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Watch Island Hunters Online: Live Stream & Full Episodes

A sister show to HGTV's House Hunters, Island Hunters takes home search to a whole new level. We can tell you exactly how to watch Island Hunters online.

If you like House Hunters, you’ll love Island Hunters! The series, hosted by Chris Krolow, is along the same vein of House Hunters, but with a tropical and more exotic twist! In each episode we follow some extremely lucky home-buyers who are looking to buy more than just a home: they want to buy the whole island! Buyers get to tour three islands, complete with homes and sweeping beach fronts, to decide which tropical paradise is right for them. The following guide will share with you all of the best ways to stream Island Hunters online without cable!

The second season of Island Hunters will air on HGTV beginning on July 3 at 10 p.m. ET. There are a number of ways to watch Island Hunters online without a cable connection. You can watch the Island Hunters streaming as it airs on TV or you can buy it and watch it on demand. There are even some trial offers that will allow you to watch Island Hunters online free!


Watch the Island Hunters Live Stream on Sling TV

Best Choice
$25 - $40
26 - 58

Sling TV is easily the best way to watch Island Hunters full episodes online. This is especially true if you want to watch the show when it airs on TV. Sling TV (review) is a live stream service that offers 20 popular cable channels with a limited on-demand library of previously aired content.

You’ll receive channels like AMC, A&E, HGTV, Food Network, TNT, and TBS! You can also addon additional channels like HBO or small bundles of channels for an additional fee. Sling TV costs just $20 a month and there are no contracts to sign. You can watch your favorite shows on a wide variety of streaming and mobile devices. If you’re new to Sling TV, you will receive a 7-day trial, which is the perfect opportunity to watch Island Hunters online free!

Sling TV has regular deals for members! A long-running deal gives members the choice of a free Roku or a discounted Apple TV for a 3-month Sling TV purchase (a $60 charge). If you’re looking for a great deal, you’ll be sure to find one, but make sure to check the current discounts on Apple TV and the current deals for Roku.

Currently, T-Mobile customers can sign up with their account information to receive the Best of Live TV package for just $14 a month. That’s a 30% discount! All other Sling TV details remain the same, so you can cancel whenever you wish. If you remain a member, your discount lasts for a full year. And with T-Mobile’s Binge On feature, you’ll be able to watch as much TV as you want without it touching your data plan. Check out this amazing deal and sign up for your free trial!


PlayStation Vue Lets You Watch Island Hunters Online

$44.99 - $79.99
47 - 72

You can also watch Island Hunters streaming on PlayStation Vue. PlayStation Vue (review) is a live stream service, offering 60 cable channels and an on-demand library for just under $30 a month. PlayStation Vue works on PS3, PS4, iPad/iPhone, Chromecast, and Amazon Fire TV.

You’ll get channels like AMC, Bravo, Food Network, HGTV, Syfy, Travel, TNT, and more! If you live in Chicago, New York, Dallas, Miami, Los Angeles, Philadelphia, or San Francisco (more coming soon) you receive local live stream channels with your package. If you live in another area, any local content you would receive will be placed in your on-demand library the day after it airs on TV. The only major negative that comes with PlayStation Vue are the mobile restrictions. At sign-up, you are tied to your home location. This becomes the only place that you can watch PlayStation Vue content. Even if you’re using a mobile device you will not be able to access PlayStation Vue content outside of the home.

Still, it is worth a try to see if you like this service.


Other Ways to Watch Island Hunters Full Episodes

Another great way to watch Island Hunters online is to buy your episodes. Buying your episodes means you can watch them whenever you want in the location of your choice. Buying single episodes is one of the most inexpensive ways to enjoy your favorite shows. That said, the costs can add up quickly, so we recommend buying this season pass. The season pass ensures that each new episode is delivered into your digital library and that you receive each episode at a discounted price.

  • Amazon Instant Video: You can buy single episodes on Amazon for $2, or a season pass. New episodes are delivered within 24-hours, and you can watch them on most streaming devices.
  • Vudu: Vudu also offers videos for $2 or you can buy the season pass and save some money. Episodes are delivered as soon as the day after they air on TV. You can watch Vudu episodes on most major streaming devices.
  • iTunes: With iTunes, you can watch your videos on Apple devices. Single episodes are closer to $3, but most shows do have a season pass. New episodes arrive the next day.


Is Island Hunters on Netflix?

Unfortunately, you cannot stream Island Hunters on Netflix at this time. It may be added in the future, but for now, no announcements have been made. You can learn all about Netflix in our full review.


Is Island Hunters on Hulu?

No, Island Hunters streaming is not available on Hulu. While some episodes do appear, you are taken to HGTV to watch them and require the proper cable login to do so. You can learn about Hulu by reading our full review.

If you have any questions about how to watch Island Hunters online, you can leave them in the comments. If you love watching TV shows online, make sure to check out our other guides for help in finding new shows! Our ISP search tool is a great option for cord cutters looking for the best Internet deals!


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