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Watch Limitless Online: Legal Live Stream, On-Demand Guide

Trying to find a legal way to watch Limitless online? Check out the complete guide to all of the best streaming options for the new hit CBS series.

Limitless is scheduled to premiere at 10 p.m. ET on Tuesday September 22, and many fans have already set their calendar to catch the show. The new series is based on the hit Bradley Cooper movie of the same name, and it’s earning a ton of buzz, with many predicting it to be the season’s new hit.

While Limitless airs on CBS and is free to watch over-the-air, watching online is still more convenient and practical for many. Cord cutters who are used to watching on their own schedule and getting better reception than an antenna can provide will have lots of good legal options for online viewing. Here’s a few key choices to watch Limitless online.


CBS All Access Lets You Watch Limitless Online

Best Choice
$5.99 - $9.99

CBS All Access gives viewers the opportunity to catch new episodes of all of the network’s television shows on demand on multiple devices. CBS All Access costs $5.99 per month to subscribe. In a growing number of select cities (now up to 86), subscribers can also watch live streams to catch Limitless right when it airs, while all subscribers get the opportunity to watch shows on demand after the original release date. And right now, CBS is running a special promo where All Access users can watch the first episode of Limitless before it airs on TV, so you can see the premiere before anyone else!

Users who want to test out whether CBS All Access (review) is the right choice for them can sign up for a free one-week trial. And for a limited time, you can get one month free of All Access if you’re a new customer and you sign up before September 30, 2015 using the promo code “FALLTV”. However, if you want ongoing Limitless streaming whenever you want it beyond the first week, you will need to pay up for the monthly subscription.


CBS Website May Offer Limited Selection of Limitless Full Episodes for Free

Want to check out a little bit of Limitless before you commit to subscribing to a service to follow the show? CBS.com often offers a limited selection of episodes of its hit shows for free streaming. The problems with this option are that shows typically aren’t available for about a week after they air, episodes usually don’t stay up for very long, and there is a limited selection of shows online so you probably won’t be able to see the entire Limitless series this way. But still, it’s a free way to watch Limitless online for a couple of episodes.


Antenna and DVR Ensures You Never Miss an Episode

Because Limitless comes on CBS, an over-the-air network, an antenna is always an option for watching on your TV. But did you know it is also possible to use an over-the-air DVR that records from antennas in order to watch Limitless on your own schedule, on your own device, wherever you want? We recommend the Mohu Leaf 50 antenna to get the best reception, while the Tablo DVR seems to be the DVR of choice for cord cutters who want recording capabilities from antenna TV.

With the Tablo recording from the Mohu Leaf, you get the option to pause, fast forward, and rewind live TV so you get the flexibility you want. You can also stream your live and recorded over-the-air television to your devices no matter where you are worldwide. You will never have to miss an episode of Limitless when you set your DVR to record it as it airs on your antenna. You can learn more about the best over-the-air DVRs on the market today here.


Other Streaming Services That Let You Watch Limitless Online

Other video-on-demand streaming services like Amazon Instant, iTunes, and Google Play will have Limitless available to watch the day after it airs. While this is a totally legal, easy way to keep up with the show, it does come with a price. You have to pay per episode, and each individual episode will typically cost you $2-$3. You can buy a season pass at a slightly discounted rate, but this option is still fairly expensive, with a season pass on Amazon running as high as $19.99 to watch Limitless online. If you’re trying to keep up with any other TV shows you enjoy, this can become costly really quickly.

Have a question about watching Limitless full episodes online? Just comment below and I’ll help.

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