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Watch Hannibal Online: Full Episodes and More 

This deliciously thrilling series only lasted three seasons, but the fun doesn't have to end. Learn how to watch Hannibal online. 

It is all I can do not to write a thesis paper on the intricacies of the series Hannibal. Originally airing for 3 seasons on NBC, Hannibal broke all the rules in all the right ways. The series is based on the Thomas Harris books that inspired the popular movie franchise, including Silence of the Lambs. It was developed for TV by Bryan Fuller who was also behind the cult favorites Wonderfalls, Pushing Daisies, and Dead Like Me. Oh, and don’t forget he is currently working on American Gods for Starz! To get in on the fun, follow this simple guide and learn how to watch Hannibal online.

The show stars Hugh Dancy as Will Graham, the FBI special consultant who can put together crime scenes in his head by employing his extreme empathy and deductive skills. Throughout the course of the series, he is responsible for finding a brutal serial killer who turns out to be Dr. Hannibal Lecter, played by the intriguing Mads Mikkelsen.

The show quickly becomes a surreal masterpiece destined to be canceled by a mainstream network. It is a wonder it lasted 3 seasons at all. But fans will want to continue to dive deeply into the world of Will Graham and Dr. Lecter, so how can you watch Hannibal online? Why don’t you have a few friends for dinner and check out these options.

Watch Hannibal Online Free with Amazon Prime

Best Choice

While fans of Hannibal clamored for Bryan Fuller and the cast to continue the series online, the creative team was limited by their exclusive deal with Amazon. For that reason, watching Hannibal streaming through Amazon Prime is the only real option to keep up with the series now that it is off the air.

You can watch Hannibal online free, or at least the first 2 season so far, with Amazon Prime. Be sure to pay attention to every delicious pun!

  • “Next time, bring your wife. I’d love to have you both for dinner.”
  • “I never feel guilty about eating anything.”
  • “It was a particularly chatty lamb.”
  • “My kitchen is always open to friends.”

There are so many delightful moments of casual cannibalism. You’ll find yourself sympathizing with Hannibal himself throughout the series.

Of course, there is more than just Hannibal to love about Amazon Prime. You get access to vast libraries of streaming music, movies, and TV as well as free 2-day shipping on tons of items. All of this is only $99 a year, or just over $8 a month. Hannibal season 3 is currently available for purchase on Amazon Instant Video and, we expect, will eventually transition over to free content once the newness has worn off.

You can watch Hannibal online free with a 30-day free trial if you’re willing to binge! Try it now.


Other Legal Ways to Watch Hannibal Full Episodes Online

If Prime doesn’t sound like the right solution for you, you can own the entire series of Hannibal full episodes if you purchase all 3 seasons through any number of on-demand video services. These include Amazon Instant Video, Vudu, and iTunes. Once you do, you can watch the series over and over again like you would with a set of DVDs but without having to dust anything.

While this can be an advantage, it is also one of the most expensive solutions for watching Hannibal online. Each episode will cost up to $3, or you could get a discounted season pass. If Hannibal is all you want, it may be an okay investment but for all the perks included with Amazon Prime, it is definitely the lesser option.

So, as far as we know Hannibal is the only cannibal-based horror drama recently in production, but that doesn’t mean it is the only show you crave! Search here for your other gory favorites.

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