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Watch Ice Age: The Great Egg-Scapade Online

Join Manny, Sid, and Diego on another Ice Age-era adventure that airs Mar 20 at 7:30 PM ET on Fox. Learn how to watch Ice Age: The Great Egg-scapade online.

Ice Age: The Great Egg-Scapade is an animated Easter special airing on FOX March 20 at 7:30 p.m. ET. It is the second television special in the computer-animated series that’s based on the original three Ice Age movies. The premise of the latest installment tells the tale of the world’s first Easter egg hunt. A prehistoric bird entrusts her soon-to-hatch egg to the care of Sid (voiced by John Leguizamo). Soon, the whole neighborhood has Sid egg-sitting, boosting his new egg-sitting business. However, pirate bunny Squint (voiced by Seth Green) decides to steal, disguise, and hide all the eggs. The hunt for the eggs ensues as the gang, led by Manny (Ray Romano) and the other recurring characters, band together. Other voice actors featured in the series include Queen Latifah, Taraji P Henson, Jennifer Lopez, Drake, Josh Peck, Josh Gad, Nicki Minaj, and Jay Leno, just to name a few. An Easter treat for the family, you can watch Ice Age: The Great Egg-scapade online.

Watch Ice Age: The Great Egg-scapade Online with Hulu

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$39.99 - $43.99

Hulu hasn’t yet announced the ability to watch Ice Age: The Great Egg-scapade online, but given that Hulu is the largest streaming service available, it will likely be available soon after it airs on cable. Due to a huge library of shows, movies, and specials like Ice Age: The Great Egg-scapade, Hulu has paved the way as a leading streaming service. You can find cable networks and their current and past TV shows and specials from FOX, ABC, NBC, Comedy Central, MTV, History, A&E, AMC, Bravo, and others streaming on Hulu. The service offers two packages: for $7.99 you can enjoy shows and specials with limited commercial interruptions while paying $11.99 a month gives you commercial free access to the vast Hulu library.

Hulu offers content that can be commercial free, depending on your package, as well as the ability to watch on your TV, computer, or other electronic device and also on gaming consoles.

Find out more about Hulu by checking out our review and then try it out for yourself with the 7-day free trial offer.


Watch Ice Age: The Great Egg-scapade Live Stream on Playstation Vue

$44.99 - $79.99
47 - 72

With PlayStation Vue, you can watch Ice Age: The Great Egg-scapade live stream, as well as other cable specials, when they air. PlayStation Vue packages now start at only $29.99 a month, and is currently available on PS3/PS4, iPad, Amazon Fire TV devices, and Chromecast. And, while Playstation Vue used to only be available in select markets, it’s now nationwide! While you won’t be able to watch Ice Age: The Great Egg-scapade live stream with the new nationwide option, you can still watch it 24 hours after it airs using Vue’s Fox On-Demand viewing option. If, however, you’re in one of the seven original cities (Chicago, Dallas, Miami, Philadelphia, San Francisco, Los Angeles, and New York) Fox live is an option, so Ice Age: The Great Egg-scapade can be viewed right as it’s airing.

In addition to Fox television shows and specials like Ice Age: The Great Egg-scapade streaming, you can also watch other stations live as they air current episodes and specials. PlayStation Vue also offers CNN, TBS, TNT, NBC, and CBS making it as close to a cable package as a streaming option gets. You can also add on additional single stations for an additional fee, making it more flexible than cable. Learn more about the features that PlayStation Vue offers in our review and then explore PlayStation Vue for yourself.


Watch Ice Age: The Great Egg-scapade streaming for free with Antenna & DVR

If you are lucky enough to get good antenna reception, then you may be able to watch Ice Age: The Great Egg-scapade for free on Fox, as well as other over-the-air stations. An antenna like the Mohu Leaf we recommend allows you to watch television shows on your TV set at no cost. Paired with a DVR like the Tablo system we recommend, you can not only watch specials like Ice Age: The Great Egg-scapade when they air live, but save them to your DVR so that you can watch them on your devices whenever you want.

If you’ve fallen in love with the Ice Age series but hate having to deal with the cable company to watch it, then head over to our search tool to find out how to watch TV online without cable.

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