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Watch Las Vegas Law Online: Live Stream & Full Episodes

This reality show gives the viewer a look into the world of real Vegas law enforcement. Would you like to know how to watch Las Vegas Law online?

Reality TV shows come in every format possible, but the best of them depict what reality actually is. While most reality TV shows offer stale, scripted plots, shows such as Las Vegas Law take us through the lives of real professionals in law enforcement. If you’re looking to watch Las Vegas Law online, we have some answers for you – no interrogation needed.

Las Vegas Law is a cop show that carries itself with respect and dignity. We get to see how real Las Vegas police and prosecutors operate by following well-known defense lawyer James “Bucky” Buchanan as he assists troubled tourists, murder suspects and other Sin City folks seeking counsel.


Las Vegas Law Full Episodes Return Via Investigation Discovery

While Court TV canceled the show, fans of the show can rest assured that they can watch new Las Vegas Law episodes on the ID (Investigation Discovery) channel starting May 12 at 10 p.m. ET. Thanks to the following services, you can even watch Las Vegas Law online, free of cable and satellite subscriptions or contracts!


PlayStation Vue: Get a Las Vegas Law Live Stream

Best Choice
$44.99 - $79.99
47 - 72

If you need to see Las Vegas Law full episodes as they air, you can use PlayStation Vue. PlayStation Vue is the only streaming service to have a Las Vegas Law live stream via its live ID stream and collection of on-demand episodes. You can stream the series live to any compatible devices including your PlayStation 3 and 4, iPad, Amazon Fire TV and Chromecast.

Vue offers nationwide live streams of just about every cable channel with local broadcast channels likely to be arriving in your city soon. In the meantime, you can always take advantage of next-day on-demand to stay caught up with your ABC and CBS shows.

PlayStation Vue (review) starts at $29.99 per month and you never have to worry about any contracts. However, you cannot use the service to watch Las Vegas Law online outside the range of your home network. The service has mobile restrictions even on your iOS device. Still, PlayStation Vue is a cool new option, and it is the only place you can catch a Las Vegas Law live stream without a cable subscription. Click here to get a free trial of Vue today.


Other Places to Watch Las Vegas Law Online

Good news for those opposed to a monthly bill: Vue is not your only streaming option. You do have other ways to watch Las Vegas Law online free of cable if you do not mind waiting a day or two.

  • Amazon Instant Video – You can purchase Las Vegas Law full episodes whenever you want on Amazon Instant. While more expensive that Vue, with Amazon you will own the episodes for life. A season pass may be available if you want to cut down on per-episode costs, and new episodes will be sent to your streaming library the day after they air.
  • VuduVudu is another site where you can purchase full episodes or a season pass if you do not have an Amazon Prime account. The service is directly comparable to Amazon’s in almost every way.
  • iTunes and Google Play – If none of the other options will work for you, you can always watch Las Vegas Law online via your mobile device’s video store.


Is Las Vegas Law on Netflix?

Unfortunately, Netflix currently does not have Las Vegas Law streaming episodes. It is a relatively new series so it will be awhile before the series shows up on Netflix.


Is Las Vegas Law on Hulu?

No. Hulu does not stream Las Vegas Law at this time since the series is a brand new series. We do not know when it will show up on Hulu either.

As you can see, you have numerous ways to watch Las Vegas Law online without cable when it starts airing on the Investigation Discovery network. In the meantime, you can use our Watch TV Online search tool to find other great cop shows. Also, be sure to check out our ISP search tool to find great Internet deals you can use to watch them without cable.

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