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Watch Impractical Jokers Online: Live Stream & On Demand

Need a good laugh? Watch Impractical Jokers online! Our guide explains how to enjoy Impractical Jokers live stream, without needing cable TV.

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Impractical Jokers is a reality comedy series on truTV that is equal parts disturbing and laugh out loud funny. The show airs on truTV, traditionally a cable TV station. The good news is there are plenty of legal ways to watch Impractical Jokers online without cable.

The basic premise, if you’re unfamiliar, is four comedians-slash-lifelong friends trying to embarrass each other in public. One friend will wear a wire and can hear what the others say, while they watch from behind the scenes and command him to do uncomfortable things. Once they refuse, they lose and a punishment is doled out. Pretty hilarious stuff!

But what happens if you don’t have access to cable? Can you watch Impractical Jokers online? Sure you can, and here’s how!


Watch Impractical Jokers Live with the DIRECTV NOW Service

Best Choice
$40 - $75
64 - 99

There’s a new streaming service on the block, which is very good news for all you cord-cutters out there! If you sign up with DIRECTV NOW, you won’t need a satellite, box, or any other fancy equipment to get live television. This makes it a great way to watch Impractical Jokers online live.

Here’s what you’ll want to know:

  • Pricing begins at $40 per month, and TruTV is features in one of the channel bundles.
  • The first channel package starts at 60 channels. You always have the option to upgrade for more channels, with no contract necessary.
  • This service is super easy to get started and use. Just plug in a streaming player or other internet-connected device, download the app, and you are ready to watch! If you’ve had trouble with other streaming services in the past, you might want to give this one a try!
  • You can get your shows on certain streaming devices like Amazon Fire TV, most mobile devices, and even your computer. If it can access the internet, it will probably get DIRECTV.
  • No worries about mobile restrictions. Also if you have AT&T as your cell provider, you don’t have to worry about data overages, either – streaming on the app won’t count! That means you can get ideas for pranking your own friends no matter where you are!

You can find a free trial here to test out the service for yourself and see how it will work out for you.

Have a question that wasn’t answered here? Take a look at our DIRECTV NOW review for more.


Watch Impractical Jokers Online with Sling TV

$25 - $40
26 - 58

With Sling TV you can watch Impractical Jokers full episodes online, on-demand, and live streaming for the cost of the subscription. And what is that cost?

TruTV is included in the Sling Blue channel package, which costs $25 per month and includes just under 45 channels. Sling Blue is also multi-stream capable, which means you can watch up to three shows in different rooms, or record three shows at once. Pretty cool, right?

The Sling TV channel list includes great channels like ESPN, AMC, TBS, TNT, Disney Channel, A&E, and many more. The basic package offers subscribers direct access to live streaming from 20+ channels.

Here are some other perks of Sling TV to get you pumped:

  • Available on iOS or Android tablets or phones.
  • Stream directly from your computer.
  • Watch Sling TV on the go or from the comfort of home.
  • No complicated installation process, just plug and play.
  • Watch your favorite shows live.

You’re not convinced? Well, give it a try! Get Sling TV for free for 7 days to see what all the fuss is about, and watch Impractical Jokers online free for a week. And even if you do sign up, there is no contract and no commitment. You can cancel at any time.

Are you ready to watch Impractical Jokers live stream on Sling TV (review) now?


Watch Impractical Jokers Full Episodes with PlayStation Vue

Also Great
$44.99 - $79.99
47 - 72

Do you game? If your go-to entertainment is Call of Duty with a little TV sprinkled in from time to time, there may be another great solution for you to ditch cable. PlayStation Vue, a product of Sony, offers streaming programming for a variety of networks, including truTV. You can watch Impractical Jokers online through your PS3 or PS4, on your iPad, or streaming with Chromecast.

Vue (review) is now available nationwide and offers a variety of pricing tiers for any budget. Most channels, except for some broadcast and local stations, are available live, and there is a pretty good on-demand option for if you miss anything. Prices range from $45 for around 40 channels, all the way up to a $80 package of 90 channels.

If you would like to give it a try, you can find a free trial here.

There it is, our complete guide (or, what we know so far) to help you watch Impractical Jokers live stream and on-demand. Do you want to know how to watch your other favorite shows? Our TV streaming guide has all the information you need!


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