to Netflix. It will be simple to watch Marseille online; read our guide to cover all your bases.

Netflix has been putting out some very highly acclaimed original content recently, and a new series is scheduled to hit the lineup at the beginning of May. Marseille focuses on Robert Taro, the mayor of Marseille, France, as he prepares to hand over control of the city to rival and former protege Lucas Barres. A bitter and violent struggle for control ensues, while the city and its residents become collateral damage. Marseille will be the first French language Netflix original. If you want to watch Marseille online, you’ll have to do it through Netflix. But here’s what you’ll need to know.

Watch Marseille Online Free With Netflix

Best Choice

Netflix is by far the most popular television and movie streaming service, and it’s the only way to legally watch Marseille streaming. One low monthly fee gets users access to a huge library of streaming TV shows and movie favorites, plus the awesome lineup of Netflix originals like House of Cards, Orange Is the New Black, Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt, and Bloodline. Three tiers of Netflix subscriptions are available, with the cheapest starting at only $7.99 a month. Netflix can be streamed on almost any device.


Can I Watch Marseille Online Free?

Since it’s an exclusive, the only place to find Marseille online is Netflix. If you’re not already a customer, they do have a free 30 day trial available.


When Does Marseille Come Out?

Marseille will make its debut on March 5 on Netflix, with all Marseille full episodes being available at once.


How Many Episodes of Marseille Are There Going to Be?

Eight episodes are planned for the first season of Marseille.

Marseille promises to be another outstanding series from Netflix, and their first foray into foreign language is looking like an early hit. With HowtoWatch.com’s online search tool, you’ll get all the information you need to find any of your favorite TV shows online, totally without cable. Millions of people have decided to cut cable, and if you’re thinking about making the leap, don’t miss our ISP search tool, which gives you access to all the best Internet service deals available in your area.

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