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Watch Lab Rats: Elite Force Online - Live Stream Guide

Want to watch Lab Rats: Elite Force online? We'll show you how in this guide. Enjoy Lab Rats: Elite Force streaming even if you don't have cable!

Lab Rats: Elite Force premieres March 2, 2016, at 8 p.m. ET on Disney XD. The live-action science-fiction comedy is a spinoff of existing series Lab Rats and Mighty Med, and brings together the most popular characters from each. After the Mighty Med hospital is attacked by super villains, the team of Kaz, Oliver, Skylar, Chase, and Bree join forces. Together, the heroes form an elite force to combat evil and keep the world safe. This “super” series will be a fun show for kids of all ages. Want to watch Lab Rats: Elite Force online?

If you want to watch Lab Rats: Elite Force live stream, there are a few different ways to get access to it legally. Below we’ve listed all the ways to watch Lab Rats: Elite Force online live, or get it on-demand.


Watch Lab Rats: Elite Force Online Live or On Demand Using Sling TV

Best Choice
$25 - $40
26 - 58

If you’re looking to watch Lab Rats: Elite Force streaming, the best option is Sling TV. Sling TV is a great new streaming service with a host of rich content. It requires no contract, just month to month payments like Netflix. It offers live streaming of many popular channels like ESPN, ESPN2, TNT and more. The monthly cost is $20 for over 20 channels, much lower than cable packages. Read our review of Sling TV for more information.

Disney XD is not included in the basic package, however, Sling TV is offering a “Kids Extra” package — for $5 a month more than its basic $20 deal, you get on-demand episodes as well as live streaming. This combines the benefits of live cable television and on-demand content in one package.

At the bottom of this article, we list options for on-demand only, but if you’re looking for a Lab Rats: Elite Force live stream, this is the best way to go. If you want to try the service out to watch Lab Rats:Elite Force online free before committing, sign up for the free 7-day trial and try it for a week.

Another great option currently being offered is to sign up for three months of service and get a free Roku 2 or half off a Roku 3. According to the CNET review, the Roku 2, which retails for $69.99, is “just as fast as the Roku 3 and its lower price makes it a better overall value.” This deal as a whole gets you a Roku 2 and three months of Sling TV for free, for $10 less than the regular price of a Roku 2.

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Update: T-Mobile customers can now stream Sling TV on their phones without worrying about data overage fees. Even better? For one whole year, T-Mobile customers can also get 30% off of the usual $20 price — that’s just $14/month for the basic channels package. Add in the Kids Extra package (for an additional $5 fee) to watch Lab Rats: Elite Force on your T-Mobile phone and that’s just $19/month. To see if you qualify and to give it a try, sign into your T-Mobile account here.


Other Legal Ways to Watch Lab Rats: Elite Force Online

You don’t have to search high and low for ways to watch Lab Rats: Elite Force online. There are quite a few other options as well, though not all provide the same value for price as a subscription streaming service.

  • Amazon Instant Video — Episodes will be posted on here the day after they air. However, you will have to pay either a per-episode fee, or wait until the season has aired to get a season pass. Each episode is generally $2-$3. The season pass is a better value, but requires you to wait much longer.
  • Vudu — Vudu offers many pilot episodes of TV shows for free. Other episodes are available a day after air date for about $2-$3 per episode.
  • iTunes — Like Amazon Instant, iTunes features episodes a day after they air. The cost per episode varies, but is usually around $2.99.

Do you have any questions about where you can watch Lab Rats: Elite Force online, or about any of the services listed in this article? Just input Lab Rats: Elite Force, or any other show you want to watch, into our search tool, and it will give you guided options for where to stream or watch on-demand.

Or, just comment below with your question and we’ll help you out!

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