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Watch Great Minds with Dan Harmon Online: Live Stream

Dan Harmon has a new show on History Channel. You can now watch Great Minds with Dan Harmon online without cable. Learn how to watch live & on demand

Dan Harmon is well known for creating the NBC comedy Community, and co-creating Adult Swim’s uproarious animated series, Rick and Morty. He’s definitely a great mind, so its only fitting that there be a show in existence called Great Minds with Dan Harmon. This is an exciting new show coming to the History Channel on February 25 at 11:30 p.m. E.T. Want to watch Great Minds with Dan Harmon online?

The show will be in the style of Comedy Central’s Drunk History, where Harmon plays a fictional version of himself who develops a machine to go back in time. This allows him to bring history’s great minds into the present day. If you’d like to watch Great Minds with Dan Harmon online but you don’t have cable, there are plenty of legal options for you to do so. The guide below will equip you with the necessary information.


Watch Great Minds With Dan Harmon Online Using Sling TV

Best Choice
$25 - $40
26 - 58

Sling TV is easily the best option for watching Great Minds with Dan Harmon streaming, as it offers the History Channel in its basic package of channels for $20 a month – with no pesky long term contracts or set-up fees. Sling TV is available on all the regular devices, and offers a host of popular channels including AMC, TNT, ESPN, ESPN2 as well as live streams and a rotating selection of on-demand episodes. Since History Channel is included, that means you can watch Great Minds with Dan Harmon live stream using Sling.

If you’re interested, read our full review here and sign up for a free 7-day trial. There’s also a special Roku offer available now; when you sign up for three months of service, you get a free Roku 2 Streaming Media Player (usually a $69.99 device) or half off a Roku 3. This is a pretty good deal, as the Roku 2 is just as fast as its successor. If you sign up, you’re basically getting a Roku 2 for $10 off retail price, plus three months of quality Sling TV service for free. And of course, you get to enjoy Great Minds with Dan Harmon streaming.

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Other Legal Ways to Watch Great Minds With Dan Harmon

There are several other options available so that fans of Dan Harmon can check out Great Minds with Dan Harmon online. With these services, episodes can be individually purchased the day after they air on the History Channel, so you won’t have to play catch up too much! Discounted season passes are sometimes available, so be sure to look out for those when you’re reviewing these services.

  • Amazon Instant Video: Episodes typically run about $2-3 per episode, which works if you’re looking for a few episodes and don’t want to commit to a subscription streaming service. Season passes are also available, which for your convenience will automatically load new episodes into your account once they become available.
  • Vudu: Vudu is similar to Amazon Instant Video in that they have a wide selection of movies and TV available, which you can watch on all the regular devices. Again, episodes typically cost $2-3 per episode, or you can choose to purchase a season pass.
  • iTunes: This is another similar option, and great if you’re already familiar with other Apple services. iTunes charges a pay-per-episode fee as well, which is usually $2.99.


Read more about what this show’s all about in this Entertainment Weekly article. Want to watch Great Minds with Dan Harmon online free? Either sign up for Sling TV’s free trial, or watch an exclusive preview clip of this new show below:



Hopefully this guide has explained all the necessary legal methods to watch Great Minds with Dan Harmon full episodes online, but if you have any questions or issues, please comment below and we’ll help you out. Remember that you can learn all about how to watch TV shows online using our detailed show guides.

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