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Watch It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia Online: Guide

Want to keep up with the gang and watch It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia online? We'll show you how to watch full episodes - without a cable subscription! 

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DIRECTV NOW offers loads of great channels for an overall cheap price. Channel flippers will love this one.
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The comedy series It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia is set to return for its Season 13 on September 5th on FXX. It has also been picked up for two additional seasons!

In case you’re a little behind, last season we saw the crew get involved in much more insane adventures containing a transit to the suburbs, producing a smut movie, an appearance in court as they battle for each other, and new rounds of the proverbial board game Chardee MacDennis. Want to watch It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia online? Keep reading to learn how.

There are several ways to view and It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia live stream without a cable subscription. Check the guide below to learn all the legal options to watch It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia online, no cable or satellite required!

Watch It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia Online & Live with DIRECTV NOW

Best Choice
$40 - $75
64 - 99

With DIRECTV NOW, AT&T’s new streaming service, you don’t need a satellite dish to watch It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia online and live! All you need is a good internet connection, and you can enjoy your favorite shows from anywhere.

While DIRECTV NOW is still adding features, here are some of the greatest benefits of the service:

  • Not only can you watch through your streaming devices like Roku or Amazon Fire, you can also access television on your PC. You are essentially carrying your television with you in your laptop bag! There are currently no mobile restrictions with DIRECTV NOW.
  • The interface is quite user-friendly, with a grid-guide similar to the standard cable box navigation. It’s perfect for people who may have found other streaming services clunky or difficult to learn.
  • DIRECTV NOW often puts on special deals, like the one right now where you can get a brand-new streaming device. If you are willing to prepay, you can get an Amazon Fire TV stick for a one month subscription, or an Apple TV for three months.

However, there are no contracts to worry about with this service – you can cancel at any time. That is all well and good, but it’s in your best interest to take full advantage of the 7-day free trial first.

Pricing for DIRECTV NOW starts at $40 a month. It’s slightly more than other internet streaming services, but you’re most likely going to have more channels. The basic channel tier includes over 60 channels, but with the introductory promotion you can have over 100 for the same price!

Even better, if you take advantage of that promotion now, the price won’t go up for as long as you keep the channel package. If you’re considering jumping on this deal, but sure to act soon because it may not be around for long.

You can find all the other information you may want in our DIRECTV NOW review. Give it a read!


PlayStation Vue Will Give You It’s Always Sunny Live Streaming

$44.99 - $79.99
47 - 72

Sony’s streaming service PlayStation Vue allows you to watch an It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia live stream. Vue offers multi-channel plans (including FXX) with pricing tiers for every budget (starting at $45). You can change your plan at any time to add more channels, or you can cancel the service whenever you want, as there are no contracts to sign.

With Vue, you can enjoy It’s Always Sunny on your game consoles, iPhone, streaming devices, and even your computer with no added charges. Yet, there are some shortcomings of the PlayStation Vue (review) service.

There are heavy mobile restrictions that will prevent you from watching many, if any, shows outside of the range of your home’s wifi – despite the fact that there is a mobile app. Hopefully Vue will make changes to this set-up in the future, but for now it could be a factor in whether you sign up.

However, if you are not a big mobile-user, the service provides fast and excellent quality streaming of most of your favorite channels. Find out for yourself in a week-long trial, and you have a chance to watch the first Season 13 episode of It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia online free!


Watch It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia Online Using FX NOW

FX NOW offers full episodes of It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia online and on demand with applicable devices. However, you need a cable or satellite provider login to view FXX content. There’s good news for existing PlayStation Vue customers. If you’re a PlayStation Vue user, you’ll be able to access the app. (This is one clever way to get around some of those mobile restrictions we mentioned earlier!)


Any Questions?

Finally, if you have any questions for us about any of the services mentioned in this article, please leave them in the comments below. If you’re excited about cutting the cable bills out of your life, but nervous that your internet won’t hold up, we have a solution: Verizon Fios is our favorite service for lightning fast streaming. Check out the latest and best Fios deals here.

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